31Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a Musician, an avid reader, a pirate, a fire-dancer, and a banker. I sleep occasionally. It's a habit that I'm trying to break myself of. I am an entertainer, a constant storyteller, and chief instigator (because, really, what could possibly go wrong).

I love meeting new people and finding things to talk about. I love learning more about the people and world around me. I love great food (noodles...I'm going to eat all the types of noodles) and all types of music (I have yet to find something I can truly not tolerate if I put some effort into listening to it).

I burst into song at random intervals and enjoy dressing up for pub crawls. Your ability to engage in random bouts of musicality or dancing will endear you to me greatly.

I am sharp, ambitious, and curious

For those in the know, I'm INFJ
What I’m doing with my life
Living in Portland and working my day job with Umpqua Bank while pursuing performance opportunities and other creative outlets. I work/play with a pirate performance group as well as a Celtic/Folk fusion band (I sing and play Double Bass). I also freelance musically in a number of capacities and try to make sure I save time to spend with the multitudes of interesting people I've met around Portland.
I’m really good at
Performing, talking, flirting, drinking, and winking. Also, baking bread (sourdough baguettes are significantly more complicated to produce than I was prepared for).

I have an honorary Master's degree in armchair psychology and am happy to be paid in bourbon.

I'm a vocalist and a bass player. I occasionally get paid for these skills so I'm going to work on the assumption that someone out there thinks that I'm really good at it. You can be the judge if you want to come out and see me perform!
The first things people usually notice about me
is that I'm looking directly at them. I do direct eye contact a lot when people I want to listen to are talking. It either makes people feel important and flattered or uneasy and uncomfortable (sometimes all at the same time).

After a few conversations, it also becomes apparent that I have very little concept of what the word 'shame' means. I'm finding it less and less useful as time goes on.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: Recently, The Magicians (Lev Grossman), Geek Love (Katherine Dunn), Night Circus. I've read most of Neil Gaiman's work and love his concepts. Stephen King is my "old reliable". I am a huge fan and will defend Dark Tower to the death!

My most memorable books will always be the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit (the better tome in my opinion). It took me awhile to come around to loving the movies but I have finally come to admit that they are good art in their own right (even if they completely trash the tone of the book).

Favorite graphic novels/comics include Transmetropolitan, Y The Last Man, Red Son, and The Goon (also currently reading Brian K Vaughn's new book, Saga).

MOVIES: Pulp Fiction, Twelve Angry Men (the old one), Office Space, The Music Man, The Big Lebowski (admitted Coen nerd)

MUSIC: I listen to a lot of Jazz (go 98.1) but have quite a collection of other interests. I'm very much into good songwriting in any genre. I really enjoy Paul Simon, Billy Joel, and a very cool group named Stars (look up the album 'Set Yourself on Fire').

More recently, I've been on a bit of a Gypsy Jazz/Rock/Pop kick (the best way I can describe the genre). Go listen to 'That Handsome Devil' and 'Caravan Palace' and you can get a good feel for both ends of that spectrum.

All that said, I still have a sizable collection of rock (everything from Aerosmith to Green Day to Black Flag), Ska, miscellaneous Pop, and plenty of other random music. I know all of the lyrics to three Sublime albums and a lot of Blues Traveler if that gives you any indication of the range of my interests.

FOOD: I'm a sucker for good noodles. They're incredibly hard to find. I'm not a food snob but I really enjoy making lots of things at home because I can spend extra time bringing every bit of flavor out of extremely inexpensive foodstuffs (I like to keep my life pretty frugal so I can spend money in ways that are enjoyable)

TV: I don't watch anything as it's being broadcast but, when I find myself with a free evening and no book to read, I may watch the entirety of one series in a fevered but temporary obsession. I dig Dexter, Californication, FUTURAMA (so goood), Louie, Breaking Bad, and WILFRED!
Six things I could never do without
-My Bass
-My Tongue (for talking)
-My Fire Poi
-My Capacity for Thought
-Good Drinks
-My Pirates
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whats going on in my life and if what I'm doing now is the best possible use of my life.

I like thinking about the thoughts and motivations of people (both myself and others). Trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes is a fascinating pursuit and often leads to great conversations.
On a typical Friday night I am
often with pirates, searching for glory, wherever it may be. When I have nights free from pirates or performance, I endeavor to fill the evening with the friends that I've collected. I enjoy going out, staying in, and possibly dancing the night away on both occasions.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm significantly more insecure than I appear
You should message me if
You have something interesting to say or are just looking for a new connection. I'm always interested in meeting people, whatever their purposes. Good conversation is something I can very seldom get enough of so I'm open to whatever discussions you think you may like to have.

Also, if you like pirates, would like to be a pirate, or would like to spend time with pirates. It's wonderful and, though it doesn't take up all of my time, it is wonderfully engaging.
The two of us