31Wellington, New Zealand
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My self-summary
I generally have an open mind and try new things. The result is a list of activities like this:

I was the 1991 Bay Of Plenty Group Day Supreme Champion for my goat Milo. I have modeled in stage shows wearing corsets, skirts and usually too much PVC or mesh. I DJed an underground warehouse rave playing Drum and Bass. I was in a funk band. I performed in school musicals. I GMed a Starwars RP (yes I know, ultra nerd). I have recited poems at various poetry nights around wellington. I DJed several goth nights in wellington. I am a published Hair Model. I have stripped for wine.

I like to throw vegan dinner parties and elaborate costume parties. I like hills with nice views at night. I like candles. I like the feel of giving people topless back rubs with nice body butters. I like to dress simply in black or like a fabulous indie pimp. I like to bake and then give the baking to people in little care packages at their work. I love bizarre and subtle humor which is often missed. I like to joke about things which should not be joked about. I am also sleeping with your sister.
What I’m doing with my life
Lots of stuff. I don't really know until I am doing it.
I’m really good at
Making super tasty food from what ever meager ingredients are lying about the house. Making even better food if we are well stocked.

I also give awesome back rubs.
The first things people usually notice about me
My glorious beard, and if I look well or Not.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Oryx and Crake by Margret Atwood is my favorite book of all time. The follow up Year of the Flood is equally fantastic. I tend to like books written in the first person I so I end up with a lot of biographies.

Music: I like so much music it is insane. My all time favorites Muse, Tool (or anything with Maynard) and The Chemical Brothers. I like a lot of Dnb, House and other dance music. I love all things disco, new and old. I grew up with all that indie rock like White Stripes, The Strokes, Interpol and The Kings of Leon. I love whimsical indie music like Freelance Whales, Most Serene republic, Fleet Foxes and Broken Social Scene. I also really love retro inspired electro pop like Class Actress and The Golden Filter. I like surfy stuff like Best coast and The Dum Dum girls. I have a weakness for soaring female vocals with interesting instrumentation from people like Bjork, Florence and the machine, and Goldfrapp. Austra, Braids and Chairlift are good for that too. Sometimes I like crazy progressive rock like The Sounds of Animals Fighting and Mars Volta.
My most recent finds are fka Twigs, SZA and Hundred Waters.
Suggestions of these kinds are welcome, I am always looking for new music.

Movies: True Romance is one of my favorite ever movies. I normally force everyone to watch it. Recently I really enjoyed Hanna, Super and Drive. I love movies with Ellen Paige and Micheal Cera. Judd Apatow comedies are good. More good movies off the top of my head: Punch Drunk Love, Bunny and the Bull, Defendor, Survive Style 5+.

Food: I love to cook overly elaberate meals from scratch of any cuisine. Food is awesome.
Six things I could never do without
Oxygen, Heat, Water, Food, Sleep and poems by Rives.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music. Fractals. The most efficient path (taking into account elevation, distance and time wasted at intersections) versus the prettiest path (usually the waterfront). How we would implement a resource based economy.
On a typical Friday night I am
Dancing somewhere in a beautiful daze of joy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still have my snow leopard soft toy from when I was little. He still lives in my bed.

If you meet me in person and we are drinking I will probably share too much private information.
You should message me if
You haven't been to the art gallery for a while or you want to see the new Ryan Gosling movie but you need someone to go with. Variations and extrapolations of this theme (I love the zoo and Ari Graynor too).

You have a treasure map and want to assemble a team of adventurers to follow it.

You are a time traveler and have come to tell me that my actions will lead to the end of civilization and I must be stopped.

There is a hill you want to walk over at night and you would like company.

You just want to chat, maybe over coffee.
The two of us