39Otsego, United States
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My self-summary
...self summary actually begins below !! (:
( begins after a few good natured disclaimers...)
By the way, If you are reacting negatively, please be aware that my intention is to provide a bit of insight into what I'm 'looking for' & 'not looking for'.( Disclaimer-y type stuff is generally bold )
My current partner(s) are people that I am attracted to physically, intellectually, and emotionally/psychologically.
... Antboy7 ( ) is one of those individuals (:

I'm not completely ruling it out…
BUT... I am currently I am NOT seeking any new sexual/romantic/intimate partners.

IF... your profile is blank, &/or haven't answered any questions...than PLEASE, at least make your MESSAGE interesting!

I respond(in kind) to 99% of people that write to me... usually within a few days... and I'm more likely to converse at length if you are capable of writing a coherent sentence… (;

...maybe even a few in a row (;

Why Language Matters:

To couples seeking a third party for strictly sexual adventures, & for those of you looking for 'no strings attached' or 'friends with benefits' i.e. no emotional attachment:
Thanks, but no thanks, I'm not what you're looking for. (:

************. END of Disclaimer-y type stuff. ***********

= = =MY (actual) SELF SUMMARY: = = =

I am passionate and enthusiastic about the ideas I hold dear.

I am driven to participate in conversations that I find meaningful.

I get a lot of enjoyment when I examine, question, and explore commonly held and not so commonly held beliefs, ideas, cultural practices, philosophies, etc.… Because of this, I might challenge a thing or two you hold as truth… especially if it involves religious and political social institutions… also… the nature of a 'relationship' :

I strive to be fully self-connected so that I am able to connect with anyone else I may encounter.

Clear & compassionate communication is something I really value, combined with an understanding that voluntary and peaceful human action is preferable in any circumstance.

I am looking to connect with people who share my values…
who are able to simultaneously embody rationality & compassion.
( No, they're not dichotomous! )
Honesty, integrity, and independence are all key.
Oh labels!

I'm an artist, a philosopher, a poly-atheist, a freethinker/ humanist
also Ignostic … (yes, with an 'i'...not a typo),

…I am also a soft determinist / Compatibilist and a liberty minded individualist rather than statist or collectivist...

...a voluntaryist / anarchist...
I like honesty and I enjoy clear communication. I do not enjoy conversations where vague abstractions are used to avoid talking about what is real and true...

...I have an open mind,
but not so open that my brain will fall out!
...or that pseudo-science/religious dogma/statist propaganda falls in!

Remember those 'word associations' from school?'s one for ya:
voluntaryism (aka anarchy) is to Government ,
what Atheism is to Belief in god(s)

i took the 'red pill' of philosophy and 'dove down the rabbit hole' (:
... first with gods/religions and then some years later i applied that same level of study & skepticism to 'the state'...

ps: i do not hold any god-beliefs
& I put 'Other' for 'Religion'
because a lack of belief is not a religion!
& added "laughing about it "…
because I think religious beliefs are laughable…

'Atheism' is a only a religion in the sense that
'bald' a hair color… or …. 'off' a tv channel...
I could also say I am a tooth-fairy agnostic
& that one of my hobbies is...
'not - collecting-stamps' …but that would be silly...
What I’m doing with my life
proselytizing for liberty n logic n reason,
both in real life & on the inter webs!!!
___________ creating art… ______________
I am an artist... (bfa in illustration)
I have sold a couple of paintings...
some of my pieces are here:
these two pieces :
'The Tragedy Is The Meme Of Authority'
'Usa Paper Currency Law - 18usc Section333'
...should be appreciated by liberty lovers (:

