43Santa Rosa, United States
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My self-summary
Hello hello... I like many of us was paying for this account for a long time and like many wasn't having really great luck. So I switched to a different level... I can't see any Likes ,as it were... Please say hello if you feel so inclined :^) ... Thanks, yall take care.

"One regret that I am determined Not to have when I am lying upon my
death bed is that we did not kiss enough" –Hafiz

"♫ It's Only life after all.."
loosen up a bit, I tell myself at times, when needed.
That's from a song & is coming from this atypical Virgo.. so that's a bold statement.

Headline reads: George Burns type seeking his Gracie Allen...
(you Know about these two ??)
(classic love story entrenched in comedy... amazing)

Update : ...But even beyond the romantic scene, I would like to talk with new interesting folks with fresh outlooks and ideas.. it can get a bit stagnant up here sometimes.. sooo we Can talk & be easy...

...Stay Golden Ponyboy...

OK, here it goes...
I Am Solid, Loyal, Dependable, I can keep a secret, I'm a true confidante, an Earth sign..grounded...
Honest... anyone In to that anymore?
I will NeveR play any games with you...
and I Expect the same.
Originally from the Midwest... raised on the shores of lake Erie in Ohio to be exact... awesome place for water fun and woodlands in the spring and autumn seasons...
Spent a few years working with some Very high end music clientele in Nashville, Tennessee... I didn't want to dedicate my life to that mostly shallow (yet rather exciting, at times) industry anymore, so I transitioned from there to Sonoma State for my Experiential Education degree... now teaching & working on living the dream up here in Sonoma county.
I Can be a little shy at times..but then... you'll wonder where I've been all your life... ;} (I'll be wondering that about you too)

I'd like to have a family with the Right person.(sounds simple?) I used to think that I wasted time in the wrong romantic relationships but now I believe that I was supposed to be there and learn...and to teach my partners what they needed to know, too. I'm currently working a lot and not finding much time to meet new people; so here I am on the interwebs. I will definitely slow down to spend time with my partner-- I look forward to that.
I'm spiritual but not dogmatic. Though I do follow philosophical path-works on my journey.
I have been seeking out inspiration in this ol' world; give me something to dream on...

This?? You and I !:
* We laugh a lot. A Lot... keeps my Soul clean
* We do not go out of our ways to Create problems.. we diligently work on being Smooth... in the Flow...
*We genuinely enjoy each other's company and we know that life is only as fun as we make it.
* We both work on ourselves and our relationship because it makes life richer.
* Each of us does things that make our hearts full - separately and together.
* When things get tough, we hang in there and find ways to walk through the challenges with love. We know that sometimes there isn't an immediate solution... but we're pretty committed to finding one.
* We are supportive of friends, and genuinely want to make other people's lives better when possible... big picture
* We can share silence.
* We adventure together.
* We support one another's goals.
* We share amazing chemistry.

Tender words we spoke to one another are sealed in the secret vaults of heaven. One day like rain, they will fall to earth and grow green all over the world. ~ Rumi

So I hope that you find whatever it may be that you are seeking... and Remember to Breathe and Relax...
Life is indeed what you Choose it to be...
What I’m doing with my life
working on a better me >W.I.P. work in progress.
One day at a time.. one life at a time...
...trying to stand my ground..while I'm semi-patiently waiting for Her..(you?)... and eventually ...that look in her eye... when our souls blend together and the whole world fades away...
Ever have That feeling??
That is where I come from... hope that it's not too real.
I love deeply...
a blessing..
or my curse? ha
...but let's keep it loose for a bit...
I’m really good at
Listening, teaching & teachable moments, keeping kids of all ages closely connected to the natural world, being a solid friend, holding hands, kissing, big spoon, making fun of Caucasian people...
...You ever just need a soft place to fall? I'm That fella... strong enough to hold us both up at times.
( But my mental health cannot afford to deal with any crazy shit anymore… Those other girls done used up all that part) Only selective fun crazy from now on…
...Going the distance... I'm usually the last one standing. I'm from the heartland; I'm of Irish/Swedish descent.. we're Hearty & dependable.
The first things people usually notice about me
Folksy, sharp,Warm smile? Towering presence?
Some say that I look like a Viking? I Am Swedish...
You like big man with strong arms to hold you tightly and keep you safe? yeah, me too...
... and use adverbs properly?
( I Know... Strong package, right?)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books/Authors: Tao Te Ching !! Rumi, Hafiz, Sufi writings, Bill Bryson is fun, Mark Twain, environmental lit: Ed Abbey, Mary Oliver, Aldo Leopold, Philosophers! : Buddha, Lao Tzu, Padmasambava, Seneca, Nikola Tesla, Plato, etc ,beat poets, biographies, history, etc. I love to read quality.. will add other authors soon. Miller, Steinbeck, Hesse - Siddhartha, some Hemingway.
I'm ready to watch and read Gone with the Wind again..with an adult perspective....

