38 Alexandria, United States
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My self-summary
I'm poly (as in I can / do love more than one person in my life at a time, sometimes =)) - this is not my defining characteristic, or the most important thing about me - but it's the one many people need to know first - so I'm putting here at the top so I can be easily filtered if needed =)

Now the other stuff =)

I'm 35, married, a father, 6'4, laid back, caring, generous, and these days, with my new son and daughter, often rather exhausted.

I like hugs, books and gaming.

Perfect strangers feel comfortable telling me their life stories and deepest secrets, I'm not sure why - but I try to listen and be there for them anyway.

My friend showed up at my house at two thirty in the morning with bloody feet once - we washed her feet, and she stayed with us for a week that ended up being a month and then a year. Then we moved, and she showed up again... I like that this happened =)

I've recently learned that I come with a warning when my friend talks about me "he'll either be very charming, or he'll sit in a corner and read the whole time." I thought this was just the opinion of one friend (and found it funny) but then another friend (from another state!) hand made me a pin that says "Polyamorous but I'd probably rather be reading"

I really do like to read...

I also work hard to make my home a place where people can feel comfortable and wanted and safe. Mostly, I guess, so they'll have a place to read.

I notice when people's breathing changes, when it changes (significantly) I tend to ask "you ok?" or something similar ... this annoys some people. And I'm sorry about that. But those people probably shouldn't breathe around me.

I like the webcomics, and - check em out if you get bored at work... they're each good in their own way =)

I am zenlicious, hearth warm, and touchtastic

I am not sure why I keep up this profile, as I haven't had much time for a social life since having kids - they're my priority, but I guess I still hope to find people who understand and love and want to share their life like I (and my wife) want to share ours... so I'm hopeful and still read everything I get here as emails =)
What I’m doing with my life
I spend time with my kids and wife in the morning, usually have breakfast with them (gluten free pancakes are awesome) and help them wake up and get ready for the day, then I go to work, where I'm the "data guy." I carry a book (kindle) with me everywhere I go, so if I'm ever stuck waiting somewhere I can get a little reading in. I try to make sure the people I work with are doing ok, usually by helping where I can or providing food if there's nothing useful I can do work wise. Then I head home, have dinner with my family, paint or play with toys or play in the sand table or watch a disney/pixar/ghilbi movie or something with the family (often a show / movie as it lets me do a little email or gchat while cuddling my son), and then work on getting my son to bed, which takes a while and often (always) involves me konking out with him.

Then I wake up the next day and do it again. It's not very varied right now, but it's a pretty good life.

On weekends we go swimming, to museums, to big playgrounds, to fairs or events, or stuff like that. I would probably spend more weekends in, but my wife is a big adventurer and wants the kids to be really active. (The weekdays are equally active with them, either with her or with a babysitter who helps us a lot during the week.)

Every other Sunday I take care of the kids on my own so my wife can have a day out with her friends, and on the other Sundays she takes them and I run a gaming group for an afternoon (table top rpg / pencil and paper style... but over a shared video conference setup since the group is spread out all over) which has been a lot of fun.

I don't really know how or when I could ever fit anyone into my life right now - unless they liked my kids and wife as much as I do - but hope springs eternal.
I’m really good at
Writing - though not necessarily concisely =)
Math, colors, making connections, creative thinking, teaching, babbling, reading, hugging, holding, pleasing, waiting, regular thinking, learning and ... hmmm... uh... forgetting!
The first things people usually notice about me
My Subtlety.

My size.

My laugh.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books) I overflow my library, mostly sci/fi and fan. Some authors I really like are: Jim Butcher, steven brust, terry pratchett, orson scott card, bujold, heinlein, asimov, hamilton, zelazny, matthew rielly, and many, many more... but I'm not into tolkien.

Movies) Harvey, Princess Bride, Sneakers, Boondock Saints, Iron Monkey, Singing in the rain, Thursday, Magic Kitchen, shoalin soccer, die hard, sliding doors, Serenity, My wife is eightteen, jet li), Danny kaye, Army of Darkness / bruce campbel, Wasabi, the court jester, many more ...

