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My self-summary
A progressive from the early '70s, now in my own early 70s, but hanging on to values of yesteryear. Not as activist as once, due to single-parenting my kids, 19 and 22 (wife lost to cancer 9+ years ago). But marching, e-mailing, still trying to set things right (left). Also: a Buddhist/ Taoist, and definitely not a Christian in the American mode (although maybe Christianity's first century mode)--and affiliated w/ Unitarian-U's. I’m a non-judgmental vegetarian, and occasional light drinker; drugs almost never. And a light spirit, despite a serious view of the world. Looking for N. Va. woman (or other with a good, working transporter beam) with similar leanings, starting slow to avoid shocks to the household/ family order (the 2 kids). I like kayaking, camping, and dogs (I bred about one litter of pups a year when our two Golden Retrievers were younger), love waterfalls. I sometimes sleep out in the hammock in the yard to keep in touch with the wider universe.
Was in the Peace Corps, have traveled in 50+ countries, lived on 3 continents, speak two foreign languages. I read mostly history and current political/economic analysis (and bedtime reading to younger kid until a few years ago); enjoy poetry. It's NPR, not cable. I still mow my own lawn (but it gets shaggy), work on the house, and do as much car repair as my skills allow. I still have all my hair, most of it still brown. Even my doctor says I look 15 years younger than the calendar indicatess, and I'm willing to put off old age for another decade or two.
What I’m doing with my life
I've been a single dad since my wife died 10 years ago (and a dad-plus-care-giver for the previous 5). So, with the younger kid now in college, I'm no longer getting a kid up, fed, and off to school with a lunch, and picked up after school or band practice. Not married till age 45, and the 2nd kid arrived when I was 50. I was back at school myself in the '90s-- a second Masters (US History) and part of a PhD- interrupted by my wife's cancer. I do a lot of progressive political activity in unscheduled moments.
I’m really good at
Good at procrastination; not bad at finding unusual and fun things to distract me from the fall line. Good at being skeptical about what I hear-- I usually dig deep enough to develop my own opinion. A fair carpenter, mechanic-- and very poor gardener. Good at keeping friends; I'm still in touch with many of my elementary school friends, even though I left my home town when we moved .to Florida when I was in the 10th grade.
Good at raising orphaned baby squirrels, for VA rehab people-- all have made the transition to 'wild' (suburban) outdoor living, and many have come back to beg for treats. It's a hoot, as they're very intelligent, as all bird-feeding folks know.
Also must be fairly good at dad-ing of young humans (important for a single parent): one kid made Eagle scout and is through college, the other won an honorary scholarship at a top college. And both have good friends and 'normal' social lives. A little longer and I can begin to relax!
The first things people usually notice about me
Maybe that my photo is lying on its side--and the puppies, from the summer of '11 litter. In real life? Maybe that I'm gregarious, and a mix of serious and appreciative of irony. And, in photos or real life, that I look a good dozen years younger than my age.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: too many to enumerate, although I don't read many novels. But must mention Kurt Vonnegut- incisively caustic and prophetic and often enough humorous; he captures mid- and late-century America. A work of supreme genius: Douglas Hofstadter's 'Gödel, Escher, and Bach', although there are still good portions I haven't made it through. The Tao of Pooh (and the Piglet sequel). Maybe the great classics of two 'third world' continents: 'Things Fall Apart', from Africa and 'A Hundred Years of Solitude' from Latin America. Also my Mom's old favorite, Gibran's "The Prophet". Oh, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Movies: Lots of non-mainstream (esp. no blockbusters or musicals)-- like most of Satyajit Ray's films (India), 'Yol' from Turkey in the 70s, and Costa-Gavras' or Pontecorvo's political films (I saw 'The Battle of Algiers' in Casablanca). Gotta add, also, Terry Gilliam's' Brazil'. I'm a sucker for the too-long series: the Matrix, as it posits a universe that's actually a hologram. That's an Idea I poke at once in a while. An occasional really good comedy-- and wish I had outtakes of the best of the Marx Bros., esp. clips of Harpo's and Chico's musicianship

Plenty of PBS-tv , esp. including Antiques Road show (and I have a penchent for flea markets), but not their Brit dramas-- there's not enough time in this life. Off PBS, I get lots of belly laughs from humor built on the foibles of the real world in the Big Bang Theory.

Music: J S Bach, almost all of his works (what a genius), and much of the rest of the classical and romantic period, and Italian opera is especially fine. Indian ragas, and classic jazz (mostly '40s to '70s) -- both have similarities to Bach. Some of almost any other genre-- Afro-pop, country-folk (Tom Russell), -- you name it, but I get to chose within the category. Lots of the folk and rock soundtrack of my decades, but not all of it. I get pickier by the '80s, and later. Can't beat Jackson Browne, for tight, cookin' licks and for the passions of his lyrics- happy or sad. Oh, yeah- and you can't beat Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's duet on 'The Lady Is a Tramp"!

Food: we vegetarians (40+ years in my case) have two strikes against us, and I fouled off another opportunity by having wimpy spice tolerance, so I'm mostly stuck with Indian (or Ethiopian) if I can get it's hot quotient toned down, and Chinese or Thai, avoiding the meats and fish. Or standbys like Italian. Feel free to introduce me to new things, within those strictures--veggie and not spicy.
Six things I could never do without
My family, incl the kids and dogs, also friends, my books, NPR, occasional time in the country - especially visiting waterfalls - and touch.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to use my limited time and energies to help the world, which seems to be on the wrong track in so many areas, to get back on a track to sustainability and even toward justice for all.
Also: How/why there are such well-documented cases of children recalling past lives (like the Dalai Lama). U-VA Psychology Prof. Ian Stevenson chronicled thousands in the '60s to '90s- google it to see.
...and, maybe related: Whether evidence for UFOs can be accepted-- some is pretty solid, like the actual "Battle of Los Angeles" event of Feb. 1942, viewed by a million Angelinos for over an hour-- google that, too!
In short, whether 'reality' as we've been taught to understand it is maybe not the whole picture, if existance might turn out to be much more complex than we know, is of great interest to me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching PBS's weekly news review shows, then catching NPR's lively "Moth Radio Hour". This while checking my email. But wishing I had a friend to go somewhere with to hear some music or see a movie; or to go camping with instead of staying in town.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Someone recently told me I have a nice butt-- first time I've received that compliment! Let's get to know each other and we can swap secrets. No 'ifs' or 'ands'...
You should message me if
...if progressive political activity is a part of your spare time, and you'd rather do your politics with a close friend. If you listen to Amy's 'Democracy Now', not network news, and certainly not Fox news. If you like to camp out, and maybe paddle a kayak. And if you want to have a good, caring snuggle when the day is done.
The two of us