39Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
I am a boring person. I bore myself to tears trying to think of new and interesting get-rich quick scams worthy of Mark Twain's praise (if he were alive today) or possibly plotting world domination (alongside two white lab rats)... though people around me have found me interesting in these very ways.

See, you're even bored with all this reading.

I am a dull person who prefers to stay at home and read, though my home is constantly relocated, in a small wooden cabin in central Texas, in Aztec Ruins of upstate New York, in a tent while camping in Yosemite in Northern California and in three grungy, dusty apartments in three different parts of the city-state of Beijing, China.

I am rather stupid in that I don't yet know what I want to do with life. In attempting to find myself, I have worked as a research assistant deciphering classical and modern Chinese texts, taught English and simultaneous translation in Beijing, planned out a resource room and wrote extra curricular history for Oakland Museum, been a tour guide in San Francisco and as a party DJ in NYC. I'm now more lost as to my direction than ever before.

I prefer to be a follower always. With authority comes greater responsibility, and frankly, I'm rather lazy. I follow what is true in my own heart, and because of my actions, people often follow my lead at work and during recreational activities (I leave this to your imagination).

I'm lazy, and so I want to do everything right the first time, to perfection and not have to worry about it again. This causes perfectionism, and because of jobs well done, people seem to ask my lazy a$$ to do more work.

I have low self-confidence, I look into the eyes of everyone I speak to, at times causing them to fear and shrink back; I talk softly until I can find a big stick, I feel comfortable with large crowds and small, old and young. I love to learn from them, about them, what makes them tick, and what will make them break.

Above all, I'm never alone, but always lonely.

I am shrewd, humorous, and professional
What I’m doing with my life
In short, I am a translator, a teacher, a carpenter and a historian; an epeeist, an ultimate Frisbee nut, a basketball guard and an avid outdoorsman; a traveler, an observer, a thinker and a dreamer... and a foremost advocate for the use of Greek oratory Tri-colons.

I don't know yet what I want out of this life. I have a vague sense that I want to be remembered by future generations, that my life should not be spent in a worthless struggle to be forgotten in the endless void of time. With each place I've been to, I have left a footprint, a ghost of my former self. I am interested in learning about all things and am an amateur student of human nature. I like to learn what makes humans and things tick, and what makes them break.

I am a teacher, both at the elementary level and the college level. Whereas elementary students would wear their emotions, their likes and dislikes and their wants and needs on their sleeves, college students and adults can hide their yearnings a little better, but from their mannerisms, they are still, ultimately, the same. I would like to dedicate my life to creating a new system of education that embodies the best aspects of traditional Chinese education: discipline, memorization and sheer quantity of a variety of knowledge; with key elements of American education: discussion, learning from teachers and students alike and practical application of learned knowledge. This is a distant dream, but I believe I can make it into a lifetime accomplishment that will certainly leave a mark for future generations.

I would also like to reacquaint people from our modern world with memorable episodes in Chinese history. There are so many lessons and so many examples that would have served as guides to modern tacticians and politicians alike. I fear that modern politicians have a tendency to regard only science, technology and their own problems as having never been experienced in history before. And so, history is repeating itself. As a historian, I believe there is a great deal of wisdom lost and with the right venues, can be re-introduced into popular culture. This would also be a unique business to establish and maintain.
I’m really good at
I am very articulate, at the risk of being verbose.

I have exceptional hearing, to the bane of all my students.

I have an unfailing memory, and am usually coined as an encyclopedia.

I am a good listener, though accused of being too logical.

I am a versatile translator, seemingly intolerant of language errors.

My ultimate Frisbee throw bridges the entire field, causing my teammates to run like hell.

I am an enthusiastic teacher, still bothered by students who won't try.

I am a poignant and keen observer, dubbed for being a cynical skeptic.

I love to play Literati on Yahoo or Scrabble, and memorized the dictionary for just this purpose.

I enjoy fencing epee, though I see that it is also elusive enough to escape my dictionary.

I absolutely love the Transformers, to which I attribute many of my lifetime accomplishments.

I love the Final Fantasy Series, though I haven't the time to play any more now.

Now that I can afford all the consoles I liked as a kid, I no longer have any time to play them.

I love to write new role paying games (RPG) scenarios that incorporate elements of Chinese and Japanese history, and place more European and or magical/fantasy characters to see how they interact. This also gives me many ideas for writing short stories and novels.

