28Klamath Falls, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, my name is Nathanael. In no particular order, I am an agnostic atheist, a skeptic, a humanist, an egalitarian, a gamer, a philosopher, a logician, a mathematician, a student, a weed-smoker, an anti-patriot, a democratic socialist, a reader, an optimistic pragmatist, and much more.

For those that don't understand the proper application of labels, traits, and self-identifications, and have already made baseless assumptions about me, based only on your own preconceptions of what these words mean to you, allow me to explain myself in greater detail in order to clear up any confusion. I have titled and separated each section with a dashed line, as well as combined traits into a single section (that are more or less related to one another), for reading convenience.


I elected not to include agnostic/atheist in the "Religion" category of the "My details" section on this page, because unless you happen to be confused about what the word "religion" means, atheism is not a religion. Also, I was not able to select both atheism and agnostic, which I am both. Atheist, because I lack a belief in any kind of god, and agnostic because I do not claim to know that no such being exists.

If you've heard it once, you've probably heard it a million times: Atheism is no more a religion than not collecting stamps is a hobby, "off" is a TV channel, bald is a hair-style, or abstinence is a sex-position. Since religion, or more accurately theism, requires a belief in the supernatural entity known as a god, and atheism is the lack of belief in god(s), it logically follows that atheism is not a religion.


Even though the two commonly go hand in hand, being an atheist does not necessitate that I would also be a skeptic. I just so happen to be a skeptic, though there are some atheists who may lack a belief in any kind of god, but still believe in such things as ghosts, demons, angels, fairies, psychic powers, astrology, the Illuminati, UFOs, etc.

While I do not make the claim that none of these things exist, I am still waiting for the evidence that proves they do exist. In other words, I am not making a positive claim that ghosts, for example, do not exist, but rather I am responding to those who make the claim that ghosts do exist by saying "Please demonstrate or substantiate your claim with empirical data and evidence."


As a humanist, I emphasize the importance of the human condition, rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems, instead of invoking prayer, or similar rituals.

Above all, I personally believe that human intelligence and consciousness is purely biological and material, and that there is no need to invoke the supernatural to account for it. I pair this belief of mine with skepticism, so that I can remind myself that it is still possible or conceivable that humans possess a spirit/soul or something similar, but that until we have evidence of this, there is no reason to accept it as true.


As an egalitarian, I believe in the equality of all humans, so far as opportunities are concerned. Many people I associate with often confuse equality of opportunity with equality of outcome. Certain modern-day feminists, for example, believe that so long as men are receiving a greater outcome than women (e.g. wages), in a given circumstance, that therefore greater opportunities should be granted to women, in order to balance everything out.

This is problematic, because it does not take into account that sometimes one person may have more experience and a greater skill level in a particular position, regardless of their gender. Some women are better suited for certain positions than men, on average, just as some men are better suited for certain positions than women. Thus, both men and women should be given equal opportunity, without the promise of an equal outcome.

Gaming, Philosophy, Logic, Student, etc. (first non-ism)

I enjoy a vast array of gaming (video, table-top, card, etc.), though I am also very passionate with regards to philosophy and logical analysis as well. I am a student with an Applied Math major, though I would like to take the extra time to get into philosophy, psychology, business, and maybe a little programming; ultimately I am looking to get into game design, and hopefully start my own Indie game company someday.


If you direct your attention to the "Smokes" and "Drugs" categories of the "My details" section, I only smoke weed, and occasionally hookah with my roommate. I am perfectly aware of the health concerns with smoking in general, and the effects that marijuana produces in particular. I am also aware of some people's discomfort with weed, and so I do not require that you smoke it yourself, or that you need to be around me when I do. All I ask is that you respect my decision, and hopefully we can make some sort of peaceful arrangement.

My anti-patriotism really comes from growing up in a country that thinks so highly of itself, and is blind/ignorant to its flaws and mistakes. Similarly, my socialism comes from growing up in country that thinks that a capitalist approach to economic issues is the best course of action, when in fact it leads to inefficient spending, and unequal distribution of funds to those who already have a lot of wealth and power. I don't really think I need to explain why this is a problem.


So I realize that this was a really hefty "self-summary." If you made it this far, then congratulations for having the fortitude to keep up with my incessant need to analyze and explain everything. I was already a deeply thoughtful person, though since I have started smoking weed regularly, this aspect of my personality has only magnified exponentially. I am looking for someone who is at least as thoughtful as I am, so you are well on your way if you have read up to this point.
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently a full-time student attending Oregon Tech with an Applied Math major, and a minor in philosophy. It will be likely be another X years (X = 2017 - current year) before I graduate. Though, I consider my life as a father to, in some regards, be a higher priority. The two need not be seen as separate entities, however, as I am attending school and getting an education to be able to provide for my son. Eventually I would like to provide for a larger family, but that is still to be determined.

