41 Kitchener, Canada
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My self-summary
Who I am depends on when and who is asking. Right now I'm a guy who is bored and looking for a distraction. And if that distraction should lead to a relationship, then I think that would be a very worthwhile distraction.

Let's see, how best to describe myself. I was captain of my basketball and volleyball teams in high school, but also the treasurer for the school band (and lead trumpet). I always seem to fit in fairly well with any group that I'm around, without really feeling like I fully belong in any group. That has sort of been the pattern that I've found recurring throughout my life.

I tend to do things for others, sometimes at the expense of doing things that I want. I have tried to work on this lately, but the fact that I enjoy making others happy means that I usually enjoy doing things from them, if that makes sense.

I've recently decided to give stand up a least as a hobby. I've done one show at Yuk Yuk's, and have now been booked for four more shows. Am I any good? Well, I suppose that depends on your sense of humour, so feel free to judge for yourself:

I read a lot. I have recently become moderately addicted to watching movies from the 40s and 50s. I write in my spare time and hope to one day have something worth publishing. I play video games every now and then. I make time for my family (mother and brothers, I have no children). I sometimes wish that I were back overseas, working and exploring the world.

Now, technically this hasn't been a summary, but seriously, how much of a summary can you make on here? "I was born at an early age, grew up (quite a bit "up", actually), and here I am." Is that a better summary?

I am vexed by word limits, seeking a challenge, and want something new
What I’m doing with my life
Eating it in a bowl, with milk? Reading it for the articles? Spinning the wheel and then moving my little plastic car?

I've just moved back to Canada after working for a little under six years in Korea. I had to move back due to a family emergency. And, while the emergency is less emergent, things aren't quite back to normal yet.

I work as an information developer at a tech firm in Waterloo. It's an alright job and I like the people that I work with.

I guess I have reached the stage of my life where I am looking for something more permanent. That's not to say that I would go on a first date and expect to marry the person two weeks later. I'd give it a solid month before eloping.

Honestly, though, with my work life sorted out, with my family life finally settling down, I can focus a bit more on a relationship. The only problem is, I am not entirely certain what it is that I'm looking for, nor do I really know what I'm looking to avoid. Which does make it a bit more challenging. But I am not looking to just date anymore, I am hoping to find someone to start a long-term relationship with.
I’m really good at
not remembering specifics. I'm more of a "big picture" person, but often forget little details. You know, like names, or faces. So I was never really good at geography or history. And yet I kicked ass at Mastermind and Simon, so go figure.

Oh, right, things I am good at. Well, I'm pretty good at making people laugh, I'm pretty good at joining conversations, either superficial ones or interesting, in-depth talks. I'm also fairly good at some sports, logic puzzles, Double Dribble, Tetris, and reading more into things than is actually there.

I'm also good at making people feel special. I remember birthdays, I enjoy planning small know, stuff like that.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my height. Being over 6'6" is fairly noticeable, I suppose. I'd like to say my sense of humour, although that probably wouldn't be the *first* thing.

Actually, isn't the first thing that a person notices more indicative of the person doing the noticing than the person being noticed?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Franny & Zooey, Crime and Punishment, Microserfs, Wild Sheep Chase, Dune, This Can't Be Happening at McDonald Hall, A Crack in Space...

Authors: Salinger, Dostoevsky, Coupland, Murikame, Rex Stout, Korman, Philip K. Dick, Chuck Klosterman, Bill Simmons, James Clavell, Steven Pinker, Malcolm Gladwell...

Movies: Fight Club, Memento, MST3K, A Day at the Races, Monty Python, Moulin Rouge, Empire Strikes Back, Chinatown, Rounders, Full Metal Jacket...

Music: U2, Tragically Hip, the Trews, Pearl Jam, Beatles, Jack Johnson, the Hold Steady, the Black Keys, the White Stripes, Kings of Leon, William Whitmore.