I also model for artists/art students.
__________ thinking…__________________
I have a huge interest in philosophy and self knowledge...
I am constantly seeking to know/understand myself better and I enjoy learning new things. I try to reflect some of that in the artwork i create
_______________getting ink...______________
i have a large tree tattoo on my back that is a work in progress, … The tree is going up my back, to the right of my spine…
--the 'grass' around the roots is made of these words spelled out in several shades of green:
-Know thyself
-Logic & Reason,
-the Scientific Method
and -the Non Aggression Principle
*had an 'anarchy heart' added on17december2014 (:
*porcupine freedom festival, june 2013, this symbol/word was added to my tree:
Ama-gi is a Sumerian word meaning, literally translated,
"return to the mother," and used to refer to
"The restoration of persons and property to their original status" ( ...including the remission of debts.)
Many libertarian economists consider the symbol to be the first written expression of the concept of liberty.
I’m really good at
only SOME of the things on this list…
& I am merely 'acceptable' at others (;

1) putting in searchable [ [ key words] ]

2) unconventional wisdom
( Brett Veinotte-The Catastrophe of Conventional Wisdom )

3) reasoning from first principles

4) empathy and understanding

5) Compassionate Communication

6) Understanding my self and my gender/sexuality…
I support ALL people expressing who they are !! That goes for people that are LGBTQIA:Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, & Asexual … as well as the regular folks like myself (aka cisgender)
...Again with the Labels
… I do NOT consider myself to be a 'feminist'…
nor am I 'misogynist' …
Guess I am a 'humanist' or 'equality'-ist …?

7) As well, I can see through ...'Privilege'…
Whether it is 'white privilege' or 'male privilege' or any
other types: straight, cisgendered, english speaking, able-bodied, average weighted etc, "Privilege" is a word that automatically divides & classifies people as either 'privileged' or 'victim'. The idea of 'privilege' is generally based on a physical feature one was born with(skin color,hair type,gender, etc) and does NOT take into account circumstances of the individual.
an article:
and a video: Karen Straughan - Feminism: Socialism in Panties

8) ethical non-monogamy a.k.a. 'relationship anarchy'

9) can you be 'good at' androgyny ? …or 'sapiosexuality' ?
…I am definitely a woman ...but a bit androgynous and
definitely attracted to intelligence as well (sapiosexual)

10) austrian economics ...ok ...i'm not super proficient in economics but i do have a familiarity with the general idea (:

11) Driving…
& I really like driving a stick shift.
a k a manual transmission

12) and maybe…
expressing myself coherently through a "top 12" list??
The first things people usually notice about me
i dunno... that i look like my pictures? *

my hair? …it is craaaaaaazy! (: **
(my dreadlocks are almost 5 yrs old now)

* & ** UPDATE:
I recently combed most of my dreadlocks out…
I will eventually post new pictures

my tattoos? (depending on how much skin i'm showing)
or piercings. My ear lobes are tapered to 6 gauge
(thick end of a chopstick)

my size? ...i'm kind of a 'broad' broad (;
not quite rubenesque
maybe… amazonian?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Marshall Rosenberg Non-Violent Communication
Part 1, 2 and 3 (total of 20 min)

if ya like what ya hear, check out the full seminar
(: ...really good stuff!

3hr NVC seminar:
(disclaimer: contains hand puppets & songs with a guitar !!!)
George Carlin, Tim Minchin, Richard Dawkins, Penn&Teller, James Randi, Henry Rollins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Doug Stanhope, Julia Sweeny, Sam Harris, Demetri Martin, Michael Shermer, Wes Bertrand, Brett Veinotte, Bill Hicks ,Hans Teeuwen …

--Books/Authors/Videos and Online reading;
Alphie Kohn, Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, Christopher Hitchens, Dan Dennet, Sam Harris, Stephen King, Murray Rothbard, Marshall Rosenberg, Butler Shaffer, Wes Bertrand, Stephanie Murphy (PORCtherapy), Marc Stevens, John Taylor Gatto, Carl Sagan, Brett Veinotte, Neil Degrasse Tyson... lots more (:

---podcasts: .... 'PeaceRevolution' ... 'Reasonable Doubts' ... 'Skeptics Guide to the Universe' ... 'NoStateProject' ... 'Schoolsuckspodcast' ... 'Complete Liberty' .... 'FreeDomainRadio' ...