TV) I will show Firefly, Gargoyles and Trigun to my children... and some others I enjoy are: The new BBC Sherlock (excellent), Hunter x Hunter, Hustle, Coupling (british version), West Wing, Stargate, Angel, Black Books, Profit, House, Daily Show... I like TV but don't watch a lot these days, and only without commercials =)

Video Games) I would recommend to anyone: Phantasy Star 1, Deus Ex (1), System Shock 2, SW:KOTR... and I'm currently enjoying skyrim a lot (I liked fallout 3 and it's basically fallout 3 with dragons instead of laser guns... both of which are good =)) I like character development, immersion, interesting challenges, fun and good story .. if I can make a character I care about, and help it get better every time I spend time with it ... while doing cool stuff? that's good to me =)

Comics) Spiderman loves Maryjane, V is for Vendetta, Preacher, Authority, Hitman, Ultimate Spiderman, I disliked "brand new day" ... the bastards. In fact I haven't read much since then ... though that might have been the whole having kids thing too =)

Music) I like music, but I'm not a "music lover" - I like U2, tom petty, the band, dylan's "blood on the tracks", Cows with guns, Brain Bug, stones, some trance, van morrison, pop40 once in a while, lorena, alman brothers, enya, allison krauss, traveling wilburies, clapton, more...
The six things I could never do without
New worlds and ideas to explore - mine and / or others

Friends (of course)

computer access - I hate to say it, but it really means something to me =)

a chance to share the good things in the world with the people I care about,

water (not just for practical reasons - I just really like water...)


Truthfully - other than water, I probably could live with out any of those things - but I wouldn't like life as much then.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My Family, People, relationships, empathy, plots, little meaningless inventions, wings, mental powers (for fun =)), anything I couldn't understand when it first happened, love, future, kids, how to be a good father / husband, science, movies, and people... the select few I happen to care a ton about or just people in general (I'm trying to solve all the worlds problems by the time I die (I like to fix things) and a lot of them revolve around the natural miscommunications and misconstrued interactions that often happen between people =/ the more I can figure out and spread the word about ... the better the world will eventually be =))
On a typical Friday night I am
I like to to spend my friday nights stealing all the shopping carts from the local grocery stores and pushing them together into an enormously long silver snake of the night which ghosts silently through the highways, biways and back streets of my town.

The main problem is not creaming mailboxes or small cars when the fourth wheel goes funky and makes it all pull to the right. If you've recently lost a mailbox and there were unexplainable tracks near by ... I apologize.

(I'm usually either in gaming with friends, or cuddling with family... not much going out with the babies here now =)

... how i miss my shopping cart snakes... *sigh*...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When presented with a situation or question or whatever that requires me to do something - I tend to think of a full range of good through evil possible reactions and then choose a good one instead of the evil - this may be pretty normal, I'm not sure. I'm don't know if this makes me a good person (hey I make the right choice right?) or a not so good person (cause I'm always thinking these evil thoughts too...) but I actually kind of like that I do it, cause I like seeing possibilities and sometimes it helps me think outside the box or make particularly inappropriate responses which I find entertaining =)
You should message me if
Mostly if you want a quiet good guy who'll love you and be there for you in your life, make you laugh, smile, share his family and life with you... that sort of thing. If kids, polyamory, geeks or commitment scare you, I'm probably not a great person to get involved with =)

That said -

If you're constantly learning how to be a better person - and have made significant progress =)

If you've stopped caring about being different, or about fitting in, or about what others think about you - and now think about who you actually are and how you affect others.

If you like / seek progress and not perfection.

If you love me already, cause that's always weird, but it usually makes for interesting conversations.

If you're not in a hurry... If you're ok just hanging out, and adding a couple good people to your life for a while, and overtime sharing of ourselves, books, friends, shows, stories, time, until we know we're safe and good and can get to a place where we can make and share bigger risks and intimacies =)

If any of that sounds right? Drop me a line.

Or you know - if you just want to share a thought, I'll listen =)