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My self-summary
"For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation." Rainer Marie Rilke

Photos taken February 2017 by my iMac in my Auckland, N.Z. apartment. Coco Chanel, “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve.” You decide. I certainly have more energy than most of my colleagues, clients, and students even to age 3!

“A person remains wise as long as he searches for wisdom. As soon as he thinks he has found it, he becomes a fool.” Talmud

“How much easier is self-sacrifice than self-actualization.” Erich Hoffer

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What humans can be, they must be. This need we call self-actualization.” Abraham Maslow

"What humans must be, they can be. This drive I call self-actualization." Jack as Every Man


Selif-Actualizing Coach (Coaching the God Within) at home on the Peak of Mount Maslow, the 5th Being Need, chosen and enacted because it is more important than meeting the other lower 4 Deficiency Needs. See my Mount Maslow Facebook groups (sure, join!): (18+) (55+)

My website Resource For Your Source, homepage on Coaching Self-Actualization

Check out my website on Intimate Relationships, Pairing Today

Have a view of one of my latest and briefest of 36 videos on Youtube:

I am a long time AA non-member--not Alcoholics Anonymous but Atheist Anarchist (etymologies: "no god", "no ruler"). I hold all gods as projections of insecurity and governments as unnecessary evils. Don't fight them, just de-legitimize and abandon them; and then create Responsibly Free alternatives to them.

Seeking Free Friends who live Autonomously, Authentically, with Authority, to start up a Libertarian-Anarchist Community in New Zealand. Join me in my Old Zeal for a Land of Liberty?

If you value and practice these 4 virtuous life principles you are an eligible Free Friend to join and co-create this Mutual Aid Society of Responsible Freedom that I hope will include a Co-housing project:
1. No initiated physical force to get what you want and no allowing others to use such with your sanction.
2. Private property.
3. Free trade.
4. Contractual obligation
That's all folks is necessary for society to be ordered!

Get me on my Skype if interested, username: jack.carney
Cell in Auckland: 64 022 409 4035

MB Type: INTJ; reason, science, art; anarchist; atheist; poet; philosopher; 3 citizenships; Love to Learn and Learn to Love; 4 wives (2 died in my arms from cancer, I divorced 2); 2 children (adopted); many Lives, many Deaths, many Loves, many Me's. I enjoy thinking and discussing ideas. It is important to make and maintain enduring friendships with intelligent, emotionally mature persons of all ages, male or female. I like being useful to others by which I mean providing sensitive support for the individual's unique growth. I am responsible for my freedom which is total.

Epicurus puts it well in four lines:
Nothing to fear in Gods.
Nothing to feel in Death.
The Good can be achieved.
Evil can be endured.

I write, teach, love, care and otherwise cultivate and deliver my experiences and understandings of the "Human Condition" which I hope furthers freedom as both means and end for at least a few individuals. I value consistently applied reason, acknowledged feelings, earned respect, self-and-other responsibility, moral integrity, passion, courage, commitment, competency, beauty, wisdom, serenity, elegance, autonomy, truthfulness, science, technology, Western and Eastern classics in all areas of human endeavor, the complementarity of sexual and other opposites and Aristotelian logic, making mistakes and meaning, atheism, the free market, trustworthiness and love.

Physically: 5' 9'/175cm, 155lbs/68 kgs, a healthy body and youthful face a decade younger than my age through regular exercise, keen genes and love of life.

Emotionally: Above average EQ. As Mark says in the novel A Many-Splendoured Thing by Han Suyin: "The only tragedy in the world is never having loved." I agree; I am no longer tragic. I have learned to value and be responsible for intimate relationships.

Intellectually: Above average IQ. Skeptic, anarchist, atheist, humanist, as Hans Selyes coined: egotistic altruist, rational thinker, valuer of objective truth via the scientific method. I am avowedly against postmodern sophism, left and right wing collectivism, and misanthropic Greenies, so rampant in Western academia/media where too often learned ignorance leads to earned helplessness.

Lifestyle: I have been constantly reading in ideas and writing prose and poetry since my early 20s for my own self-motivated ends and practice at the art of learning and loving. I value the creation of responsible character oriented beyond convention to beauty, elegance, and passion without stuffy formalities, conspicuous consumer-driven show of wealth/status, or infantile bohemianism.

Oh, and least I forget, I can, with Steve Martin's help, be a wild and crazy guy with a can of opened tuna fish behind each ear, and able to get down on all fours and play with the kids.


So I hope you will overcome your understandable reluctance to get to know a man of 72...I am a very unique individual and have never entertained the thought of retirement...when I die I retire, until then my work is play and my play work. I plan on another active 20 to 30 years. Join me for a few of them?

I live a passionate, rational, romantic life and am seeking that person who is my equal to adventure with.

With ZEAL for the Love of Wisdom and Freedom in my new LAND, New ZEALand, Auckland, January 1, 2017 the Year for Responsible Freedom Worldwide!

