36Huntsville, United States
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My self-summary
Never have I wanted a more detailed dating site algorithm than when my highest compatible match's profile started out with, "Whites only please. not racist, my patents are strictly religious"

((I apologize for the long read. I keep adding to it because I want you to be able to get a good feel of who I am... I should probably just make a blog and rattle off there instead... >_< ))

I was the goofy alpha nerd in highschool. You know, back before computer geeks were popular. Now I am someone that others look up to. Job, house,car, Anime collection, gaming skills confident enough to take on anyone anywhere. (Except those professional Asian gamers... but they don't count cause reasons!)
I am a body heat leeching cuddler who will lay all over you or the couch or the windowsill or porch in the sun like a cat. I cook and clean and when offered something as simple as an extended view of some sweater puppies, will even do the dishes. I'm pervy because we all need that one friend who can turn any conversation into something hilariously sexual. I'm wise beyond my years because my regrets are for things I did and not for things I didn't do. I believe we give ourselves meaning yet fall perfectly into my Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp and ENTJ descriptions.
What I’m doing with my life
(Gonna be honest here, I have learned more about people from this section than the rest of their profile.) I have my own place, my own vehicle, and a j9b i can retire from. Hard to find a mate if you can't drive to see them, have your own place to invite them over to, or afford to go on a date.

Putting a smile on people's faces.
I’m really good at
Give me your favorite shows or genres and I'll find you an anime that will make your life feel complete
Melting people with body heat
Turning anything into a sexual innuendo
Giving massages
Finding people who will not return the favor for the above -_-
Binge watching/reading/listening
The things guys are not allowed to put on their profile because it makes women believe that they are on here for one thing only ;p
Being confident in myself
Excel (There is a woman out there who will find that fucking sexy thank you very much)
Geek stuff
The first things people usually notice about me
You don't get a first impression of me if we have mutual friends, you get a pre-briefing on how to handle their adorable smart ass friend.. -_-
I have a warm smile and that I treat people I just met like friends I've known for a lifetime.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Up at the top of my list is eating animals. When I see that billboard that says draw the line between pets and food, I only see food up there.

I am a Sci fi and fantasy fan when it comes to reading. (John Ringo, Anne Rice, Naomi Novik, Terry Pratchett)

A hard core carnivore when it comes to eating. (All the meats!!!)

Music is something I love. My mp3 player contains mashups of everything.

I am fan of Japanese Animation, Korean and Japanese dramas and manga, and various media forms around the world. I am a varied in my interest as there is much in the world to only like one or two things.

I love card games like Tanto Cuore and Magic the Gathering. I try to host or attend a weekly game night with friends, though when they suck and have to adult, I have went to the gaming gatherings at local game stores. Meeting new friends through gaming beats meeting someone at a bar or disco anyday!

I'm also a big fan of fighting games and RPGs. Gaming wise, my preference will always be games I can play with others locally, followed by MMOs then anything that's at least entertaining alone. I do have confidence in my gaming abilities and won't back down from a challenge, even if it hands me my ass a dozen times in a row.

I love romance stories, though I lean towards romantic comedies than the more serious romances, I will get super engrossed in a good story no matter what the genre is. I will yell at the characters and cry gallons of tears in a dark room at two in the morning because of a sad scene. I can marathon through books and shows and manga like a champ, but I will desperately restrain myself while you catch up.
Six things I could never do without
Never underestimate the value of functional pockets.

Intelligent adult conversation allows people to not stab people they work with.

Challenges keep us off of our laurels.

Music is like oxygen for my soulless chasm.

Delicious food that I get to enjoy with good friends

The internets... I am a man who deeply loves technology... mainly because if this whole dating thing falls through I can always build me a mate...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Going to bed at a normal time. You know, like normal human beings and Society instead of the 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. that I'm going to go to bed because I want to watch one more episode of this or that or read five more chapters of a book that I can't stop reading and then calculating how much sleep do I actually need to be able to function to work in the morning..

On a typical Friday night I am
Let me tell you what I'd like to be doing. I would like to be with friends drinking playing Dungeons and Dragons or cuddling up with a loved one but what I'm actually doing is staring at things that I need to repair my house and trying to convince my friends to stop being antisocial and gather so we can actually do stuff that involves drinking and cussing and socializing
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You will never ever be accused of the evil things that I have done according to my crazy ex coworker. The could make a Bond movie from them. (Old school bond, not shiny thighs bond.)
You should message me if
Down to the last chance to convince you that this cute nerd is the arm candy you want to flaunt all over your Facebook feed.

At this point I've probably introduced myself to you and you are going through my profile to make sure I'm not unemployed, crazy, or ugly so if I have passed your inspection, hopefully I cut the mustard. ^_^

Bonus points if you noticed the rick roll WHILE you were reading. (Hint: First word each section)
The two of us