30Huntington Beach, United States
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My self-summary
Oh ladies...I am not sure what I expect to get out of this at this point. Way too many of you simply strike me as the same. Not sure if there are just that many fake profiles or if individuality is diminishing, but it's just so disinteresting with all these profiles containing the same style photos including the apparent staple duck/kissy face and now these ridiculous pointless dog face & princess hair flower Snapchat filter BS(just for the guy is interested in seeing what you look like with an animated puppy nose and tongue...just sayin), same cliche description, dawning a similar unoriginal username. And for 90% of the profiles....ladies, I find it rather humorous seeing you ridicule dudes for have shirtless pics and ab selfies when most of you have the female equivalent of a desperate for attention cleavage pic...or 3... you truly need to get over your chests. Yes, they're lovely, but why would you be expecting deeper conversational initiations when those pics are accompanied by a 12 word Bio section. At least the douchey mirror shots are straight forward about what they are selling. What you think is subtle, suggestive and tasteful more times than not just comes off as obvious, blatant and sometimes outright whorish. At least own it if you're sporting something with your chest popping out of it. If you don't present yourself as having anything more to offer, why are you surprised and appalled that you get bombarded by creeps just looking to hook up... Haha. If you dangle a piece of meat in front of a bunch of hungry dogs they'll certainly lunge for it in a less than favorable fashion. You're feeding the machine of the objectification. Chivalry isn't dead girls, there's just a shrinking populace of deserving ladies these days. Act like a lady, have class and you'll surely cross paths someone that will treat you with the proper respect you warrant...I certainly will, despite whether we are good match for not. Also, I have become quite exhausted of nearly every profile in a pretentious manner making a point to "pre-reject" any short initial messages just saying "Hi". Particularly odd when a similar extent of effort has gone into filling out their profile. Why is there some great expectations for an elaborate effort filled message for some stranger that will likely be determining a potential response primarily on momentary skim of the profile pics anyway. We aren't some breed of rainforest bird with extravagant mating attraction rituals. Pack up your egos and stop expecting strangers to jump through hoops just for a chance to chat with you... especially if you've provided no effort or content even resembling a decent foundation for conversation ice breaker. Perhaps if you were grounded enough to take a chance on some of those "waste of time" hellos you'd stumble upon that legit guy you long for and insist doesn't exist. I don't see what is so wrong with employing the most basic social standard in history of simply saying "Hi" to someone you wish to converse with anyway. Besides, guarantee you reply to "hi" if the guy is attractive or seems interesting enough anyway.

I'm looking for a unique, cute, calm, genuine, warm hearted girl with an open mind, self respect and above all substance. Someone who marches to the beat of their own drum and hasn't been completely molded into today's societal standard with a desperation for attention and fitting in even by the means of self degradation. I'm interested in honest, intelligent and individualistic people that have a solid sense of humor, may share some of my interests. Would love a fitness enthusiast but highly prefer they have some sort of regard for health/exercise or active living or they simply will not understand and quite possibly be annoyed by my daily regimen and lifestyle.

I've been told that I'm the scary or intimidating look with the sweet teddy bear personality, which I'm not entirely sure about, but I am definitely much deeper than what some would simply presume is summed up as a delinquent looking meat head that lifts weights. I thrive on intellect and creativity. I appreciate the arts. I live by the golden rule. I advocate honor and integrity. I'm perplexed by this era of insecurity where everyone is starved for attention and in such a dire need of acceptance...Where importance seems to be measured in likes and followers...where selfies are more common place than the use of the phrase "thank you". I loathe the growing selfishness and lack of or fake compasion in people today. I desire someone who observes and questions...someone who carves their own path instead of conforming to follow the main trail.

Be true to who you are instead of what you think people believe you ought to be and you'll find what you are really looking for eventually.

Not sure if that qualifies as a profile "about me" or simply an unnecessary, drawn out, mile long internet rant(my vote is on the latter), but either way it's glimpse of my world perspective and bit of my personality I suppose.
I’m really good at
Being open minded.

Philosophizing and over analyzing
about life and all its complexity.

I also can cook some and I make a mean salad.
The first things people usually notice about me
You tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shows: Family Guy, The Office, The Simpsons, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, South Park, Freinds and Ted Talks are always good, Have watched plenty of series too. Let's talk about them. Currently watching Game of Thrones, Westworld, Silicon Valley, Walking Dead, Black Mirror
Music: Too many to list
Movies: ^^same^^ (includes documentaries)
Six things I could never do without
My Family
Creative Expression
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, Society, the Psychological, The Philosophical
You should message me if
You live by the golden rule...that's a good starting point.
The two of us