37Tallahassee, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a graduate student at Florida State, and currently live with my dog, Frito. In my spare time I read science fiction, fantasy, news stories and scientific articles in a wide variety of flavors. The intersection of the last two, specifically, gave rise to my other major hobby, spiced rum.

I'm a dork, and slightly introverted. I love one-on-one conversation, especially over iced coffee or an adult beverage.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently teaching myself to code, and I'm back in school as a non-degree seeker (mostly psychology). I'm building a CV in order to apply to a grad program in cognitive science, and my end goal is to contribute to the project team that finally produces robustly self-aware artificial minds.

I figure, if you're going to spend your life's work on something, it might as well be something big, personally fascinating, and lucrative. If it's done wrong it'll be the most devastating force humanity has ever produced; there are economic, military, social, and ethical considerations that must be made to keep AI from eventually enslaving or murdering us all. If we don't do it in a controlled and planned way, I figure someone will eventually pull it off in a garage, which could be A Very Bad Thing.
I’m really good at
Reading people and offering reasoned, rational advice. Giving myself the same sort of advice. Ignoring most of my own advice.
The first things people usually notice about me
... probably that I'm an intellectual. I'm not physically imposing, with pretty average looks. If I'm wearing my glasses, I imagine that's the first thing that pops into their head.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Dresden Files, The Wheel of Time, The Kingkiller Chronicle, Song of Ice and Fire, Hitchhiker's Guide, Ender's Game, American Gods... sci-fi and fantasy mostly. I did some heavy lifting for reading material while in college, and for now I prefer recreational comfort-books. 

Movies: Mr. Nobody, Timer, Advent Children, Frequencies, Iron Man, Cloud Atlas, Another Earth, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Brass Teapot, The Butterfly Effect, Star Trek, Liberal Arts, Radio Free Abulmuth, After the Dark, Equilibrium, Barefoot, anything that presents intriguing alternatives to reality really.

Shows: The Office, Scrubs, Bar Rescue (the only concession I'll make to reality television), The Daily Show, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Firefly, The Newsroom, Game of Thrones, Castle, Last Week Tonight, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Continuum, Parks and Rec, Garfunkle and Oates, the Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, Buffy, Star Trek (TNG, Voyager),

Music: I don't care for genres or specific bands that much; individual songs with replay value that either make me hum along or tap a foot end up on my playlist. I've returned, as of late, to karaoke pretty regularly, so I'm also drawn to anything I can sing in a crowd without causing people to cringe... which is a disappointingly small subset of the catalog.

Food: Meat and potatoes. I seem to differ from the majority of women I share a high match rating with here. I'm not a 'foodie'. I'm not big on 'interesting' meals. I like to consume basic, familiar fare. Not saying I won't take a chance on something new, but if I can't pronounce it, I'd probably rather have ribs, steak, fries, broccoli with cheese, fried chicken... etc.

Games: Risk, the earlier Final Fantasy installments, chess, guitar hero/rockband, starcraft, warcraft, WoW, DnD, Mage, Vampire, Arkham Horror, MtG (mostly retired though), League of Legends, Civilization 5, Heroes of the Storm, and anything else my friends introduce me to that allows us to socialize and play at the same time.

Web Stuff: Vlogbrothers, Sci-Show, Crash Course (don't forget to be awesome), Cracked, Google Maps (I love figuring out why the wheres are where they are), TEDtalks, CGPGrey, Aeon Magazine
Six things I could never do without
Solid Wi-fi
Reliable friends
Someone to bounce ideas off of
Sailor Jerry rum
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Cognitive Science in general, and getting the credentials to facilitate my career. We don't have a working theory for what a mind is or how it does what it does, at least not a theory that's gained consensus, without which we're going to have a hell of a time building one. Also: astrophysics, gender equality, humor, social justice, education reform, science fiction, authorship, and anything else that seems interesting to my ADHD driven brain.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading Facebook and clicking on interesting links, interspersed with bits of academic journal articles I should probably have read over the course of the preceding week. After I get tired of that I go out to sing karaoke over some rum.
You should message me if
If you think we'd hit it off.

If you're increasing the amount of awesome in the world while simultaneously decreasing the amount of suck.

I'm a sapiosexual, and won't entertain willful ignorance or bigotry. Other turn-offs include:
- unhealthy body image
- lack of emotional awareness or control
- any drug use harder than an occasional toke
- women more massive than myself (I'm about 190 lbs)
- fits of blind rage
- any brand of zealotry, fundamentalism, evangelism, or fanaticism
- posting non-stop food pics or selfies / narcissism

I've embraced the philosophy of "fuck yes, or no". If the thought of spending my time with a girl makes me say 'fuck yes', and she feels the same way about me, I'm totally down with pursuing it. Otherwise, no thanks.
The two of us