41Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
I'm a man who likes to fill his life with interesting, open minded people. People who appreciate a dark sense of humour, who aren't obsessed with political correctness and just prefer a common sense humanitarian approach to the world and the people around them.

I like to think of myself a independant and free spirited, however I know in reality I tend to be a bit more on the pragmatic side.

Ultimately though, like any good Taurus.....I have a hedonistic streak a mile wide, and I think every person deserves the chance to indulge their humanity, atleast once in a while.

When it comes to relationships....I am polyamourous and have been involved with some fantastic partners in the past. However currently I am single.
Also while I do believe in being in the here and now with the person I am with, I am the kind of person who needs their alone time to recharge as well. Unfortunately that tends to alienate some people.
Ultimately I am looking for that core primary relationship with someone who is either poly, or at least poly friendly and for any other relationships to radiate out from there.

I am open minded, polyamourous and have a sane and healthy kinky streak.
What I’m doing with my life
Apart from riding my motorbike and volunteering my time with the State Emergency Service, I study the Kendo Martial Art. It is certainly helping me to rediscover muscles I never knew I could hurt. But it is great.

I'm enjoying exploring life with my family and friends. In recent years I have discovered a new love of travel, whether that is exploring far flung corners of Australia on the back of my motorbike, or visiting new countries and cultures like my recent trip to Japan.

So I'm trying to enjoy life, without sucking the life out of the people around me. We should all have the chance to experience as much as we can, just so long as it doesn't come at the expense of our fellow human beings.

After 15 odd years, and more universities than I care to admit to, formal study is a over and done with for me. I've completed my Masters in librarianship. So I guess it's official. I should start practice my shusshing now?
With the Masters over and done with, I'm officially over qualified, will someone please slap me if they see me reaching for the forms to sign up for that phD!

No motorbike trips for the time being, I'm too busy working on my fitness now that I have taken up Kendo. But it has inspired me to try to learn Japanese. Learning new languages is not something that I'm good at though. Any good Japanese tutors out there want to take pity on me? :)
I’m really good at
Research and investigation. I think that if I wasn't working in libraries, it might be interesting to work as a private investigator, or in forensics. Do I have to look like Humphrey Bogart?

I have a small artistic streak as well, probably the only outlet for this at the moment is in painting my Miniatures for wargamming, or perhaps joining my friends for some roleplaying. Yes very geeky I know.
The first things people usually notice about me
Apparently that I have nice eyes. But probably that I tend to be the quiet mysterious one. At least when I am not climing up on that soap box to discuss something I'm passionate about.
All in all, I am not your sterotypical librarian.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Books: Just about anything that is Sci-fi or fantasy oriented, I do enough reading for work and for study. When I sit down with a good book of my own, I want escapism. Some favourites include anything by John Birmingham, anything post apocalyptic or steam punk. I can also recommend the book World War Z if you are a zombie fan. The talking book has some very interesting actors doing the voices.

Webcomics: The Order of the Stick, Questionable Content, Oglaf.

Movies: Yes, once again a Sci-fi nut, but I particularly anything with philosophy behind it, rather than just being an action SFX show case. So gritty stuff like Serenity or Firefly is always good. I absolutely hate true crime and cop shows though.

TV: No real suprise here, I'm into escapist TV when I actually watch it. That means you can keep your cooking shows and your reality shows all to yourself. I would rather: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, maybe some old school M.A.S.H., or straight the Sci-fi with things like Babylon 5, Stargate or Star Trek.

Music: I am very ecclectic, I like just about anything but Doof Doof music. I like a good viseral sound as much as the next person, hey I used to be a drummer, but there is just something about that music that bugs me. I would say amongst my favourite artists at the moment would be Loreena MacKennit, or Evenescence. However I am a fan of some good old fashioned hard Rock from time to time. A bit of Queen, or Guns and Roses (the old stuff).

Podcasts: Penn's Sunday School, Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Monster Talk, Skeptoid, TAE. Particularly shows that cover Philosophy or rational investigation of the world around us.

Food: I like far too much of it for my own good.

Activities: Riding the motorbike, particularly on trips away (Makes for some great private time to listen to podcasts on long rides). Geeky persuits of a gaming nature, be it computer games, or roleplaying games with actual dice. Good nights out with friends, or even nights in for that matter.
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order....

- My motorbike
- Good friends and lovers
- Kendo training
- Good food
- My imagination
- An obscene collection of boardgames
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ways I can take over the world??

Actually at the moment, I am probably spending a lot of time at Kendo training or working on my fitness routine.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually being an old school geek. Myself, a couple of friends, and a good session of D&D. Hey what can I say, did I mention escapism???
If not that. Then hopefully in the company of someone interesting. Whether that is on the couch watching a movie, playing some board games (Risk or Settlers for the win!!!), or out on the town.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I may just be a little on the kinky side! Well perhaps more than a little.....

Oh....and I have a weakness for redheads and keltic women.
You should message me if
Your open minded, poly, just a little on the kinky side, or appreciate a twisted sense of humour. A sci-fi and fantasy fan is always a bonus.

Your a fan of displays of the raw power of nature..... Nothing like a thunderstorm at the end of a hot day over summer and autumn. (Why don't we get those any more?)

I am particularly interested in talking to other bike riders as well. Especially people with an interest in touring. Passengers are also welcome to apply.

I'm fairly keen to meet other people studying kendo, particularly if they would like a training partner. Bonus points if you can teach me Japanese!
The two of us