Movies.. ohhh I don't know: Crouching Dragon, Grizzly Adams, the Outsiders, Crazy Heart,Comedies, docs, and yes.. (dirty) Dances with Wolves ( best thing he ever did-- a classic). ET, Bridge on the River Kwai, Goonies.. truffle shuffle, son, comedies, John Wayne.. a good western, mystery, Spartacus (wth Kirk Douglas), Cleopatra, classics.

Tele: that one show with the witty intellectual humor...nature channel, Park & Rec, Parenthood, Alf, MASH, 60 Minutes - stay current, Always Sunny.. Haven't had tv for years butwatch shows on the net here and there.

Musica:FuNk, world beat, AfroBeat, rock, jazz, bluegrass, newgrass, Americana, Grateful Dead !! let's dance...Doc Watson, Earl & Randy Scruggs- Lester Flatt too, Hardly Strictly Festival, blues: electric, Chicago, acoustic, delta.., folk, Railroad Earth !! , JJ Cale, Drive By Truckers, Dylan, Robert Hunter, , Gordon Lightfoot, Bruuuce Cockburn, Darrel Scott! Rusted Root, JIMI !, Richie Havens, Paul Simon, John Denver, Good country, cetera... fun talking points...

Food: yes. sometimes no...veggy based, fresh & healthy..please.. mostly. Tequila smoothies
Six things I could never do without
My soul
Love-- in its many forms,
Music! (LIVE, recorded,etc) & my vast record collection!
PUnKINS.. and their gourd cousins.

gourmet bbq! & Irish whiskey & Waylon and Willie. John Cash & Kristofferson. Garcia & Hunter !!

Festivals!-- all kinds ...., love letters, my acoustic guitar (not too awesome on it yet.. working on my own songs though), good books, fine bourbon, decent vino, disc golf, frisbee tossing, holding hands, Annie's Woodstock dressing, coins from foreign countries, accents, clean socks with style, kites!, cedarwood oil, my maroon colored pick (for my trimmed rad beard), my big Lake Tahoe blue beverage cup with bears and pine trees on it(that awesome cup sadly got smashed… But I bought a new awesome one at the Cleveland aquarium) sage, sweetgrass, random facts, feathers, et cetera
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...How I can continue to positively affect my global community, myself, and Mother Nature, too!
playing from both the heart And the head... the world needs that.

MUSIC, nature, science, truth, light, language, love, geology, art, record collection,exploring, ...

"Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is most poetic thing I know about physics. You are all stardust."
---Physicist Lawrence Krauss
Always go deep...
"♫ We are stardust.. we are golden..." - Joni Mitchell

Her... if she may be thinking about me, too..
If She is sweet.. like this:


"🎵Oh Love that Fires the Sun....
Keep me burning"-Bruce Cockburn
On a typical Friday night I am
Myriad: listening to records & resuming the Chill, dancing to live music, counting my blessings, whatever clever...
Revision: i've been spending less and less… Hoping to get into homeownership sooner than later… These lead to more nights in… which is fine with me… For now
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I Think that Stevie Nicks was playing when I surrendered my virginity. Hajaha
You should message me if
You carry yourself with a sense of EASE......
While I am a very considerate, I know that I do not pair well with people who are pushy or overly sensitive.
You Are Trustworthy, patient, open to a LTR, emotionally available & secure- I really need that from my partner.
You Got fynky Soul-power! like to Dance, an optimist, love Aretha, we are both working on healthy minds please...

you are spiritual ,intuitive, creative, and semi-grounded,doing something good in the world..
blend of book smart And a little street smart too

I'd love to meet someone who knows who she is and her general trajectory in life... preferably with a sense of adventure and fun! If you haqave a good heart, then say hello..we should at least talk.

You get this:
The two of us