I have a job, although it isn't what you would call your "official" line of work. I take my days off from school to do yard labor and household chores for a number of clients within my hometown. I self advertise by use of flyers and online ads. It makes me the money that I need to get by in addition to the financial aid I receive from my schooling.

As stated before, I intend to get into business for myself. Not only do I hope to support my family in this way, but I also am determined to make enough of a name for myself that I am able to make positive change in the world somehow. I want to contribute, in a big way, to science, education, and progress in general.
I’m really good at
I am at my best when I am being logical and highly analytical. I know for some that this is a major turn off, however it is simply my default; I am able to turn it off (or at the very least turn it down) when the situation calls for it. As a result of my tendencies to see the world more in terms of numbers and mathematical models, I am also highly skilled at math (at least up to the level that I have learned so far).

Believe it or not I am actually one of those people who listens more often than they speak, so I would list that among my highly developed skills. Whether or not I actually perceive something clearly the first time is more dependent upon the way each person understands and defines certain terms. As long as both (or all) sides are willing to be reasonable and not assume that one side doesn't care or wasn't listening properly, I don't see why a civil conversation could not occur.

I think that I am very good as a father, at the very least I enjoy it . You often hear the stories of how little girls (and sometimes boys) dream of their wedding day when they are older. For me it was always wanting to be a father and a good one at that. I may have a different insight on what makes a good parent than others do, so I am willing to hear criticism of my methods. Despite my very logical and calculating nature, I find that there is no set equation for being a parent, and thus take a far more relaxed approach than most parents would.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I don't talk much. I am often asked, "why are you so quiet?" and my reply is usually, "there is nothing to talk about." It isn't so much that I don't talk, I just care little for idle conversation and focus my efforts more into deep meaningful conversation.

I can't really say for sure if the above is "the first" thing that people notice about me, simply because I am not them and thus cannot perceive what they think. However, as far as what information they give me in this regard, I am more often identified for how quiet I can be.

If I am high, however, I tend to be far more open and approachable. I realize that I need to make an effort to be more approachable, especially since I am trying to develop better leadership skills.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The only books and other material that I read are my school textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, technical reports, online published articles, and the like. I have tried very hard to be able to read more literary works, but whenever I am at it for too long the words on the page begin to turn into black and white smudges. Don't get me wrong, I love a good story. In fact I love being read to in a lot of cases. Don't mind me, though, if I fall asleep in your lap because of your beautiful voice lulling me to a gentle rest. ;)

I don't watch much TV and I only have very specific movies and shows that I really care for. I like just about anything with time travel as its theme (e.g. Back to the Future). I like some anime, my favorite I think being Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I honestly can't watch that show without crying a lot, especially episode 4. I have enjoyed the show Supernatural (only seasons 1 - 5, and parts of the later seasons), I've watched a couple of episodes of Almost Human, and would actually like to find the time to watch Doctor Who (as I have heard from multiple sources that it is AMAZING!).

I don't listen to music regularly, and again I have a very narrow list of songs that I like. Most songs that I enjoy are parodies, so most of Weird Al Yankovic's work. Disney songs (Man out of You is probably my most favorite). I also really enjoy a lot of instrumental music. Sometimes lyrics become too distracting for me. I like all of Tim Minchin's work, or anything else sacrilegious. Beyond that I only have a few songs that I relate to on a personal level.
Six things I could never do without
Beyond basic survival needs I can effectively live without all of my material possessions. If I were to make a list of things that are beneficial to living well, it would be as follows (in no particular order):

1. A house (with all of the basic furniture and appliances inside).
2. My car.
3. My laptop (with internet connection).
4. Comfortable clothing.
5. Family and friends.
6. An income.

I probably left out a few other essentials, but I think you get the point. I am not overly attached to anything, so much so that it would otherwise devastate my ability to live comfortably.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. At east everything that comes into my mind. I like to tinker with ideas, so any idea that crosses my path is fair game for all of my diabolical thought experiments. MUHUHAHAHAHAA!!!
On a typical Friday night I am
Treating it as any other day of the week and fulfilling my usual obligations and responsibilities as every mature adult should be doing. If I have no such obligations, then I see no reason that hanging out with friends or just spending time alone relaxing would be a problem. I am simply trying to emphasize how very overemphasized the idea of Friday Night! is with regard to partying and otherwise being ridiculous. I am sorry if you think I am dull, but I feel that I am just being practical (which you may use both terms synonymously).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Just ask, there is far too much information about myself that I have no problem admitting to for me to list it all here, or simply come up with one single thing more private than the rest.
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