34Paris, France
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My self-summary
Disclaimer : This profile was made a few years ago. When I had lots of time, and less motivation to write about me than to hitchhike and see the sun. But the sun is not really here these days and two people already told me there wasn’t much info here (EDIT : nevermind, after modifications, there’s not much left of the original profile anyway !)

I should probably put a last update date (last modification : 14/12/2015)

What changed :
- I have less time to see the world. But, I’m still looking at it with the same curious and playful mind.
- I have WAY LESS social energy. If I don’t answer for a long time, it’s okay. I don’t hate you. I’m just tired and need to take some time for me. Sometimes, I’m not interested though. But in both situations, there’s no need to spam or worry for it will not change a thing !
- I’m still polyamorous… wait… you never knew? Ok. It never appeared here before because it changes how people see a profile and how they interact with you. I’m not interested in new romantic relationships. I just want to find interesting people and do new random activities. If anything else goes from here, it’s okay. But it’s not what I’m searching for to begin with.
What I’m doing with my life
I feel like I mixed the boxes when I’m here. Nevermind ! Round 2 !

- I summon incredible monsters and spells with cards as medium (and I’m quite good at doing it !)
- I sing for hours and realize at 4AM my voice won’t support me anymore when I begin the refrain from “Breaking the Habit”
- I freak out when I’m in social situations where I don’t have an activity to support my awkwardness
- I dream of hiking in the mountains again. I want to see this someday: It’s not even that far!
- I’m searching for a new job while in a new job. Repeat the circle until finding an ethically correct and self-supplying one!
I’m really good at
Wait… was it not the box before? AAAArrgrgrhghlmlhgmlhg…

- I’m very good at cuddling and scrounching (yes, it’s my own word, no I didn’t try to google it before putting it here).
- Healing a 10 people raid in hopeless situation with homeopathy (losing my touch here though)
- Saving the world… but stopping just before defeating the bad guys because I lost interest and wanted to go karaoke or sleep under the sun.
- Mountaineering… the higher you climb, the less people there are ! Yeaaah \o/
- Making apple crumble. As the song of the Tenacious D, “It’s the Best [Crumble] in the Word!” ♫
The first things people usually notice about me
Nothing ! I’m a social ninja ! Waiters ignore me and I love shadowy corners in parties !

(Actually, I’ll complete this part after asking people around me… I’m as curious as you)

First answers I got :
- a really good friend : your hair !
- one of my partners : “He walks STRANGE !”
- …(in progress)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I could put so many things here. I’ll go random ! Movies, Books, Videogames, Music. Everything in a big block. Take what you want!

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Even cowgirls get the blues, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, The Secret life of Walter Mitty, Buffy The Musical, Dr. Horrible, Hearthstone, Les Tontons Flingueurs, Lord of the rings, Titan Quest, Foo Fighters, John Lennon, Limp Bizkit (Behind Blue Eyes), Blues Brothers, World of Warcraft, Ragnarok online, Bridge Constructor, Of Monsters and Men, Sting, Rogue Legacy, Brutal Legend, The Secret of Monkey Island, Life is strange, Linking Park (not as much now), Stardew valley, Random celtic playlist on youtube (list in progress…)
Six things I could never do without
My computer / A compass / A black marker with a few A4 sheets of paper (let’s say this count as one!) / a small and sturdy backpack / a notebook with white pages (add a pencil with a sharpener too here, it’s a set, still count as one!) / a 20-sided dice for hard decisions
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- How to balance my social life, my huge need for alone time, and my work together.
- What will I do when I become an adult.
- …
- Mountains. Because mountains are cool.
On a typical Friday night I am
It’s a sentence I’m used to seeing on profiles. I’d like to be original but… Yes. There is no typical Friday night. Could be geeking, or in my bed, or with friends karaoke-ing, or somewhere road tripping, or playing tabletop games, or cuddling, or… well… lots of things.
You should message me if
If you’re not afraid of social awkwardness. If you have any interesting activities to suggest. I love new interesting stuff. If you are more than a copy/paster of any declination of “Hi, what’s up?”. If you’re interested in trying “Place des Cordes”. If you found a vegan recipe and want to try it. If you want to learn the recipe of the Ultimate Apple Crumble. Or if you're passing by Paris and are in need of a couch for a few nights.

Oh ! And if you’re a potential videogame partner with whom I can share both gaming time and my strange deviant views on the world (It’s hard to find both in one person these days). And if you play Hearthstone, I’d go as far as to make you cookies!
…and of course, if you just feel like it ! But most of the time, I’ll feel more comfortable answering to people who come with a topic of conversation at least :)
The two of us