28 Austin, United States
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My self-summary
WARNING: i do not currently live in the states. i am living in Colombia. i will not live in Colombia the rest of my life, but i am not currently within pinching range... that being said...

...when i get rather deep within my own head i get pretty creeped out by internet things like OKC, and i ponder cynically the obnoxious truth that peoples outward appearance and descriptions of themselves are very seldom accurate and thus should not be trusted, then a tiny voice within my soul laughs manically at the power i wield at times like this when i get to craft an "about me" writing, and implant entirely from scratch a representation of myself in the brains of other people. then an even tinier voice that sounds suspiciously like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, tells me i am not my khakis... and that one day i may wake up to the fact that i have fragmented my identity beyond the possibility of putting the scattered pieces back together into a unified self... and that unified self never even existed in the first place... but then my big internal voice reminds the tiny voice, through a mouth full of oreos, that i'm not wearing khakis, and asks if the tiny voice thinks the almond milk in the fridge has gone bad yet.

i have already received a few messages asking if i am the kind of lady-friend that likes to meet people on here to have fun naked times on web cameras. if you are readying yourself to copy and paste me your prepackaged "send me nudes" solicitation (who am i kidding, like this particular type of male messenger ACTUALLY reads profiles before sending these requests... riiiiight) i'm just gonna go ahead and throw the answer to this sought after question out upfront so you don't waste either of our time: yeah-no...
What I’m doing with my life
swimming, hiking, reading, playing guitar, writing, hanging in coffee shops, taking long walks, doodling, folding clothes, making my bed, washing my body, people watching, watching depressing documentaries online in between watching Tim and Eric, having strange conversations with strangers on the daily, winning at games i create in my head and compete in against strangers who don't know i exist, and trying to remeber to feed myself.
The first things people usually notice about me
i am really tall for a female.
The six things I could never do without
i lost everything i owned up till i was 14 in a house fire, and ever since i have enjoyed having an extremely short "necessary creature comforts" list. i like moving, i like fitting everything i own on my back and setting out into a new place to explore while seeing how little i can get away with bringing. that being said, while doing this i have found the six things i really would rather not do without.. for sanity purposes:

1. people who know me well enough to not need filled in on the back context of every story or idea i want to share.
2. people who remember inside jokes.
3. a guitar to play.
4. dry clothes that are appropriate for the temperature of where i am.
5. food and water at adequate intervals to avoid fainting...and whining.
6. access to books, internet, or people to stimulate new ideas and continue learning ( that one sounds super pretentious but its so necessary)
You should message me if
i am living in Colombia, i enjoy writing my own thoughts, reading the thoughts of others...i am on here because i miss being able to be playful in my native tongue, working and living in Spanish all the time... so guys and gals of all shapes and sizes are invited to message if you want to just meet someone new, share a few moments, score yourself a potential tour guide of Colombia, or score yourself someone that you might want to hang out with when she is state side again.