I am a minor demon, posing in the human realm as an angel.

I am an expert in a card game called Egyptian Rat Trap for I am fast at hand-eye coordination and memorize the card order, up to six decks, when I play.

I love to cruise in my car with all the windows down, though gasoline prices now hinder me from doing so.

I love to volunteer for community service, though I absolutely despise panhandlers and people asking for money.

I don't know if I believe in God, though I believe in Destiny, fate, the mandate of heaven and most of all, in providence!

I am not religious, yet I say grace before my meals.

I have a passion for languages, though I am fluent in only two.

I love tales from ancient Chinese history, though few people my age share this hobby.

I have taught college English for the past six years, though I still enjoy playing with Legos in my spare time.

My professional resume looks great on paper - for I seldom find people my age with similar levels of expertise.

I am constantly surrounded by numerous friends, though none of them know me completely.

I am full of contradictions, but love the variety and possible adventure.
The first things people usually notice about me
Professionally: A big Chinese translator/teacher/lecturer with a steeled countenance, an active personality and a professional, though humorous and personable attitude.

Personally: Big Chinese guy with dark sense of humor and a seemingly endless resource of historical texts and quotations, a completely versatile taste in music, food and activities. If there were any stereotypes of what a Chinese-American man would be, I have deliberately and unabashedly broken most of them: I don't drive a Honda, Accura nor Toyota; I am not into the Sciences; I don't speak English with an accent (except possibly Texan English when I am really angry); I slam academics though I am one; I can last longer than most of my friends at endurance related sports; I can converse just as passionately about classical music as well as rap; I can recognize the subtleties in taste in wines, liqueurs and teas; I am inward well organized, and outwardly messy... for this latter point, I will take Sherlock Holmes as my defense, though I don't have a housekeeper nor a habit of practicing the revolver indoors.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Sun Zi (Sun Tze) - Art of War, Luo Guanzhong - Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the Thirty-Six Strategies, Leo Tolstoy - War and Peace, Agatha Christie - And Then There Were None (AKA: Ten Little Indians, originally published as an even more racially charged term).


Japanese - Tenpopo (Dandelion), Rashomon, Kagemusha, Ran

Chinese - Shaolin Temple, Iron Monkey, To Live,

French - Amelie

English - Glory, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Twelve Angry Men, the Usual Suspects, LA Confidential, Fried Green Tomatoes, Good Morning Vietnam

Music: The preset channels in my car and five of my top CDs should give a pretty good assessment of my taste in music.

1) Classical 102.1 KDFC

2) Wild 94.9, Rap KYLD

3) Alice 97.3 Modern Rock

4) Soft Rock 96.5 KOIT

5) Rap 106.3 KMEL

6) National Public Radio, 88.5, mostly for news, Fresh Air and Lake Wobegon

7) STAR 92.3 anything goes

8) Alternative 105.3

CD1 - Chinese modern pop

CD2 - American show tunes

CD3 - a collection of Japanimation tunes

CD4 - a list of top club songs from my DJing days in NYC

CD5 - good driving music and other songs I can sing off-key to.

Food: I am an epicure, I love to try out new and interesting foods, local delicacies and often go out of my way to try new things. I am an omnivore in the true sense of the word.
Six things I could never do without
Intelligent conversation! Humor! An explorer/experimenter's soul! Exercise! Family and friends! Fresh air (being in Beijing for any period of time will make you appreciate this commodity more!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Education, history, bridging the social, language and cultural gap between the United States and mainland China.

Men's inhumanity to other men, beginning and maintaining a clothing business, ways to help fledging history restoration bureaus throughout mainland China and ways to remedy the poverty and or homeless situation in American urban centers.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out clubbing, DJing, bar hopping, dancing until I'm sore.

Fencing, ballin', hiking, camping and playing 50 minutes of ultimate Frisbee and forgetting the score.

Visiting a museum, attending an exhibition opening or work.

Playing video games online, on LAN or on console, RPG, action and more.

Translating, researching, calling business contacts in China or...

pondering over many a quaint and curious volumes of Chinese lore,

tis this and nothing more.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Nothing I would willingly admit that would not jeopardize the privacy of other people... so I will choose the fifth... and if you press on further, I may have to take the second.
You should message me if
Interested in chatting about anything under the sun, going to see a movie, meeting someone new... or just looking to hang out.
The two of us