48 Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
If I visit your profile and don't send you a message. It most likely means 'your picture has caught my eye' and I'm checking to see if I fit into your age bracket.
I'm a single, never married male who adores women. I'm not a player or a dateaholic. I would like to meet a woman with an open heart, a playful spirit, and a good head on her shoulders. I sometimes enjoy personal development workshops that help me understand the crazy things I do or have done. It helps me to understand myself better as well as others and our relationships. I'm not looking for someone who will take over and let me know how it's gonna be, nor am I looking for someone who just agrees with everything I say and do. I'm looking for partnership, one in which we decide together, we succeed together, we make mistakes together, and so on. I do physical work all day, so I'm not really interested in going hiking or mountain climbing on the weekends. I enjoy nice meals out, a movie now and then, maybe taking a dance class or two. I also enjoy quite nights in, campfires, and topless crib. I have a great sense of humour, which is playful and well,... you'll see... I like tools, trucks, and mud, but I also like being pampered, dressing up and going out on the town. I rarely drink alcohol, and don't really care about sports too much.
All that being said, now for the juicy stuff... I smoke cigarettes and pot discretely. I am a very sexual being who is stimulated by the presence of air, so windy days are especially bad. I enjoy making love, but I also enjoy sex as a sport and cannot stand for routine.
We have reports from reliable sources that indicate my place is "nice enough to bring a girl home to" and some have said "ya, this place is alright"
My chiropractor describes me as a 'broke horse' meaning I've already gotten into most of the trouble I'm going to get into.

I'm a respectful towards women. I will not stand for women being abused in my presence. I will never stalk you or send you multiple unanswered messages (as recommended by OK Cupid) if you say you're not interested or tell me to leave, I will. I'm not looking for someone I need to convince to be with me. I want to be with someone who wants to be with me too.
What I’m doing with my life
I own and manage rental properties in Calgary. I also own and manage my own contracting business. I am constantly trying to find balance between work, rest, and play. I used to take WCS dancing lessons and really enjoyed that, I'd like to start something like that again.
I’m really good at
I've been told... I'm good at making women feel safe in my presence. I like to open doors for... well, everyone, but especially women. I like you to know I'm there with you, so I will place my hand in the small of your back as we enter a room, or place my hand on your shoulder if I sense you becoming ungrounded in a conversation with someone else. I like to do stuff like; shovelling your walks, or brushing the snow off your car and warming it up for you as a surprise.
The first things people usually notice about me
A sinister grin...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can be a bit 'handsy'
You should message me if
If you like my profile, or just wanna say hi