32Tuscaloosa, United States
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My self-summary

Protip: I am now married. I've left this profile as it was when I was single, as a testament to how awesome I was.

I've been in college for three years, and I've changed majors several times- from computer science and sculpting to psychology, philosophy, and history. Honestly, I just want to finish programming my game. Maybe it will make money.

If you believe in pseudoscience, I'm an INTP. If you care about genealogy, I'm French/Irish. And if you care about eye color, you're pretty shallow. They're green or blue. I don't know and most people disagree.

I think my ideal woman is 5'6", with red hair and green eyes. She should be at least two years older than me and working on or finished with a degree or personal study in a science field. She should be argumentative, but non-violent. I've met too many who are one, but not the other.

She should be intelligent enough to catch the above contradiction, and witty enough to know I'm kidding.

I think OKCupid's inherent flaw is in the attempt to create matches based on what is common or requested. The most apparent differences and unexpected qualities drive individuals to love and tolerate one another.

I also believe that every person I've met in real life using this service is a fucking psycho. Please do not message me if you enjoy talking about murdering in detail, telling me how much getting slapped in the face turns you on, or unexpectedly biting people until they bleed. I think I'm a magnet for socially disturbed women.

And like all personality tests, this site has a penchant for attracting self described psychology buffs and 'highly analytical' people who brag about their people reading abilities. By applying the same sort of gross generalization skills, I've come to the conclusion that if this is part of your personality, you're compensating for some personal deficiency or using it as a defense mechanism. Don't bother me until you're over the problem of objectifying people - it isn't a case of how you view reality; it's an issue of showing proper courtesy in conversation.

I am 400 years old, 400 feet tall, and bad at measurements
What I’m doing with my life

I'm going to college and wondering why. I'm probably going to drop out in the next few years.

Mainly, I'm programming several small webgames and websites, but never finishing any of my projects. I keep losing motivation and moving on to more exciting projects.

I'm also growing my hair to donate to cancer patients. Or maybe I'm just saying that for the attention, as one anonymous individual informed me.

I’m really good at
Wasting time, cooking, and sharing food.
Coming up with clever responses.
Numbers. Database abstraction. Color theory. Making people want to fight me.
Being totally awesome.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm arrogant. I try not to be, but it just makes me look more arrogant. I've decided it isn't my fault, and that most people have an inferiority complex.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This section is a poor excuse to give ice breakers.

Favorite Music: Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Offspring, Tool, Aphex Twin, Postal Service, Beatles, Classical, Weird Electronic Indian/Middle Eastern Crap, Trance Techno

Favorite Books: The Catcher in the Rye, Jennifer Government, 1984, America (The Book), Artificial Minds, The Dilbert Future, Crazy Shit You've Never Heard Of, You probably don't read books if you're dumb enough to use OKCupid

Favorite Movies: Requiem For A Dream, Trainspotting, Spiderman, Fight Club, The Iron Giant, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Fifth Element, 28 Days Later, Indiana Jones, Napoleon Dynamite, Super Troopers, The Matrix

Favorite Food: Italian, Greek, and Chinese. I make excellent vegetarian lasagna, baked ziti, eggplant subs, tofu sandwiches, stir fry, and pasta sauce. I aspire to be vegetarian, as soon as I stop loving steak so much.

Six things I could never do without
This section of the profile is responsible for the worldwide majority of jokes regarding vital organs and essential life sustaining substances. The creators of these jokes undoubtedly pat themselves on the back after typing them, thinking, "Heh. I'm so clever." But back to the question -

I really work better if I have someone latching onto me like a lamprey while I pretend to hate it. I need an outlet for creativity, and another for logic. I always need someone to discuss philosophy with. I absolutely must have a friend to cook with. I need an impossible challenge to inspire me, otherwise I get lazy.

As independent as I imagine myself, half of my needs are people.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Patterns, numbers, sounds, statistics, psychology, philosophy, snuggling.

Planning out conversations before they happen, and thinking of genuinely funny things to say, rather than rehashing something I've heard. I get bored when people idiotically repeat phrases they've heard or said themselves, ad nauseum.

I'm fascinated by horrible events and people - mainly their butterfly effects. It's ironic how hatred and spite towards unpleasant stimulus often plays the largest role in defining who a person is.

If you want to change the world, give it something to hate.

On a typical Friday night I am
Too drunk to care.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've been diagnosed with insomnia, but nothing puts me to sleep faster than someone scratching my head and playing with my hair.
The two of us