Food: Cheese, Pasta, Sushi, Thai food, Mexican food, Italian food, Paella, things wrapped in bacon

I have realized, after perusing the site, that most people are listing authors rather than books, but movies instead of directors. Interesting.

While on the general topic, I always have at least two books (but usually four) on me at all times. There are at least two or three either in my bed or on the table next to my bed, because I'm never sure what I'll feel like reading before going to sleep. Right now I have Poor Folk, an Orwell book, a book on language loss, a Raymond Chandler book, and a book about Buddhism.

I also have one of my iPods on me at all times. I walk a lot and I love listening to music as I stroll. I also listen to a lot of podcasts, usually about language, linguistics, philosophy, science, or sports, but occasionally on other topics (ecology and economics lately).
The six things I could never do without
Good music, good food, good books, good friends, good adventures and, to keep the theme consistent, let's go with Good Times (it's dy-no-mite!). Good lord that was a good question.

Free will, humour, sarcasm, wit, imagination, hope.

Head and shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes. Knees and toes. Crap, is that four or eight?

Really? At various times over the past seven years I have done without everything that I thought I could never do without, and done without them for extended periods of time. So, really, non-physiologically speaking, there's nothing that I couldn't do without, which may, by itself, speak volumes about me. If not, feel free to email me. I tend to write volumes.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what I would be thinking about in the future. Now I sometimes wonder what I was thinking when I was thinking about what I would be thinking about.

Other than that, probably women.

I think about so many things. Sometimes I try to think about what I should be thinking about. That is to say, I try to think about 'what' I should be thinking about, not thinking about the things I should be thinking about.

Whenever I see that someone eschews capital letters when they type, I always wonder if they are feminists or if they're just lazy.

Really, how many successful comedians would there be if people were better educated?

Lately I've been thinking about metaphors a lot. Isn't language itself just a complex metaphor? And aren't all thoughts metaphors? Everything we say or think represents whatever it is that we are talking/thinking about, right? So how can we delineate what is and isn't a metaphor? Personally, I feel that absolutely everything that anyone says or thinks is a metaphor, even if they are speaking literally. Unless, of course, they use "like" or "as".
On a typical Friday night I am
Hm. Typical? The gym seems to be far less busy on Friday nights than other nights. If I'm not there then I might be at my brother's place, or reading, or playing a computer game, or wasting time online, or answering emails, or playing board games with friends, or...well, the list goes on.

Is this question really about Friday nights, though, or is it more about what people do in their spare time? If that's the case, then other than the gym, and volleyball, and hockey, and basketball, I'd probably go with reading, the odd TV show, video/computer games, calling friends that I haven't seen in too long, playing solitaire while letting my brain wander for a bit...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that I once open-mouth kissed a horse. No, wait, I think that was someone else. Hmmm...the most private thing I'm willing to admit here? I use humour to compensate for middle-child syndrome.

Other private things? I still believe that, generally speaking, people tend to be good, if a little thoughtless at times.

Actually, I don't really keep much private. I'll answer anything honestly. Okay, I do sometimes lie, only to see if I can spin a tale that people will believe, but I always come clean and end up telling the truth shortly thereafter. I had a German friend in Canada once, and she was the best. She always completely believed every lie I told, including the fact that you shouldn't leave your house after dark because that's when the wild packs of wolves and bears wander through the town, but would never believe the truth, like the fact that there's a treeline north of which trees won't grow due to the permafrost.
You should message me if
you're interesting, open-minded, and enjoy reading/learning.

Oh, is this from your perspective? Then you should message me if you are looking for a few emails of decent length (or longer), want someone who thinks a little differently and may challenge your thinking, and need an occasional laugh (depending upon your sense of humour, of course).

Or if you read my profile and feel an uncontrollable urge to contact me. Hey, who am I to prevent an uncontrollable urge? Then again, who am I to instill an uncontrollable urge. Instill? Create? Inflame? Cultivate? Hmmm... this may be open to future revisions (and I called myself an editor. Hmph!).

I am happily in a relationship right now, but am always open to making new friends.