33 Boulder, United States
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My self-summary
Professional baby seal clubber. Just kidding! ;)
I have been an analytical chemist for years, and am now jumping into Data Science (yay programming and charts).

In a nutshell:
I'm basically an athletic/fit nerd who can handle both formal/proper settings and the accompanying attire, as well as chill times where you couldn't care less about how you look, wants love but isn't helpless without it, and loves art, culture, and personal growth in addition to science, technology, and world affairs.

Expanded nutshell:
I am authentic! I love books (own more than my schedule allows me to read, currently!), tech, science, hiking, travel, social drinks, football, guitar, standup comedy, dogs, and trying new things in general. Also a gym rat who has a (generally) healthy diet.
Southern boy with witty/goofy/naughty humor. I am very affectionate and loving, and communicate through physical touch / kissing / etc. naturally and frequently. That's just how my body works, apparently? I do have a high sex drive and consider physical chemistry to be vital for my concept of a fulfilling relationship. Attraction matters, but connection goes beyond just the physical for me. Connect with me, I want to explore life with someone, finally -- I'm game!

I like to be around people who I have fun with and can make laugh -- pretty crazy, I know. I am well-traveled. Also an annual attendee of the Renaissance Festival.

Lose the story.
Life's too short to worry (I love to laugh at myself :).
Enforced normalcy bores me.
Political correctness can offend me.
Age is just a number.

Keeping this brief intentionally because it all comes down to connecting in person, I've found. Basically, you have to find each other somewhat attractive and then just meet and see if there's any chemistry. It's really that simple. Doesn't matter how great of a match someone is on paper.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently in a highly intensive Data Science bootcamp to pursue doing something with my life I find more fulfilling and allows me to continue to grow intellectually, as well as have my hands in a couple different baskets at a time. Hard work, but I should have done this years ago. :)
I’m really good at
- Being affectionate.
- Keeping my word.
- Conversation.
- Being comfortable with myself.
- Problem solving.
- Cuddling.
- Driving fast. Too fast?
- My bed is effing amazing. Not kidding. So comfortable.
The first things people usually notice about me
- Eyes.
- Positive attitude.
- Playfulness.
- Intellect.
- Southern manners.
- Openness.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shantaram, Count of Monte Cristo, Poe, Shakespeare, and a million others.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things I'd like to do with, and say to, my future partner.
Scientific / world problems.
Gifts/Experienes I can share with my partner, friends, or family.
Ways to make someone feel better about themselves / their day.
Stupid or dirty jokes/memes to share with my friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm very open.
Climbing Everest is on my bucket list.
You should message me if
You are/do:
* honest/authentic!
* intelligent/educated.
* exercise / eat well.
* a positive person and open-minded.
* like stimulating conversation.
* have a good/witty sense of humor.
* not religious.
* sexually comfortable with yourself.
* don't smoke cigarettes.

* attracted to me, want to try drinks at a new place, and can laugh with stranger.