-Music: the Beatles, Blues Traveler, Bob Marley, Cake, symphony of science, johnny cash, Soundgarden, Mumford & sons, Snoop Dogg, , Arrested Development, Tim Minchin, Tycho, NIN, Tool, Afroman, G Love&Special Sauce, Negativland, Foxy Shazam, Outkast, Alice in Chains .... i'm not a huge country-pop fan or an opera fan, but can tolerate either in small doses)

- tv/film.... Six feet Under, Dexter, Weeds, Mythbusters, Penn & Tellers Bullsh*t, ... Big fan of documentaries too…
Iv'e been eating in a more 'paleolithic/paleo way & found it to be beneficial…I'm an insulin dependent diabetic & I try to stay away from a lot of carbohydrates.

I like 'taste adventures'
...i will try almost anything twice before deciding i do not like it…

other stuff :
cards against humanity scrabble road-trips
Six things I could never do without
1) my mind/consciousness,
('I' wouldn't be 'me' without it!)

2) curiosity and thirst for knowledge,

3) the ability to read, creativityartisticexpression

4) my ability to empathize with others as well as self-empathy

5) having a healthy balance between connecting with other people
and 'me time'.

6) clear communication!
(avoiding vague abstractions & defining terms)

*ps... if you listed your imaginary friend... or your holy book...
then we prolly won't have a whole lot in common...

I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to best meet my needs for autonomy.
. . . plus +
A need for connection with my fellow human beings
. . . plus +
A desire for a voluntary society, for complete liberty in my lifetime
. . . equals =
the reason why i choose to 'proselytize for liberty' on my profile...

i like sharing ideas and planting seeds of liberty in peoples brains…

not everybody can see through the 'matrix' (or wants to)
iv'e come to realize that even though it was/is an enjoyable trip for me, I cannot force the red pill down someone elses throat and/or push em down the rabbit hole…

__________other key words ______________
self defense, human rights, victimless crime spree, criminal, felon, felony,trial, court, judge,prosecutor, cops, police,police brutality, the milgram experiment,standford prison experiment, unschooling, unjobbing, education, activism
…. sexuality :
polyamory aka ethical non monogamy
aka relationship anarchy …which is more realistic, enjoyable & practical than monogamy… at least for me it is…
...and a few more clickables :
...pansexual, non monogamy, celibacy, self knowledge, science, logic, logical, skeptic/skepticism, sceptic, self ownership, strange,weird, different, unusual,feelings & needs,etc
Civil Disobedience
On a typical Friday night I am
... i really do not have a 'typical' any-night... my schedule varies, but in general, I tend to be a "night owl" rather than an 'early bird'
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a cyborg;
I have an insulin pump
i am an insulin dependent diabetic
(a.k.a. 'juvenile onset' or 'type 1 diabetes' )
You should message me if
" you can do so with the joy
of a small child feeding a hungry duck."

you know who I quoted
--> you can handle honesty and intelligent conversation
-->You identify as voluntaryist/anarchist/libertarianand want to connect with other liberty minded folks.
-->you have a curiosity and thirst for knowledge that hasn't been completely sucked out of you by indoctrination into a religion and/or gubment school.
--> You have an interest in compassionate communication a k a non violent communication
(& PLEASE DO WRITE with feedback if you were inspired to watch that youtube link to the NVC seminar i posted above.)
--> you want to do a collaborative art project...
...or if you have a need for art (:
I've done portrait work, abstract stuff, realism, and work in varied medium: watercolor, acrylic paint, oil paint, both chalk pastelsand oil pastels, mixed media, collage
…doing work on murals, doing performance art and/or installation art is also something i'd be interested in (:
...and activist art …spreading ideas about peaceful parenting, liberty/freedom,self-ownership logic&reason, science, etc.

PLEASE, read my disclaimers before writing !
Efficiency is my intention! The disclaimers were put there to provide you(the reader), some insight into what i am 'looking for' and 'not looking for'.

Thanks for reading (:
The two of us