30 Oklahoma City, United States
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My self-summary
I have decided to re-write my profile, the one before was honesty but in a very tame fashion, not my typical form lets say.

I was so worried about finding someone that I wrote in a platform that was too leashed. We can't have that. I want someone to know me when they read the profile, someone who isn't going to be surprised when I pop off with something wild, crazy and off the wall but I digress.

My name is Shane, I am a 26 year old Advanced Technical Support Analyst. This is a fancy term for second tier technical support. I make a decent income but I'm always working on improving that.

I enjoy body art to include but not limited to ink, metal or cutting/scars. I posses all of these. I plan to have more of all three as well. I have my nipples pierced and currently four tattoos, I have mock ups being done currently but it's a process.

I have a wicked personality though I typically hide it away until I feel comfortable around you. This isn't a lack of confidence by any means, this is a survival instinct. We wont get into that.

So what about me is so awesome you ask? Really, I don't have it pin-pointed down but I eat unicorns and shit sparkles. Ok, I would never harm a unicorn because A) Unicorns are sessy and B) my daughter would be sad face at me. Speaking of my daughter, I do have a daughter who is three. I also have a son who is six. I usually see my daughter three weekends out of the month and my son, far, far less. Some people don't like children, I'm cool with that but by no means will you EVER hear me refer to them as "Baggage".

I enjoy writing poetry when the times have me down or on a very rare occasion, I am excited/happy about something. If you want to view it, send me a message, I would be happy to share, it is more dark and tormented than what you would normally see. It all holds a truth and window to my soul. Most people don't understand it but to the few who's the key.

I hit baseballs or shoot hoops to release stress. I tend to do that everyday, roughly three hours a day depending. I am a fast food junkie, I can't seem to gain weight so why not?

I love getting dirty and sweaty, in fact, so much so that it is the only problem I have with my current job. I come home feeling like I did jack shit. Not a bead of sweat on me, its truly horrible. I smell just like I did when I left, yummy.

I have a lot of different things I am into, working on old muscle cars, riding a crotch rocket, BMX'ing, Turn tables, Electric Guitar, shooting guns, paintball and a ton of other random things. I just think, "Hey, I want to do that" and start doing it. The problem in life is people hold back, thinking they cant do something or shouldn't, fuck that. Get your ass to work, save a little money on the side and buy that chopper you dream of every night. Stop using excuses like "My family" or "I'm too old". You may have a family to support and a whole group of orphan penguins to take care of but that is no reason to completely scratch your life off as a milk cow. I sure as shit don't give two flying pigs nutt sacks about being twenty-six and enjoying BMX biking. I might be single, I might be low on friends but anyone who cant enjoy the fact that I am happy with it can hit the pavement.

Bringing me to another point here, I know some of you will read this and dislike it, I approve of your message and appreciate your time. Not everyone likes the taste of Super Siayen x10 and thats cool. I am looking for people who can hang. Bonus points if you message me first.


PS: Awesome people, please start existing. That is all.
What I’m doing with my life
I am trying to get out here a bit, single for a little over a year is crazy.

I have started paperwork for the purchase of a house, this process apparently takes about as long as it takes to dig through the moon with a toothpick.

Other endeavors include completing all my Tattoo ideas, prepping myself for my daughters first boyfriend, watching netflix until they come out with something new and creeping your profile forty-three times an hour.
I’m really good at
Honesty, Video Games, Finding Porn, Fighting, Making Others Laugh, Shit Talking, Sarcasm and Sex (No really!)
The first things people usually notice about me
This depends, if we are talking at a distance, just visual, I get "Wigger" alot.

If we are talking up close and personal, my sense of humor.

If we are talking beyond the point of "Hello, I have a large penis." then my personality.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies/TV: I enjoy comedy and action movies. Current top three are Boondock Saints, Blood In, Blood Out, and 300 [Of course]. I think Billy Bob Thornton and Will Ferrell are funny as all get out. I also like Katt Williams and Dane Cook. A few of my favorite TV shows are Archer, Naruto, DragonBall Z, Workaholics, and Futurama.

Music: While I generally dislike country music I have been known to enjoy When The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. I enjoy instrumentals, Orchestra type music, a lot of underground work, Rap/Hip hop, Metal, and most main stream genres. I greatly appreciate more off the road type music, the unknown artists. Should you be interested in specific artists I would recommend checking out Splash Woman by Mega Ran9, DJ Shadow, Lazyboy, Flobots, Nuttin but Stringz, and Dirty Orchestra by Black Violin. More main stream favorites also.

Books: I enjoyed Lord of the Rings, Rant, The Game, Art of War, The Holy Bible, NLP and many others. I am not really a bookworm but I do read from time to time.
The six things I could never do without
Air, My right hand, My imagination, Memories, My SR9 Ruger and a 9mm round.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My current, previose and future position in life.

I think about why I am alone, how it happened.

I wonder why men ask women to have sexy time with them in the first message.

I wonder how that guy has a GF and I don't.

I wonder if Tupac is alive.

I wonder if the Zombies are coming yet.

I wonder about the reasons why I look at suicide as a way out.

I wonder why I never do it right.

I wonder if I even care anymore.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am texting someone that I don't want to hang out. I am wishing they would invent glow in the dark baseballs so I can go hit all night. I am thinking about the last six porn clips I watched and most likely posting on Craigslist in hopes that some angel of a woman will find me, seeing the gold through all the garbage.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once jumped off a 4 story apartment roof into a pool buck naked. (I may of been on coke. Horrible idea.)

I can also tell you that I had the brilliant idea to finally break out of my shell and approach a woman. First time ever, I had decided the pickup line of choice would be, "I make pretty babies." Just so you know, this only helps you get slapped and/or pepper sprayed.

If I was an anime character, I would be Vash from Trigun.
You should message me if
Women don't message men is word around the interwebbers but if you still want to after all that above? You might be someone of interest.