62Orange, United States
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My self-summary
Fun,upbeat, positive, full of energy. Love life and will always be the one smiling at the end of the day and all around me from a child to someone older. I see a smile as a gift that we should all give out daily to all people around us.

Taste in music can go from R and B to group called IL Divo
If you have never heard them, you will enjoy listening to them.

Pictures were taken over past year:) The China trip was three years ago, did have to share because it was a great trip. Let see, should I give a list besides one above all the likes above...Your always welcome to ask anything of me and always get the truth no matter what. Those do tell a lot about me. Thinking if I could pick a favorite thing to do that I dont do often would be have a picnic. Love going to the beach around 3pm a few days a week, recharge and enjoy the moment:)

Favorite movie would have to be either Forrest Gump because it is so simple and so many people forget how easy life truly can be. One more movie, of those kind of movies that I think we all wish came true in our owe life's:) Miracles do happen every day, sometimes we just have to open our eyes wide:)
Now I have to add Avatar to favorite list after seeing it...Great Action, amazing love story, great visual and just all around good movie that was entertaining the whole way thru.

Awww, lets see what else is there about me, your free to ask anything about me:)

I am One that loves life, Always with Energy, and a SMILE
What I’m doing with my life
If you want details:::

About Me::
Full Name:: Daniel but go by Danny
Eye Color:: Blue
Hair Color:: Brown
Height:: 6'
Shoe Size:: 12
Suit Size:: 52
Heritage:: States - originally Europe
Birthday:: Feb. 11th
Zodiac Sign:: Aquarius

Best Friend:: I have lots of "best" friends
Crush:: that was way back in high school
Pet:: none--but love dogs
Sport:: Volleyball, basketball

Have You Ever::
Sky Dived:: Once, never again...hehehe
Bungee Jumped:: Nope, not going to
Gone out of the Country:: Yes, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya
Beaten Someone Up:: nope--I love everyone, even my enemies
Gotten Beat Up:: wow, had two big brothers...hehehe Besides growing up as the youngest, no
Killed an Animal:: No way
Swam in the Ocean:: O yes, grew up in Huntington Beach
Broke the Law:: Do speeding tickets count, then yes...hehehe
Smoked:: HATE cigarettes..BIG Turnoff
Chewed Tobacco:: No way
Drank:: Yes but not really now
Been Kissed:: Yes
Been In Love:: Yes
Dumped Someone:: ....... Yes
Been Dumped:: Once hurt
Liked Someone Who Didn't Like You Back:: yes
Broken A Bone:: no
Had Surgery:: Yes
Had an X-ray
MRI:: Yes
Failed a Class:: no

Color:: red
Food:: Italian--but willing to try anything
Drink:: Glass of wine, Merlot
Snack:: pop corn
Cereal:: kashi
Ice Cream:: Simple, Vanilla or chocolate
Candy:: If I had to pick one, snickers
Restaurant:: any restaurant with great food and great service
Fast Food Place:: IN and Out
McDonald's or Burger King:: Neither, IN and OUT
Store:: Not really a shopper
Sport To Play:: May not be the greatest but do enjoy playing
Sport To Watch:: Volleyball
Movie: Avatar, Forrest Gump
TV Show:: Enjoy SciFi, Action and Suits
Type Of Music:: anything except techno and rap
Band:: IL Divo
Singer:: Enjoy a lot
Song:: too many great ones
Pepsi or Coke:: Diet Pepsi
Vanilla or Chocolate:: Chocolate
Cake or Ice Cream:: Ice Cream
Love or Money:: definitely LOVE
Music or TV:: Turned off TV year ago, But do watch a few shows on
Cat or Dog:: dog
Mom or Dad:: Mom
Truck or Car:: Car
Ocean or Lake:: ocean
Google or AJ:: Google
Light or Dark:: Light
Country or City:: both
Rain or Sunshine:: rain--to snuggle or dance in the rain
First Thing You Notice:: Smile
Personality or Looks:: definitely PERSONALITY
Hair Color:: any
Eye Color:: blue, brown,hazel, green---not in that order
Short or Tall:: Tall or short, it is the person inside that counts the most.
Romantic or Spontaneous:: both
Sense of Humor or Sweet:: both
Hook up or Relationship:: Relationship
Currently:: Single
Feeling:: Relaxed
In Love:: No...someday.
Single:: Yes
Best Friends:: I have a few I would trust with anything
Career:: Self Employed
Marriage:: Someday....with the RIGHT person where there is chemistry
Kids:: already have 2 ( Son and Daughter )
The first things people usually notice about me
My Smile:) and can communicate with all people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lets see, last book was China Mega Trends
Movies, you have to love some classics:
Forrest Gump
Shawshank Redemption
Love all types of music from RAB to Classical
Italian to me is the best. bbq so if your having a bbq, happy to come over and do the cooking for you:)
Six things I could never do without
Air, light, water, a little food, Smile at the beginning of a day and the end of the day:)
On a typical Friday night I am
Meet up with a friend for dinner and maybe see a movie if there is one out that is interesting. Concerts are not so bad either.

Sometimes will take a book to a coffee shop and have a tea/coffee and read for a while.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask and I may tell :)
The two of us