40 Helsinki, Finland
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My self-summary
::I travel frequently because of tango, which is why you might see me in your city. I am open to meeting people from anywhere I go, because I am not so naive as to think that I will find my soul mate next door to me. It would be great if that happened but I doubt it.

•I am an Argentine Tango fanatic. I dance, DJ, act as a photographer, organize events, and spend nearly all my free weekends and money traveling to different events in various countries.

•I am honest, frank, direct, loyal to the bone. Because I am so direct it might take you a bit to take it all in.. but trust me that I will not violate your trust in me.

•Looking for someone tall so that we match. I would also like to dance with my partner, if at all possible.

•Not in this for the short run; looking for someone to walk this path called life with me.

•I do not smoke and do not want to date anyone that does; you should quit anyway. I do not use drugs either; another big no no.

•I rely on logic and fact: I am not feeling-based and may not be able to match with someone that bases all their decisions on feelings alone. I am very introverted but I can manage to be with an extrovert that can respect that, my relatively repeated silence, that can coax me out of my shell without losing themselves in the process. I am very patient and expect the same. I also rarely freak out by things like missing an exit on the freeway, going the wrong way, or such moderately minute details of every day life, that seem to have many that I know in red-faced rage fits or weeping mess cry fits. I am good at listening but not very good at talking about my feelings - things that I do know about, I like to talk about, and I do like to know a lot about a lot.

•I do show my feelings, though, when I feel safe to do so. I want to be able to hold the hand of the person I am with - in public - and to kiss them - also in public. I want to be allowed to help you with your overcoat, to open the door for you. I want an independent strong powerful woman - but a woman that knows to be a woman when she needs to be one; the Nordic culture seems to breed women these days that take offense to being helped. Chivalry is not about you not being able to do something, it is about allowing the men to respect women.

I seem to get a bit poetic but I just know from recent experience what I do NOT want and what I definitely can not do without.

•I am including the results from a long personality test I did once:

A General Description of How You Interact with Others:

"When someone needs your help or wants you to do something you think before you act. See, at heart you believe deeply in personal freedom and individual responsibility. You think it is vital that people learn to take care of themselves so that they don't become dependent upon others. You believe that actions have consequences, and people need to accept the consequences of their actions if they are to learn from their mistakes and grow. You believe you wouldn't be doing anyone a favor if you lift someone out of trouble; they will never learn to lift themselves up if you keep rescuing them. And if you keep giving people a second, third or fourth chance, you have seen that people seldom develop the character they need to live decent and responsible lives.

You believe that compassion has a role to play in your life, in a structure of values that is encourages people to take care of themselves. Uncritical tenderheartedness does as much harm as good. You much prefer if people understand, in factual, empirical terms, how they got into trouble, and how they can lift themselves out of the mess they are in. In an emergency, of course, you're there to offer help and if someone has helped you out in the past there is no question about your loyalty. But whenever it is realistic, you are convinced people should take care of themselves.

Along with this you devote adequate time to taking care of your own needs and wants, in part because it makes you happy with your life and in part because that's what you truly believe every person should do. You cherish personal independence for yourself and others. Fostering such independence is the best way you find there is to love and care for others.

Negative Reactions Others May Have Toward You:

Your emphasis on personal independence and personal responsibility may seem to lack in compassion to some people. Undoubtedly you have encountered people who feel this way toward you. And some may find you to be rather selfish. You do stay focused on your own life, take responsibility for your own problems, and are not always moved by situations in which some people think some action is required. That is part of you and your basic beliefs about life. And some people will inevitably want you to be different, but that is simply not who you are.

Positive Responses Others May Have Toward You:

You're true to your beliefs and you hold yourself to the same expectations as you do with others. You are critical and tough with yourself, which gives you a consistency when you are critical and tough with others. And even when others don't agree with you, people are likely to admire your frankness. You say what you believe, even if what you believe runs counter to the motives and beliefs of others.

And you keep reminding people of two things that few people can argue with, even if they don't believe in them with your single-mindedness. Personal independence and personal responsibility matter to most people, and even the very compassionate admit that sometimes their hearts get in the way of what their heads know, which is to say that people should take care of themselves whenever they are able to do so. You remind people of this, in the honest way you live your own life and in the ways in which you respond, and don't respond, to other people ".
What I’m doing with my life
Designing kitchens, dancing tango, traveling to different cities for tango events
I’m really good at
Tango, Design, working with my hands
The first things people usually notice about me
My size or my dancing. I am quite reserved and while we might not have sparks flying the first time we meet, I usually grown on you. Give me a chance and maybe at least 2 dates :-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sci-fi, Drama, Action

Japanese food, Indian food, Thai food
The six things I could never do without
Physical contact
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Happiness, Fulfillment, Family
On a typical Friday night I am
Preparing for one more work day in the week, traveling to a tango event somewhere in Europe, or already dancing my heart out
You should message me if
Know you want a child or two. You are a one-man-woman.
Or if you think we could be good just-friends.