41 Glasgow, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Who am I? Well, I am a very laid back extensively travelled (My good friends often refer to me as the Littlest Hobo) Scottish Biker who has lots of Goth/Rock influences. I can be loud and sociable but am equally capable of being shy and not saying much and I tend to flit between these two extremes depending how comfortable and in place I feel. I have a wealth of common sense which is often given days off for dancing, parties, drinking and playing maffball on a Yorkshire beach in November! ... as you can guess I don't take myself or life too seriously. I do have a sensible side, but equally I like to ride fast motorbikes, run with scissors and play with fire so it doesn't get too boring.

I am a Practical, Dreamer who is a Realist and a Idealist (yeah some of those words are contradictory, but I often think people are a mass of contradictory drives that somehow work). I am an easy going down to earth guy with a live and let live attitude (although Love/Hate say it better) who calls things as he sees them and who trusts his instincts. I very often take the path of least resistance mainly as I often don't mind helping out, although if I am really against something I can be very stubborn. I am not perfect, what I am is flawed, imperfect, real and honest. I make mistakes but can discuss it and if I'm wrong I can admit it, apologise and learn from my mistakes. I really do believe that when I set my mind to things I can achieve just about anything I aim for, the last two years have been a period of great change and achievement for me physically, emotionally and academically and I am looking for that positive change to continue. I have just completed my retraining for an new career, which I am looking forward too. I am happy and content with my life as it stands and am in no hurry to change it, that said part of having a positive approach to life is being open to fortuitous happenstance.

I am in the process of moving back to Glasgow in search of the elusive social life I've been missing for the last three years, I am currently still living in Carlisle but as of the 7th of June I'll be home Viva Glasvegas!
What I’m doing with my life
Working in a job I love and trying to work out where I can settle that I would feel comfortable.
I’m really good at
At being a friend, apparently I am a very good listener, friendly and very easy to talk to I've been told. I guess I am also good at change, I've lived with it so long in my life its just second nature now really. I am a not bad motorcyclist and manage rather well but I keep learning each year. I don't like to be off my two wheels for very long. I am reasonably good at building websites though I really lack any real motivation for all that tot these days and I can usually fix most computer problems if I put my mind to it. Alternatively I seem (recently at least) to be awful at going to sleep, must practice that.

I am also good for having a completely undeserved reputation for knowing people when I don't in fact know everyone, the phrase "ah know you" may have escaped my lips several times in my youth and is sort of my catchphrase now.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my fairly outgoing nature and the fact I can be very chatty. I've been told its my friendly nature that people first notice about me; Which to be honest rather pleases me ... that said I am not terribly good at making first contact online on these dating sites but after that I'm a gab.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Reading wise mostly its been academic books article recently, I am not a huge reader but I do tend to read certain SciFi, Fantasy and rather a lot of factual books. I have a pile of books waiting for me that I started buying during my Degree course that I'd like to work through (that said I appear to have picked up some horror and period classics that I forgot about).

I like most movies from B-Movie Classics right up to indepth character pieces. I am not keen on gangster films but thats it's. I like romantic comedies, yes I am a man and I like romantic comdies there is no law against it. I like all the other standard stuff SciFi, Action Films stuff that makes you think and stuff you can just switch your brain off too. Though I do love a film with a clever plot that catches you off guard. My Tv Viewing is pretty much the same as my film viewing though I am a massive Dr Who fan Classic and Modern, Red Dwarf, Black Books, Spaced, Blackadder, Chewin the Fat ... I could go on but you are starting to get the picture.

Music again is very varied I am mainly into Rock/Goth Music though edging more towards rock these days on a daily basis. I listen to classical sometimes daft stuff like the Wurzels, rock, Metal and a little bit of pop on occassion just a wee bit of whatever I like which is bits of everything really. I have recently started listening to a little more older music since wanting to start Lindy Hop/Swing dancing but my life needs to settle a little first.

Food, I used to be as a child a terribly fussy eater, that however is no longer the case. I love going out and having a good meal I really love Mexican Food but like most kinds of food and "Love" eating out. I also rather enjoy cooking, I am not amazing but I can follow a recipe and cook a good few meals from scratch. I also find cooking very relaxing (the glass of wine while cooking may assist this relaxation) and find it a good wind down post work.
The six things I could never do without
I've moved so many times it often suprises me what I can do without but I'll try for 6.

1) Friends & Family
2) Motorcycles
3) Internet & Computer
4) My Bed (its utterly ace, money well spent)
5) Having Fun in it many varied forms
6) Music
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything, I sometimes over-think things coming at them from every direction before making a decision.

I am one of those people who hates not going somewhere or doing something because I am absolutely convinced that I am going to miss out on the *BEST* night ever!.

I often think about the direction this country is taking, Where I am going to buy a house and settle, how my mates are doing and how I am going to afford that 11k 2.3 Litre Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster.
On a typical Friday night I am
It varies widely from a quiet night in with a nice meal and a film to attending a bike rally, music festival, beer festival, Chilli Festival, driving half way across the country to see friends and go to a odd club I don't know the name of. My weekends do tend to vary very widely between insanely busy and very quiet. I try to ensure I spend at least half the weekends in any given month in the city I live, as I could if left unchecked easily find myself in a different uk city every weekend. essentially there is no typical friday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can be at my core quite shy, that said I am generally very outgoing in everyday life. A dichotomy you say? why yes, thank you i am ;)
You should message me if
If you want too? It would be nice to meet someone I don't really mind a bit of travel for that as I am all over the country usually.