28Murfreesboro, United States
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My self-summary
It’s so hard to some up something so complex in a little area like this. You really do need to talk to me to fully understand. I’m very unique and like to think I’m very well rounded. In high school I never stayed in one click I went to every one of them. I enjoy going out and having fun partying as well as staying in enjoying a bottle of wine watching movies. I have my nerdy moments playing video games or having intellectual debates as well as times I just want to go play sports and work out. I encourage you to get to know me before you make any judgments and I guarantee your opinion WILL change regardless.

I'm looking for new people to meet and make new friends. Since I just moved here I don't get out much. If you think you can offer more than a good friendship more power to you but if you just want to be friends that's great too. I'm a very social person and I need new people in my life.
What I’m doing with my life
I got a job offer as I was finishing college and accepted it. I moved here after graduation and now work my full time job in my field and loving every minute of it. I'm at a point where I'm happy with everything in my life and ready to start settling down.
I’m really good at
Well I think I'm very well rounded. I'm creative and come up with some crazy ideas or theories. I'm good at most sports. I can type up a paper like it's nothing. I'm becoming a very good cook. With risk of sounding cocky I am good at most things I try. Not necessarily "really good" but good. I catch on quickly and enjoy trying new things.
The first things people usually notice about me
People usually notice how tall I am first. Then I've been told it would be my smile after that. I think I have a decent smile so who am I to disagree.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a lot of favorites so this is going to be hard

Books: Harry Potter, Stevin King, Nicholas Sparks, anything that holds my attention I will read really. Not sure this counts but I do enjoy a graphic novel such as the Walking dead or Sin City from time to time as well as anime.

Movies: I love movies. There are very few I do not like. I have a very large collection but a few I like the most would be Fight Club, The Prestige, The Jacket, James Bond, Drive, Dark Knight, Lucky Number Slevin, The Fifth Element, Iron Sky, and so many more. Name a movie I’ve probably seen it

TV: I don’t watch tv too much but The Walking Dead is a must. Family guy, American Dad, and Grimm. I really don’t watch much tv . Childhood favorites I’ll watch from time to time include Dragon Ball (with and without the Z), Gundam, Big O, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Music: I love music and would die without it. I like all kinds especially rock, indie, dubstep, and punk. Some my favorites are HIM, CKY, AFI, MSI, Avenged Seven Fold, Three Days Grace, Blink 182, Green Day, Gorillaz, Rise Against Hollywood Undead, Linkin Park, and UKF dubstep. I could go on and on.

Food: I love food. Probably one of my favorite things. I enjoy trying new things. Just about anything from the east or foreign. Mexican and American foods are good but I’d eat Japanese, Sushi, Thai, Indian, and anything oriental before Mexican or American every time.

Video Games: I love to game. I'm not that good at it but it's something I enjoy from time to time. It's alos a good way to keep in touch with my friends from back home.
Six things I could never do without
Family & friends (that counts as 1)
Video games (I prefer my PS3 over my Xbox)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future and what's in store for me. I reflect on the past a lot to help guide me in the future.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually getting off work and looking for anything at all to do with friends. It could be movies, staying in, dinner, party, or whatever we feel like. I also enjoy relaxing and enjoying my couch with some wine and maybe video games with friends from back home or a good movie or two.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not a very private person so any questions at all and I'll answer them.

In high school I had a goth band which included wearing fishnet, I was a boy scout (got Eagle when I was 14), I was captain of the soccer team, I was in marching band, I was really popular, and I was a really good student when I wasn't getting in trouble.

I will also admit this website is a little off as far as my personality. It thinks I'm not romantic, compassionate, and kind. I believe those are 3 of my best traits. What is this website thinking? It doesn't know me at all.
You should message me if
You are a fun person. You want to have a good time and you think we could make any situation fun (I know I can)....
You found anything on my profile interesting.
You think you can carry a deep intellectual conversation.
When you text people you use correct grammar and type all your words out.
Along with the last one you don't text back one word texts.... If I want to have a conversation like that I'll talk to the wall. Thank you very much.
If you have random questions to kick off conversation that's fun too.
The two of us