46Grand Rapids, United States
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My self-summary
made in detroit---->bored in grand rapids
i like good food, good music, and good conversation...

i treat women with respect and expect same in return...

i enjoy interesting moments and being adventurous. a random unplanned road-trip is always fun.

been there ----> done that. i lived and traveled in europe for a year. i took a summer off and drove across the states. i can name drop but wont. blah, blah, blah...everyone has (or should have) done cool stuff by now. its boring to give a history lesson.

i have never been married or had any kids but practicing making kids is sure fun!

i really enjoy the outdoors and try to take advantage of our beautiful state when possible. i love to go camping and kayaking/canoeing/tubing or out to the family cottage at lake michigan...

im educated, artistic, and unconventional. i have an architecture degree that collects dust. i can cook well but would love to share kitchen time together making things with the right woman.

i'm far from rich but dislike cheap people (as in the type who leave awful tips, buy generic toilet paper, etc. --you know what im talking about).

and finally, i have low expectations that i'll actually find somebody on here that i completely jive with, but its worth a shot. i know by now what works for me and i'm not willing to settle for something less. a surprise would be awesome though so why not try!

i'm throwing a dart blindfolded and seeing if it will stick.
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
talents that make no money:

spilling beverages...

saying awkward things at inappropriate times...

being exactly 4 minutes late for everything...

driving with my knee...

hurting myself twice. for example, say i stubbed my toe. 10 minutes later somehow i'll hit the EXACT same spot to make it worse (if you were a witness i would EXPECT you to point and laugh first before asking if i'm ok)....

short staring contests (i love smart/ironic jokes).

making a bonfire...

losing all coordination in an instant then gathering it back and trying to pass it off in a cool way...


tying my shoes in such a way that they magically become untied moments later....

picking losing lottery numbers....
The first things people usually notice about me
im taller then you
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
t.v. is retarded so when i watch it i enjoy a laugh. family guy, seinfeld, the office....etc. in other words, completely infantile humor. or the exact opposite can sometimes be the case. complete geek channels like discovery channel or science channel sometimes are my choice as well. and i'll watch any shows about ghost hunting and the paranormal

i moved here for culinary school, so chances are i like most foods more then you. but if you're the type that's at least willing to try new cuisine bonus points awarded.

movies are all over the place. i like independent/art-house flicks or old classics more then the summer blockbuster types. but once in awhile i have to see the big screen mega hits like lord of the rings etc. of course any zombie film (and classic horror) is fun especially around halloween time...

music is too hard for me to describe here. i grew up playing music, i collect vinyl records (1000's), and have been to hundreds of concerts and backstage many times. hardest thing about me moving from detroit was leaving all the good tunes behind. i like a variety as long as its good. i ignore the radio dial and dislike new country, but if you were cute and i liked you i would let you play it in my car. lol. teen pop songs should be banned...

oh books. i forgot books. i'm not much of a reader...but if i happen to pick one up i will read it all in a day (if it doesnt grab me after the first 50 pages i give up). if you want to read i got no problem with it. go for it.
Six things I could never do without
friends, family, music, nature, knowledge, experience......and humor goes without mentioning but that makes 7 things now. Oh and I need weed to survive so society doesn't annoy me... Should have listed that first..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
completely useless inventions.... nahh, i dont know what to say here. my mind wanders just as much as the next person so i'll just go with "random thoughts"
On a typical Friday night I am
hopefully out with you! ...then back home for some more fun :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im left handed
You should message me if
you're interesting and like to laugh. i like spontaneous fun women who can hold a conversation. you must be passionate about something (i dont care what it is as long as you like it). female badass types? yes! yes! yes!. if you're a terrible kisser move along please. also, no gigantic obese women...or whatever the PC word is for that. not saying im some sort of body builder at all but someone who is in shape is what i'm attracted to.
The two of us