35Belfast, United States
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My self-summary
Nothing that i am is permanent. Every two weeks or so i feel different about my life and every few weeks my life changes drastically.
I am a gypsy in the true sense of the word, the thing i avoid most is stagnation, sleeping through this life in a repetitive pattern.
In this context nothing is good or better, just fresh and new and maybe scary, or boring. Pain or boredom, choose your poison.
I dont intend to live forever, but i do want to live while i am here.
Nothing that i say here is true, of course.
I have already been so many different charaters, and i am almost 34 years old, and it appears to be an excellerating process.
I could say the things about food and travel and art that most of us do, but i wont as it violates my need for originality.
I love shanties, you know, simple structures built out of tarps and trees and cord and wire. And fire seems to be a more or less constant part of my life, so much so that I realized a few days ago that I hardly notice it any more, which is kinda sad. I cook predominantly with fire whenever I am outside of a houe, which is almost always, and have made at least a dozen wood stoves out of scrap metal.
I take critisism very well, and am capable of actual real change when i hear others perspectives of me and the shit they feel is wrong.
I am one of those people who can work hard and enjoy it, and can also appriciate relaxation and doing absolutely nothing but breathing.
Here is a good one you don't see too often on dating sites, probably because it doesn't exactly draw them in. I have fairly frequent intensely depressed episodes, and I allow myself to contemplate suicide seriously, methods, means and aftermath. I would not categorize myself as a positive person, except that I for some God damned reason keep choosing to live, which is positive. In actuality I understand this entire universe and everything in it to be just a prolonged and meaningless halucination, including myself, and of course you. I know that this type of honesty is not good for attracting a mate, but I don't expect to meet anyone on OK Cupid anyways so I can say what I want to. I have read enough profiles to be totally uninspired about dating, they all say the same things, cooking, food, sex, travel, polyamory, honesety, pleasure, food, fun, where's the fucking dark and dubious side? Everyone's got one, and I want to see it . I've had enough of angels and fairies and positivity and goodness and vegans and kind conscientious people and their boring, mind-numbing profiles. Where are the artists?
Not the painters of pictures but the livers of life?
Strong, courageous people choosing their own lives?
Making it happen, fucking shit up?
I am done with fucking Goddesses and other half-lings, creatures terrified of the dark, desperately trying to believe they will live forever. NO, you will fucking die, and you won't even have known what your life meant.....

Anyway, in general I am a very nice, easygoing dude, I LOVE kittens and all baby animals, boobs and vaginas, good conversation (mostly about death and dying) knives and hatchets. If you appreciate all these things, contact me.
What I’m doing with my life
Rather than errasing everything here every few months, or weeks, I am adding on information, the most current first.
May 2017:
Right now I am living in a pasture in Asturias Spain, in a shanty (not one of my better ones) with an adopted cat and her four newborn kittens. We sleep in the bed together so most mornings I wake up with kittens on all sides. My (since November) wife Anna and I came out to the old County looking for a slower less money focused way of life, and instead we found a cat . Buying bicycles in the town the train dropped us in, we rode along the coast of Northern Spain, until we found a kitten abandoned under a bush next to where we were sleeping in a waste land in Santander. She would have died without our help and she was (is) so adorable we took her in. The signs pointed us towards Asturias and when we got here we were offered to live in an unused pasture, so we did and we got a goat. Anna had to return to the US when her visa expired, then the goat and her baby left me when on a mountain climbing expedition, but then the cat had her babies, so now we are six again . It turns out that the cat can't leave Spain until her rabies vaccine has aged 3 weeks, so I've got 21 days beginning today to watch kittens grow.
That about sums up my life right now....

March 2016:
At this present time i am focussed on building and selling gypsy vardos, a new style based on the bow top design from way back when. The first little one is about ready to be sold to fund an adventure in Europe to search for Hoogle Land, a place where life doesn't have to suck...

June 2015:
I have been living in the Oregon wilderness the past three months with my partner Anna and it has been interesting. Like most interesting things in this boring civilized world, it has its illegal elements, but enforcement is so lax it is not a major concern. If we wanted to we could fairly easily construct a hut/cabin out here and live in this stunningly beautiful forest for as long as we pleased, but being here with only each other all the time is very boring. On to the next thing, I think we will try moving into the city now...

