29 Bari, Italy
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My self-summary
I'm an extremely social guy, very curious, and very happy most of the times, but i really like to have serious conversation too, and about any topic, especially when i feel a connection with the person i'm talking to. The faster way to get an idea about me and my personality is looking at my facebook: (you can also add me as a friend if you feel like it). I live in Bari, and i like it :D
What I’m doing with my life
People say i'm creative and unconventional, i've been living in Rome for 2 years and a half (where i've founded Flash Mob Rome which a i left to my Roman friends later) and 5 months in Holland where i've been a Dj for the local parties.
I love organizing flash mobs but most of all big OPEN BAR themed parties with my friends. Currently i live in Bari, my hometown.
I worked in a local Radio, it was much fun, i think cause i really like to talk .. xD I've got a restless mind and i really like to study the arguments i like.
I'm a licensed Wine taster.
I speak Italian and English fluently.
Besides Positive Psychology i really got a crush on politics and history; sometimes i like in winter to go Sonowboarding.
I love all kinds of Music genres, i use to say: " it all goes as far as it isn't Tokio Hotel or Bieber we're talking bout"
When i grow up i would like to be a writer and travel the world :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I vibe with rock especially, but i like all kinds of music, i mean i like it if it's got soul in it besides the genre.