35 Glastonbury, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm a wild Fyre-Faery from the tranquil forests of New Zealand, currently resident in mysterious haunted Glastonbury! But not for long. Adventure is my life's mission... and I plan to be either in Greece dancing on tables with my pet snake or living on a boat by the end of the year.

Three words to describe me are:
I am Firey, Flamboyant, and Romantic
What I’m doing with my life
My Main Goals Are
- To get lost in the wilderness of adventure (basically follow all mad inclinations)
- Make the world a more magikal and beautiful place with my performance; writing and art
- Learn the secret of Immortality, Dammit!

Currently I write for a magazine; run my own little company bringing magic into children's lives and occasionally work as a photographic model.
I’m really good at
How dull ranting on about how brilliant you are. I am particularly not good at that. Surely it makes a person excessively tedious?

I'll rave about what I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE instead!

I love animals and painting, flying in the air on my circus aerial equipment, living in a faerytale and dressing as such, creating astrology charts, reading the tarot, blasting music inside a lonely tin caravan in the middle of a mud swamped feild while the rain hammers against the roof, dancing through the labyrinth passages of Venice in pointe shoes when the mist rises from the canals, galloping through a forest on the back of a horse you know so well that your totally one being, hitch hiking a lift in a massively high truck with a stunning veiw over the road and country and a crazily tatooed driver who shouts me coffee, tomatos on toast.

Anyway... enough about me. Take THE PREVIOUS INCARNATION TEST - and let me know what you got! Guaranteed to reveal fascinating insights into your deepest darkest nature...


The Previous Incarnation Test
You should message me if
You are crazy or
A faery/environmentalist living in Brighton, UK or
You love animals monsters and tree beasts or
You dream on your cloudswing in the stars....