39Alexandria, United States
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My self-summary
We're poly, and looking for a third or couple for a solid long term relationship.

I'm 38, happily married, a father of two great kids, 6'4, laid back, caring, generous, and I like hugs, books and gaming. My wife is 38, happily married, a mother of two great kids (same kids - just 2 total! ;)), 5'10, caring, brilliant, gorgeous, shy and she likes reading, cooking, and gardening. (Her account is linked to mine - should be on the side bar.)

We're both hugely family oriented, and our kids come first (of course), but after six years of complete and utter dedication, we're thinking of trying to build one of those whatsits that people have - a "social life." We're setting up movie nights at our house, play dates with friends, and now we're even looking to try dating again...
What I’m doing with my life
Work, Writing or Kids =)

Writing - I'm working on a young adult fiction trilogy about a kid who gets super powers, it's just something to keep me sane when work gets crazy, but I really love writing.

Work: Technically I'm a data guy, DBA, Data Scientist, Developer, Architect... one or more of those at any given time. In reality... my boss recently said "I won't ever waste you on a job with a solution, those are too easy for you, you get the jobs where we just have no idea, because you keep solving them." He seemed happy about that, I'm still not sure how I feel about it =)

Kids: My time at home is split between trying to spend every minute I can with my kids, or trying to spend every minute I can helping my wife recover from spending all her time with the kids =)
I’m really good at
Making people feel loved, communicating, and writing.

I also love figuring out new ways to approach problems, making connections, teaching, babbling, reading, hugging, holding, pleasing, waiting, and learning ... I think I'm good at most of those.
The first things people usually notice about me
My Subtlety!

My size =)

My smile.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books) I overflow my library, mostly sci/fi and fantasy. Some authors I really like are: Jim Butcher, steven brust, terry pratchett, orson scott card, lois mcmaster bujold, Robert heinlein, Asimov, hamilton, zelazny, matthew rielly, and many, many more... but I'm not into Tolkien.

Movies) I love a good story or great character, some favorites: Harvey, Princess Bride, Sneakers, Boondock Saints, Iron Monkey, Singing in the rain, Thursday, Magic Kitchen, Shoalin Soccer, Die Hard, sliding doors, Serenity, jet li, Danny kaye, Army of Darkness / bruce campbel, Wasabi, the court jester, and many many more ...

TV) Firefly, Gargoyles and Trigun, Sherlock, Hunter x Hunter, Hustle, Coupling (british version), West Wing, Angel, Black Books, and I've been enjoying the new Preacher show though I'm not sure about it long term yet.
Six things I could never do without
My wife and kids =)

New worlds and ideas to explore; mine and others

Friends (of course)

Internet / Computer access - helps with the friends and new ideas =)

To share good things with the people I care about

Water (I'm not putting this here just because of the whole "die without it" aspect... I just really like water =))
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My Family, People, relationships, empathy, plots, little meaningless inventions, wings, mental powers (for fun =)), anything I couldn't understand when it first happened, love, future, kids, how to be a good father / husband, science, movies, and people... the select few I happen to care a ton about or just people in general (I'm trying to solve all the worlds problems by the time I die (I like to fix things) and a lot of them revolve around the natural miscommunications and misconstrued interactions that often happen between people =/ the more I can figure out and spread the word about ... the better the world will eventually be =))
On a typical Friday night I am
I like to to spend my friday nights stealing all the shopping carts from the local grocery stores and pushing them together into an enormously long silver snake of the night which ghosts silently through the highways, biways and back streets of my town.

The main problem is not creaming mailboxes or small cars when the fourth wheel goes funky and makes it all pull to the right. If you've recently lost a mailbox and there were unexplainable tracks near by ... I apologize.

(I'm usually either in gaming with friends, or cuddling with family... =)

... how i miss my shopping cart snakes... *sigh*...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't know if I deserve the amazing life I have, and I wonder if I'm a horrible ungrateful person for trying to find even more amazingness to add to it.
You should message me if
Well, if you're generally doing ok already, probably don't need this, but being with us sounds like a really good thing? That would be a really good reason to write. Because we'd probably really like you.

On the other hand - If kids, polyamory, geeks, quiet nights in cuddling, or commitment scare you, I'm probably not a great person to get involved with.

If you're still not sure - like you're worried we won't like you or something? Here's a few more things:

If you're constantly learning how to be a better person, and have made significant progress ... that's awesome and I would want to know you.

If you think loving people is a good thing, but know commitment and time limits means loving *everybody* doesn't really work - and are ok with that - then lets talk about things =)

If you've stopped caring about being different, or about fitting in, or about what others think about you - and now think about who you actually are and how you affect others. That's pretty damn mature! ... and I probably want to know you =)

If honesty and communication and working with people are your answers to most problems... I'm impressed. They're really important. That's cool.

If you seek progress each day, and not perfection... that's pretty realistic, and I appreciate that!

If you've been looking for a big poly family and just want some sane loving people to share your life with ... holy crap is that a good match. Seriously, write me?

But it helps if you're not in a hurry... If you're ok just hanging out, and adding a couple good people to your life for a while, and over time or sharing ourselves, books, friends, shows, stories, time, etc - until we know we're safe and good and can get to a place where we can make and share bigger risks and intimacies? That helps.

If any of that sounds right? Drop me a line.

Or you know - if you just want to share a thought, I'll listen =)
The two of us