67Saint-Lambert, Canada
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My self-summary
Greets ! There I am. And here you are reading a 'summary' of my self. Wow!
Okay. I live happy and I know it could be better with a well matched partner. It's exciting to think about finding an ideal mate, the things to say, to see, to wonder about, to anticipate.....
I want to come into this freshly. Yep, I've answered about 400 questions, maybe I'll even go for more if that's helpful; but what's as important and perhaps more than the content of that data, is the intent that I bring, that you bring.

It's cool to be around someone who's noticeably relaxed with him-self. I figure that our book of life has perhaps half the pages turned by now and much is known; and the rest, although not yet written in there, will be governed by intent more than other previous factors. Emerson wrote (Self Reliance) : "The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks. See the line from a sufficient distance, and it straightens itself to the average tendency. .... "

I so agree. The whole 'baggage' thing I've seen guys & gals mentioning... why approach it from a negative point of view? Why should we carry baggage ? Why not mementos to remind us of an important lesson learned, or of the courage or beauty of a special time? You get my meaning...

I find most attractive a man who is curious rather than comparing; honest and clever; having some interest or occupation, as opposed to being a couch potato. . . :)

I'm interested in our mutual well-being: good food for health, to appreciate life fully; good thoughts to feed the mind & soul; love to create some magic would sure be super !

Because I work, I need time for that during the day and to walk, read and make noise in the kitchen. If you don't already love watching Star Trek, I can convince you of its' value ...
I'm reasonable, funny, a romantic, interested in conversation, as much as quiet time. I believe that two partners operating with a common goal, with each bringing their uniqueness to the table in a constructive/loving manner can live longer, fuller, more productive lives, enriching the soil for all around them. The garden is a wonderful metaphor for life, the connectedness of each of us and to our world. Good things in, good things out. A time for cultivating, a time for harvesting. And even though there are no guarantees, we plant, we cultivate, and we expect the sun to shine, the rain to fall and what we sow to grow. And what about destiny ?
What I’m doing with my life
Mostly I spend my time learning, working and loving the people dear to me, family and a few friends. I walk with my dog 'Seven' about 1 1/2 hours per day (substantial time out in the greenery)

I have my own business, designing/making home decor accessories (drapes,bedding etc. - all custom work) so my schedule can be very open or totally booked depending on my current projects. While I work, I listen to books rather than read to get as much learning in as possible, always !
My town is amazing, green, and pretty much as good as it gets for the burbs. I garden on my deck, enjoy the snow/sun/rain and love waking up each day. I consider myself lucky and I know I could enjoy life even more with a good man at my side. Haven't found him yet and I do confess I haven't been looking since my last relationship (several years ago) I needed a break and have been too busy building a new life to pursue anything intimate since then.

My granddaughter set me up on this site after we had a chat one Saturday afternoon and so here I am.. guess I'm just about at that point where I'd start looking for a special someone to share this time and this beautiful life with. If you were that someone, you'd be a lucky man for sure. If I found a loving, funny and intelligent/capable man who would become a true friend, I would then be just as lucky. In the end I think that's what it's all about, to be and have a true friend. .... with benefits is a total plus !
I’m really good at
Well this is a tough one 'cause if I were to put my achievements and/or "good at" things on a clothes line, there would be a long and amazing variety of big and small. On the other hand. we don't want to look far back to count our blessings and talents. I'm good at anything I take up seriously: like any career I've managed, public relations, studies, hobbies, arts etc.

On the light side: I'm an excellent baker (Yum!) a pretty good cook in general, anything creative, mathematical and a great problem solver.

On the more serious side I have good communication skills, good sense and will be frank as well as encouraging.

Right now I have my own business and make custom window dressings and bedding for private clients, designers and decorators... and I can't lie.... I do incredibly perfect work, if you can appreciate the fine couture and the math/designing that goes into that kind of perfection. So this allows me to work from home and enjoy more freedom so I'm loving that !
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm laid back, a happy camper and a soft spoken person. Don't need to prove anything to anyone and appreciate what the day brings. Some folks like that about me. And it pisses some people off. What can I say ? It takes all kinds of people to make a world.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoy all philosophy, especially Will & Ariel Durant's Story of Civilization set (11 tomes which I plan to go through when I retire); all Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, variety in poetry, Winston Churchill, self development and how to books.. Currently: Cradle to Cradle - Rethinking how we make things and How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci.
Each & every Star Trek series & movies, action movies, some drama, comedies, love martial arts movies and of course romantic comedies.
TV: Big Bang, Arrow, Elementary, Dexter, Masterchef... But I don't want to spend lots of time on Tv when I could be watching more StarTrek... !!!
Music is amazing.... dance music for dancing only; Vivaldi, Chopin, Tchaickofsky (probably misspelled) Bach etc; Amos Lee style, some Creed, Beatles, Jewel, Elvis, oldies, opera etc. Not rap, new age nor metal.
Food: I love it !! I'm Italian so.... but no meat (quit that about 18 years ago) Love fish, grilled vegetables, rice, cheese/eggs, quinoa and everything else ! Some wine, big tea drinker too.
Six things I could never do without
To thine own self be true: my integrity/dignity/freedom
my family, Seven
appreciation for life, interesting people, Star Trek !
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I try to keep the grey matter giggling, so where does one start... I love thinking about inventions, gadgets, the meaning of life, what other people think about and why they do what they do. I'm an idealist, an optimist, and generally very curious about everything and given that I believe taking the time to "think" is an important part of life, I allow myself that each & every day. I cherish those quiet times and a place/space for my thoughts to hover around me, sometimes put 2 and 2 together... Book: 'Leisure, the basis of Culture" just about sums it up.
On a typical Friday night I am
Ready to relax and start the weekend. What I do depends on what's going on: an evening with family or a friend is great. Often I just want to relax on the couch, enjoy a quiet evening, definitely watch Kitchen Nightmares, Dexter &/or Star Trek episodes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm willing to admit that I wouldn't reveal anything labeled "most private" Dah !!! ?
You should message me if
If you sometimes wonder if a woman can be interesting, warm, and cool at the same time.

If you like someone who also uses their brains/talents, and it doesn't make you want to get into a contest to prove that you're better or smarter.

If most of your initial questions aren't about sex... ( Yeah. I get that you're a guy but ...) it's putting the cart before the horse !

If you're tired of the bullshit stuff. Great. I'm not going to try to impress you with the brand name of my sneakers or sunglasses. I'm a loving, honest and bright person and I'd like to be appreciated for that.

All this said, message me if you still want to get to know me more. Let's start there.
The two of us