30 Miami, United States
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My self-summary
Why hello there! My name is Carlos and I really do hate writing these but so do most people so there is that. Ice officially, broken. I am currently a Library Tech over at Barry University though I do wish to get myself a job as a real librarian someday. I also write and work for WeareChaoticNeutral.com as a horror and fantasy writer and am hoping to make that take off someday.

I have written my first book which I self published called "The Pandoran Artifacts: The Aces Are Drawn" a horror novel/short story collection that I hope to have on Kindle as soon as I can sort through the stuffs.

I am a study in contradictions. I am both incredibly shy but also an extrovert who is, so I am told, fairly decent at holding conversations. I can be morbid and cynical one moment and psychotically cheerful and optimistic the next. I can be silly or serious depending on when you catch me and how much sleep I have had. Modest and chivalrous but also perverted with a love for innuendo and the ability to withstand mental assault that would make lesser men’s minds wither.
I am a proud Nerd who loves Dungeons and Dragons, Role-playing games and board games. I casually play the Legend of the Five Rings card game (Go Crane Clan!) I love video games with RPG’s and strategy games being my favorite and I absolutely adore good writing and story in the games I play. My music taste are all over the place though I must admit I am not a huge fan of attending concerts unless it’s one of my favorite bands. Large crowds of strangers and very loud noise are not a thing I enjoy so I tend to avoid them where possible. Sadly this means most concerts tend to be more stressful then pleasurable for me.

I love stories and myths, pure and simple, which is why I love Neil Gaiman's writing. I enjoy most reading in general though (Hence the Librarian thing). I love watching movies of all sorts though I must confess to being a bit of a sci-fi/action junkie. I am fairly political and tend to swing to the left on most issues so be warned on that aspect. I have little tolerance for Randian Objectivist lack of compassion in romantic partners so if that is you, then while we might be friends, I doubt any sort of long term romantic thing can develop. Because work, writing and my weekly tabletop games (That keep me sane and social) take up a lot of my time I am not really the sort who goes out much. I promise comfort, calm and a certain level of dependability so if you are looking for a Manic Pixie Dream Boy to whisk you off on an adventure, then this old Taurus might not be for you.

I have a pretty awesome group of friends and while I never mind adding to that collection I have joined this dating site primarily for aforementioned dating and possibly casual encounters (Though I am far less trustful of those) . So if we are talking there is a pretty good chance that the thought of dating has at the very least crossed my mind. I tend to be very straightforward and logical when it comes to relationship type stuff (Sometimes to my detriment) so if you see us getting no further then friends please just out and say it. When one person thinks they are chatting and the other is enduring what they believe is an elaborate courtship ritual nobody ends up winning in the end. Except maybe terrorist. Yeah they are probably pretty ok with that.

((Other note: Yeah the picture is old as hell. I don’t photograph well or often though I am looking to replace it. Roughly still what I look like though.)
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I am working at Barry University as a Library Technician and working to get my Master’s and become a Librarian proper. I also write as Enrique Bedlam on Wearechaoticneutral.com and am hoping to put out a book as well as continue to grow our business with my friends online and on the convention scene.
I’m really good at
I am a pretty good singer and talker when I want to be and have been told I am quite persuasive. I have a strange mind when it comes to idea’s so I tend to have interesting perspectives on most things which when added to my ability to remember what I read and read people makes me awesome at strategic and deception based board games.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well physically I am a large man with long hair, a beard and a loud booming baritone voice so that draws a fair deal of attention. Personality wise, I have been told I can be incredibly friendly and polite to near psychotic levels (Mostly when working because retail has ruined me I say.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A. Books eh? Brace Yourself….list is coming. Anything by Neil Gaiman , Jim Butcher , Terry Pratchet or George Orwell , The Harry Potter series, Song of Ice and Fire, The Lord of the Rings , Jules Vern , Lovecraft, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the Timothy Zahn Star Wars books, Shakespeare, Junot Diaz (I know he only wrote like 2 books but I LOVE THEM), Canterbury Tales, the Fairy Queen, The Divine Comedy, World War Z and a whole bunch of other books here and again.

B. Wow, I have a lot. Ok..hmm. All the Star Wars, Star Trek , X-Men and Lord of the Rings movies. Little Miss Sunshine, anything by Mel Brooks or Monty Python. Serenity. The Thirteenth Warrior Behind the Mask, Equilibrium, Inception , Repo The Genetic Opera , Doctor Horrible (AND COMENTARY the Musical) and Kingdom of Heaven .

C. Many. Phantom of The Opera , Les Miserable. Jesus Christ Superstar and Sweeny Todd (The musical not the band) are good. I love Nerdcore rap so Mc Frontalot , Mc Chris and Mc Hawkings are favorites as are the epic rap battle guys. Also a fan of Weird Al and Jonathan Coulton. I enjoy the Ditty Bops, Ingrid Michalson , Weezer , Fiona Apple , Regina Spektor , The Birthday Massacre, Cake, Lacuna Coil , Gorrilaz , Paul And Storm , Erutan, Lindsey Stirling, Miracle of Sound, Malukah and most covers of video game and soundtrack music.

D. Mexican, Asian and Italian.
The six things I could never do without
Friends, Games, My sister, Fantasy, Movies, Jackets/Button down shirts.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Daydreaming mostly :) I do alot of that. That or trying to plan things for later because I am an overly complicated man when it comes to plans and logic.
On a typical Friday night I am
Well I usually work on Friday so Friday is more of a concept of that one night I have off and can relax. Video games, out with friends (Either gaming or having epic pop culture debates) or maybe watching a show or movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Uh, I guess you would need to message me to find that out. Though I guess I can confess the uncanny ability to learn songs that I despise after only a few hearings and occasionally find myself singing along to them. Very embarrassing at work when someone points out you are accurately singing along with Miley Cyrus.
You should message me if
First and foremost if you read what I wrote. If reading and long-winded rambling are a turn-off then it’s not looking good.

If you feel you are honest and communicative when it comes to relationships and are more willing to make dating a diplomatic negotiation then a guessing game.

If you like dirty and nerdy jokes and things.

If you feel going to a convention then watching Firefly or Babylon 5 would be an ideal weekend.

If you like board games and tabletop games.

Or if you have anything fun or witty to talk to me about. I always do love a good conversation.