Built and lived in our first shanty on unused land on the edge of town....
Lived in a community in the heart of yuppydom and made and sold tiny houses...
Lived in a tipi in the Southern Oregon/Northern California woods on public land, learning hunting and gathering, acorns and mushrooms......
Travelled around the west coast searching for communities to live in.....
Built a strawbale cabin, blah blah blahhhhhh
I’m really good at
Well I'm pretty fucking good at being me, and swearing, I think I swear effectively and communicatively, in a way which is both natural and expressive.
And I am obviously good at being very casual and suave. When I don't think about what I am saying but just speak I usually impress myself and amuse others.
I am good at listening, even when I don't want to and I am eternally grateful for this.
I am, a handy man. Yes, i fix things and build things and love the skills and tools I have access to.
And I like to think I'm really good at sex (I know I'm not the only guy who thinks this), although it fluctuates a great deal depending on the situation, the more in-love I feel the more intense and real and AMAZING the experience of course...
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, I would guess my height, my recently grown (recently shaved actually) huge beard, my unique fashion sense, (tights made out of a sweater, same clothes for a whole season) bare feet and my feeling of confidence. But I could be totally wrong and people notice totally different things...Like, 'who's that freak', or 'that dude is not your average homeless fellow...'.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love animals and I eat them.
Ishmeal, fight club, the foragers harvest, any music i can play and sing on guitar, and I love food. I have developed my own style of cooking using whole foods to make healthy, delicious quick foods with limited ingredients in a variety of situations (chocolate moose pie in a tipi anyone?)
I like a large number of books and movies but can never remember their names at times like these, sorry. How do you people keep track of these things? I fucking love Whitman and other writers who expose my freedom to me.
I am currently reading Moby Dick, for my own reasons, slow fucking going let me tell you. Thoreau, and a tiny short book by Luis Amour, a book about the use of hallucinogenics by native peoples in S. America and a book about how women are like wolves, which I think is quite true.
I enjoy the standard, cheezy current pop and country stations and all the drivel they play. It's always the same garbage but somehow it makes me feel the hopelessness of the human condition in a powerful way and often makes me cry, which I sure appreciate . I find NPR and other yuppity stations grossly pretentious and avoid them like classical music...

Shit I remember now, I love Afroman and Bo Burnham, George Carlin and about all black comedians, Bill hicks and Swami Beyondananda.
Six things I could never do without
I have learned from experience that I generally do without whatever I don't currently have. The things I prefer not to do without are:
My knife
Time alone
Realizing that nothing, not nothing really matters
A hot shower, or bath or sweat once in a while
My tablet. Although it is really many different things, instrument tuner, song recorder, weather predictor, Spanish teacher, Topo map, notepad, camera, even a place to roll a spliff!
Something I could sure do without is less grit in the bed, but like that will ever happen...guess I shouldn't live on the ground..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I have wasted and sadly continue to waste a great deal of time worrying about stupid shit, and planning things, and I've come up with some cool ideas and designs. I mean,, I think thinking's great, but if I don't stop thinking so much about the future and the past, and start feeling in the present, I'm gonna miss the majority of my own life, which is a pretty pathetic thing to do...
On a typical Friday night I am
What do you mean 'Friday night'?
I don't live on anyone's schedule. I do what the fuck I want when the fuck I want to. I'm not a fucking slave, I don't get time off. I'm a Man, as in huMan and I work when I want to and rest when I'm tired. And yes, I am my own and only boss, one ass hole telling me what to do is quite enough for me..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ooh come on!
Have I not made it clear? there is no private.
We are all one. Lie to you, lie to myself.
I am a massively funked up being, same as you.
I just can't be arsed pretending otherwise anymore...
You should message me if
You consider yourself a life-artist. You like having your falseness pointed out to you and appreciate both sides of the coin of life. And please contact me if you are genuinely alive and changing and contradictory and not sleepliving through life!
The two of us