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My self-summary
I'm Maury. I'm hoping the goddess of connection gives me power to be witty, clever, intelligent, and simply irresistible to womankind while I write this.

I am a lover of women. I'm seeking love, romance and friendship with a bright, good-humored, affectionate, youthful (spirit OK), independent, self-confident partner for joy, connection, passion and a heckuva good time. It is important to me that you love and relish intimacy, sensuality, kissing, affection and lovemaking and are healthy and whole around your sexuality.

My cottage in Maui Meadows burned down Thanksgiving. I just leased a new place above Wailuku on a mac nut orchard and I have put in a fruit and veggie orchard on part of the property. Can't wait to eat more than zucchini! I feel like I have a whole new life ahead of me. I wonder who will show up to fill it.

I don't have any children of my own, but a bonus of your children or grandchildren would be a joy to share time with. Well, if they check their weapons at the door. And I've been Unka Maury before and can provide references. Oh, you can ask my dog Beck as well.

I love to dance, especially Ecstatic Dance and have recently started 'Dance on the Beach' where I live on Maui. Please go to EcstaticDanceKihei on Facebook for more info or upcoming dates. At a club, I'm likely to beat the youngsters to the dance floor and be dancing to the last song - in the front row if the music is good.

I am polyamorous and I am interested in having an open relationship. I believe that I have the time, personality, compersion, relationship skills, means and romance/sex drive, to make this work. Of course I’m not asking you to be exclusively with me. There is enough love to go around and we should all fill our lives with as much as we want and can create. Still here?

If we talk and decide to meet, OK with me if over a coffee, a drink, or a walk on the beach. Maybe it would include smokin' a bowl of herbal delights. Mmmm.

I value intense conversation leading to a deepening richness, also need easygoing fun. I've got a great sense of humor, successful in business and now retired and financially secure, hobby as a glass artist (no studio space right now. wah).

Volunteering with environmental groups, takes some of my time, but I'm cutting back to enjoy life more. Got any ideas you'd like to share?

I enjoy a wide variety of indoor/outdoor activities such as beach stuff, cooking, dining out-cheap/chic, dancing to just about anything with a beat, playing in my new fruit/veggie orchard (it needs a name. any ideas?) motorcycle riding, local/foreign travel (best trip was "Soviet Union" in '90 with an arts group), personal growth (lite, not as a career), new adventures - which we should share some of with each other.

I'm open to creating new models for relationships that work. What's important to YOU?

I'm ready for some healthy, intimate connection and you get bonus points if you come from a functional family (yeah, right) or are dealing with what you got (baggage down to carry on, pls). Communication, honesty and the ability to be uninhibited with the right person are important to me. I've got a rich, full life and just want the cup to overflow. Of late I’ve been told that I’m a particularly authentic and vulnerable male. I like those ‘compliments’.

Care to join me?
What I’m doing with my life
I'm retired and dividing my time seeking my bliss, filling my life with love and friendship, enjoying a variety of Maui activities, travel, and working on sustainability and environmental issues.

Walking on the beach, riding a motorcycle, spending time with friends, drinking, dining, honing my OKC profile, seeking more quality connection. I also got a Boston Terrier puppy in January and he is a delicious handful. I love my new best friend, but prefer the kisses and licks of female companionship.

I attended a HAI workshop in 2012 and will be doing a Quodoushka workshop end of October 2013.
I’m really good at
All ways of being intimate with others. Honesty, authenticity vulnerability. Kissing and the art of romance.

Networking, communicating, making people laugh, being creative, being loving, affectionate and creating intimacy. Choosing menu items to share.

Good at moving through life effectively and efficiently, sometimes so focused I miss the world around. But with a touch or a word, you can bring me present.

I like to help people with their computers, their dreams and the business plans needed to fulfill some of them, a good listener who sometimes slips into Mr Fixit mode when not asked.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm probably casually dressed, with a nice smile, and that I have an open and welcoming presentation. Hopefully, when you see me, you won't feel like you need to cross the street and walk on the other side.

What I'd like you to see is that I'm honest and someone that would be enriching to engage with.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I mostly read periodicals. I'm into many kinds of music from my first career in the music industry and my lifetime subscription to Rolling Stone Mag. I have hundreds of thousands of songs spread across several hard drives. Think I might have something that you'd like?

I like most all kinds of food, but mostly prefer to make healthy choices. I don't always succeed and try not to beat myself up.

I have a note on my iPhone called Cocktails Anyone? and I use it to record favorite cocktails at Maui restaurants.

I'm an adventurous cook. How about you?
Six things I could never do without
Maui, warmth, good friends, fun vehicles, affectionintimacylust
and music music music (I love it loud in the car with the top down)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
There's a lotta space in my brain. I got plenny to think about. What to do today? How can I have more fun? What to do tomorrow? What to do with the rest of my life? Where are you? How can we make Maui a better place? Why people in government care more about themselves than the people they serve? Why am I filling my mind up with all this crap?
On a typical Friday night I am
Dancing at Charley's, Casanovas Bistro or Threes, dinner someplace funky or chic or both, movies, a concert at MACC, and that was just last Friday. Dancing to something funky but chic. Maybe this Friday night falling asleep watching Family Guy reruns. Or not falling asleep with some sweet intimacy going on.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I just told my awesome dog Beck to back off and quit nibbling my fingers so I could use OKC to find some more of that great female energy he likes as much as his daddy. Hmmm. He did it too. He's just that awesome.

You will be amazed at the depth of communication and connection I strive for. I'm an open book and hope you will be as well. I'm discovering an interest in different ways of feeling and expressing love. Care to share your thoughts and maybe do some exploring?

I really like to kiss for an hour or so.

So, now how many things did I admit to? I love sex, am a bad poet. And it’s always 420 somewhere. You in?

Actually, I just realized none of that is really private. The most private thing I'm willing to admit is how 'scared' I am about the bold approach I'm taking here. I've always thought online dating was about both excluding and including people. I guess this'll do the trick.

Oh, and I didn't make my bed today.
You should message me if
You like my profile, are interested in further connection and think you have something to offer, and you are bright, affectionate, loving, optimistic and know that being just a little bit crazy is the only way to stay sane. Would be the utmost if you love sex a lot and love lots of sex. Race, color, age not important and in fact different and unusual are exciting.
The two of us