26Brighton, United States
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My self-summary
I would say that it is easiest to know me by being able to spend time with me as I really enjoy spending quality time with people. I feel emotions strongly and I am quite intuitive on picking up on the feelings of those around me.

I cosplay at conventions and other events such as movie premiers. It is a great rush to hear comments about my costumes and to have people ask to take my photo. I love interacting with the various fandoms in the science fiction and fantasy realm. If someone ever wants to get me to stop what I am doing, the words Alohomora, Westeros, Pokeball, and Avenger have been known to catch my attention immediately.
What I’m doing with my life
I work in Denver building environmental sampling and analysis equipment for primarily ground water. I am at least working in a field related to my degree even though my degree was not required. It will help me in the future if I ever do decide to pursue Environmental Engineering.

In my free time, I do weekly trivia (Geeks Who Drink) with friends, bi-monthly movie nights, and monthly board game nights. With the rest of my unplanned free time, I will probably be hanging out with friends and family, watching my favorite TV shows and crocheting, and making my way through either a book or video game.

In the near future, my biggest goal is to be able to afford a place around the northern Denver area. The housing market is tough right now, but I have the confidence that I will make it. Since it is convention season, I have been pooling my resources to be able to do more cosplay. I have plans to do an Ant-Man and grown-up Aang cosplays, and then I will see where I go from there.
I’m really good at
Empathy: I can easily feel the same feelings of the people around me. I love getting the emotional high when people are having a great time, but I am also glad that I can be at the same level as others when they are going through a rough time.

Remembering Names: This seems like a weird talent, but my capacity for remembering names of things is pretty high. For Game of Thrones trivia, I was able to memorize nearly every character's name, I can pretty easily name 30 to 40 people in a room after introductions, I can remember almost all of the 721 Pokemon that exist, and my mom is still impressed at the number of names of statues and buildings that I remember from our vacation to Europe in 2007.

Holding Myself Accountable: I have some sort of psychological commitment to anything I tell myself or others that I will do. This not only includes tasks and events, but also my values. I get satisfaction out of fulfilling these commitments and feel really bad if I don't.

Cosplay: For having taught myself everything there is to constructing a costume, I feel like I have come pretty far at it. It is not often you can come across someone who has designed their own clothes.

Licking my Elbow: People say it is impossible, but I can actually do it. It just takes a little technique and some flexibility.
The first things people usually notice about me
Since I am in the 95th percentile for my height, that is usually the first thing that people notice. Once they get past my physical features, I have been told that I am intelligent, genuine, and just. People quickly pick up on my positive outlook on life, they say that I am enjoyable to be around because I laugh at anything and I'm quite gentle mannered.

Also, right now, my beard seems to be grabbing a lot of attention.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I typically like to read fantasy books for fun. Some of my favorite series are Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire. I am in the process of finishing the Divergent series, and I am curious about reading the Maze Runner series.

Movies: My favorite two movies are Up and Wreck-It Ralph. They animated, but that does not go without saying that I do also really like the fantasy movies such as LotR and Harry Potter, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, action, chick-flick, animated, and suspense movies. There isn't much of a genre that I don't like.

Shows: I usually try to tackle too many TV shows at once. Some of my more recent favorites are Jessica Jones, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead, Quantico, Sense8, Agent Carter, Galavant, and Game of Thrones. Firefly, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Heroes (though only really the 1st and 4th seasons) are some older favorites. I am giving Heroes Reborn a chance, but it doesn't look like it is going to make it to the favorites list. I am trying to catch up on Breaking Bad and Doctor Who.

Music: I usually listen to alternative, pop, rock, and the types of music that fall in between. Paramore is my favorite band. Fall Out Boy, Walk the Moon, One Republic, and Imagine Dragons are towards the top of my list too. Other than screamo music, I enjoy listening to any type of music for a while.

Food: I love food! As long as it doesn't taste like cilantro or have coconut texture, I am all for eating it! My absolute favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese with an extra strong cheese flavor.
Six things I could never do without
Genuine/Intriguing Conversations - I care a lot about what people say and do, so I need someone to invest that same time and energy back into me. Just quality time with someone is enough to make me feel good.

Cheese - I love to eat cheese! I feel like my body just would not function with out it. Not only the food, but I don't think I could go with out cheesy jokes and the like too.

Music and Singing - I love to sing, especially when a specific phrase or note sets off a song in my mind. No matter where I am, if I let out a few notes, I always end up feeling a little happier.

Love - Now this is extremely important to me. This is what makes life worth living is the special connection between human beings (and sometimes other living creatures). The unconditional caring and supporting is beautiful.

A Daily 20 Minutes to Mentally Prepare Myself - I can usually accomplish most of my thoughts in the shower and whatever I don't finish thinking about in the shower, I can think about while I am getting ready. I am a planner, so I like to cover my bases for any possible events that could happen during the day.

An Easy Way to Stay Connected to All of my Friends AKA: The Internet - I have such a large amount of people that I know, that I am not sure I could keep in touch and up to date with all of them without the help of social media.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What makes people tick. Not the collective "people", but each individual person. I really enjoy analyzing why people decide to do what they do.

How to fit puns into conversations. Word play is so punderful. I actually got invited to do punography once, but I didn't do it because I didn't want to expose myself like that. Puns don't go over well with everyone. I guess you could say that they are "over-well"ming.

Planning strategies or techniques for my Dicemasters game or my Pokemon team.
On a typical Friday night I am
doing what ever makes it onto my calendar. I am a pretty go with the flow guy, so I am doing whatever happens to be going on that weekend. Ideally, I like to be spending time with at least one other person. Whether that be playing board games, watching a movie, going dancing, competing in trivia, or playing video games is much to be determined.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a ticklish spot on the back of my knee that will cause me to shake my leg like a dog when he is getting his belly scratched.
You should message me if
you are an open and honest communicator, if you like puns or make puns, if you like to cuddle, if you have the ability to drive legally, if you think you can eventually help me temporarily relieve a little bit of responsibility from my life every once in a while, and if spending time with someone is more important to you than the activity you are doing with that person.
The two of us