Jack as Every Man, and hopefully yours too!
What I’m doing with my life

Youtube video on The Ultimate Importance of Love:

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Facebook:; Personal Promotion sites:


"The Greeks believed that the greatest work of art they had to create was a Man. We become educated, cultured, by continuous searching. The personal culture thus attained is a man's Paideia, the thing for which he is born, the sum of intellectual, moral, and aesthetic qualities that make him a complete man." E.B. Castle

“Someone must respond. Someone has to care. What we have to give to each other is at one and the same time the simplest yet most sublime gift—ourselves.” James J. Lynch

"For men and women who are not afraid to love, who are not obsessed with fear of rejection, one of the great pleasures of being in love is the pleasure of making the partner feel more visible to him- or herself, more self-aware and more self-appreciative. Such an attitude originates in the fact of being truly fascinated with the partner, of wanting to see and understand this other human being, and of realising that this is a process without end." Nathaniel Brandon

“Morality begins in the awareness of our incompleteness. Humans are seekers of completion. Our lives are strategic endeavors to be united to what we think will bring us to completion, to our ultimate end. It is the one thing we seek for its own sake. We establish ourselves as persons through the purposes we have that shape our actions and who we are. To what are you most consistently turned because you believe it is the best for you? Happiness is the nurturing in us of the best and most promising desires, the richest and noblest love.
What is required for wholeness stands outside of us. Our restoration is not something we can provide ourselves; thus, it is not so much a question of self-development but of being developed by another.
“To say that love is the key to our moral deliverance, and to identify it as a passion, is to know that our perfection comes by receiving a good we not only lack, but by nature are incapable of giving to ourselves. As human beings we stand in absolute need: we come to wholeness only by suffering a good other than our own. We are restored by someone other working on us; we are healed through an agency other than our own. The distance between who we are now and who we are called to be is the work of one whose love provides for us what we could never provide ourselves.” Paul Wadell

"Love is an expressive emotion, not a possessive one. It can be satisfied only by an active response, never by a passive one. We speak to an object and it is silent; we speak to a friend and he answers back; and our loving is fulfilled or frustrated according to his response. The need for love is a need, not for strength in the self but for strength in the bond between selves. It is a need to discover our personal reality in the only possible way, by discovering the personal reality of another being of our own kind in a relationship that is reciprocal." Kenneth Walker and Peter Fletcher
I’m really good at
Personally Responsible Freedom as Love
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Eric Hoffer, R.J. Rummel, Murray Rothbard...any and all "Free Friends"
Six things I could never do without
Consciousness, Freedom, Responsibility, Care, Love, Creativity
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How the Love of Liberty Leads to the Liberty of Love
On a typical Friday night I am
Thinking about the Great Question: What Are Humans For?
You should message me if
You feel you truly need a man who may "COMPLETE" you as you do him.

Psychologically, as individuals, we are only a "Part". That is, we recognize we are "Incomplete"--that we, need an Other to be naturally, evolutionarily, Happy. We are evolved to need others--we are "Part Wholes" and need the Other to Complete us.

I hope I might interest you to Dare to Pair with me: then Care, Re-Pair and Share with me for the rest of our lives together.

The Great Adventure of Love is what I would invite you to join me on and in. Let us discover what we can mutually create together to answer the Great Question of Life: What Are Humans For?

I suggest you go to my website on Relationships Education, Pairing Today: for more on me and Life and Love in general.

Qualifying Conditions

I would like you to be:

A female in terms of our sexual exchange as I am exclusively heterosexual, although it’s possible you could be a male and sex would not be involved.

A practicing or potential anarcho-libertarian who accepts the foundational moral principle of the absolute prohibition of initiating physical force, which means you believe in total Responsible Freedom. If these ideas are foreign to you, I’m willing to discuss them with you to clarify matters so you can decide if your values align with mine.

Able to live and support yourself financially most anywhere in the world including Auckland, New Zealand where I now live.

Adventurous with a five year old’s curiosity and a mature mind’s competency to deal whatever Reality presents while remaining Responsibly Free. Retirement will be an unknown word to you and work is play and living is an art you have learned to do with some grace, wit and elegance.

Relatively free of bad habits such as over-drinking-drugging-sexing, etc. You will have learned you can’t control another person and have no desire to do so.

Have faced, or are learning to face, the three primal Fears of Death, Abandonment and Engulfment and realize there are no “Saviors, Gurus, Methods” and that your only final authority is Reason and Science and your own Mind that has accepted its Body and the Body's death. You will operate on the knowledge that because Death is necessary, Life is sufficient.

Able to laugh at yourself and acknowledge with Shakespeare that a wise man knows he is fool while a fool thinks he is a wise man.



Beautiful in and out with above average IQ and EQ, you’ve cared for your physical appearance and are self-confident about who you are. Slim (or not fat), youthful good looks, emanating a fresh, serene, love of life attitude with unpretentious elegance and class. Hopefully comfortable with Yin-Yang differences and understand and agree with a libertarian lifestyle (meaning you value individual freedom over collective coercion). Love discussing ideas, are adventurous and willing to go anywhere to find the one who proves himself your equal.

Agree with Ayn Rand: "Love is a response to values. It is with a person's sense of life that you fall in love--the embodiment of the values that formed that person's character.” IMPORTANT! Your English must be fairly good. I know only a few words of any language other than English so this is what we must use to get to know each other.

Finally, I would be interested in meeting a woman who is:
Sophisticated but innocent; complexly simple and simply complex; independently dependent or interdependent. Good manners but able to thumb your nose at the haughty. Beautiful but you still worry about it. Lovely legs that match the curve of your mind when the new moon laughs upon its back. Able to earn your way without raising a lot of Cain. Love poetry, science, history and whatever hurts yet brings pleasure. Lost. Found. Still afraid therefore always in need of courage. Kind and understand the need to care and be cared for. Value equally in a relationship: Commitment, Passion, Intimacy. Can paint watercolors and write poetry and like a kid love to share your play with me. You will always say to me: I am never bored with your mind and find your body penetrating too.
The two of us