37Columbus, United States
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My self-summary
First thing's first--in a really happy open relationship with an awesome girl. Not looking for anything in particular, but always interested in meeting new people. :) Just moved here from Brooklyn. More or less straight, but not phobic at all. Everything else below is probably pretty out of date, fyi...

Idealistic and romantic with a cynical veneer. Or the other way round. Either way, there's a thick weird streak and a good dose if nerd.
INTP, I'm told.

And also, I read profiles from the bottom up.
What I’m doing with my life
Running educational programs involving virtual worlds, 3D printing, games, fossils, space, and all sorts of other things at a natural history museum on the Upper West Side. Writing strange stories and trying to get them published (and occasionally succeeding), starting a small business perhaps.
I’m really good at
Teaching. Learning. Coming up with ideas for stories. I'm getting pretty good at cooking actually. Those are the big things, I guess, but I'm pretty damned inquisitive and I dabble in everything from mushroom hunting to throat singing to brewing. I was a rock climbing instructor for a few of years--I'd like to get back into that.
The first things people usually notice about me
I take a little bit of prying...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
※ Books ※
This is tough...mostly things people haven't heard of. I like books about languages, linguistics, space, travel, space travel, bizarre tales of elderitch horror, philosophy, religion, atheism, all kinds of science. Jorge Luis Borges, Octavia Butler, Anthony Burgess, Mary Doria Russell, Freeman Dyson, a million others.

※ Movies ※
Being John Malkovich, Moon, American Beauty, Forbidden Planet, House of Sand and Fog. Anything well made and smart.

※ Shows ※
I usually only watch one show at a time, with a few months between series. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Deadwood, Star Trek (most of them), True Blood, Six Feet Under, the West Wing, Law & Order (except the one in California), Coupling, the Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie.

※ Music ※
Pretty damned near everything. From rootsy ska to horror punk, Tuvan throatsinging to Scottish war ballads, old school country, some dubstep, múm, Tegan & Sara, a little calypso, the Gypsy Kings, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, the Misfits, Jimmy Rodgers, Pink Floyd, Shonen Knife, the Decemberists, Metallica, G'n'R, Iron & Wine, M. Ward, Modest Mouse... I could go on.

※ Games ※
The Floor is Made of Lava.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Characters, planets, travel.
You should message me if're curious or attracted, bemused or indignant.

Other good excuses:
You like to read and/or watch movies/TV and then dissect and discuss.
You like to go out sometimes, but stay home often.
You like long, sprawling conversations about everything. I particularly like things that take 20+ minutes of preface to fully appreciate.
You like all kinds of music. And I mean all kinds.
You can introduce me to new, fascinating, obscure things.
You want to push me to be a better person--healthier, more productive, more creative, kinder, more outgoing, more spontaneous, more adventurous (although this last one won't take much arm twisting).

And if you're looking for a deeper connection, what I really most deeply a partner/partners who wants to explore all the little details nobody else notices. The things yet to be articulated, yet to be invented.
The two of us