44Austin, United States
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My self-summary
I live with a smart, playful tomcat of a man who fits me like a glove, have three strictly casual sexual relationships that have been going strong for about 5 years, and make a regular habit of meeting new men and getting naked with them. And that, for me, is a beautiful beginning.

The single thing I most yearn for, now, is another glove--someone I can love with embarrassing devotion, trust with my every truth, and desire to the point that I tremble when he stands near, who wants to share my life and share his with me. Having one like that only makes me more aware that I'm built to need more than one, the way wearing one warm glove on a cold day makes you exceptionally aware of your other hand.

I'm not in a hurry. I want the whole journey. The first conversation that only seems to get more intriguing as it goes on, the first kiss that’s more of a question than a statement, the flutter of dawning attachment. That day when his absence becomes distracting. The first time seeing his name on a text makes me flush with excitement. The night that he whispers, "You're mine," in my ear and I feel it like a bolt through my body. I want to fall in love, and live in love. I know it probably won't happen with the next guy I meet; maybe not the hundredth and next guy. And that's O.K.

Wherever the right man is, whatever he is, I know this much: He'll be unusually intelligent. He won't have hang-ups about sex. He'll know himself and be able to be truly honest with me. He'll understand that "all mine" doesn't have to mean "only mine". And he'll be ready and willing to embrace what develops between us, without hesitation.

I'm playful, somewhat geeky, and more than a little kinky. My libido is prodigious, and I am most joyous and most fulfilled (not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually) when it is being well satisfied. I try to be logical, pragmatic, and efficient, but I'm also rather emotionally intense and an unrepentant hedonist. You should expect at least occasional sarcasm from me, and periodic piercing questions. (How people decide what to be is of considerable interest to me.)

I like my men brainy and honest. Pretty eyes, pretty lips, and long (or at least shaggy) hair are a plus, as is towering over me in height. Competence (in just about anything) is a big turn on. When it comes to sex, I like things on the rough side. You don’t have to be willing to beat me, but if you wouldn’t enjoy pinning me down or biting me on the shoulder we’re probably not compatible.

There's room for more than just that one new beloved in my life. I'd especially like to find a bi guy who wants to have regular three-ways with a particular bedmate of mine (ideally one who's a good emotional fit for both of us, too, so we can become good friends over time--or more, if that worked out; that'd be lovely). And it would be good to have a close male friend to whom I'm not romantically attached. I haven't had one of those in almost forever, and I miss it. (Sex could be part of that, or not. Good sex with a good friend is such a comfortable, happy thing, I don't understand why so many people rule it out.)

And I am still open to new casual playmates, including one-time hookups, though that’s one role I’m not having trouble filling at the moment. If that’s what you’re looking for, tell me why you think the two of us would have fun together. If you just send me, “Hello, how are you today,” and a link to an empty profile, I’m probably not going to bother to answer. I figure if you’re too lazy to write a couple of sentences about who you are, what you want, and what you're offering, you’re probably too lazy to curl my toes, too.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how much better life could be for everybody on this planet if we all just decided it ought to be.

And why so many otherwise educated people seem to think the definition of "monogamy" is "mutual sexual exclusivity within the context of a pair bond". What do they think "bigamy" and "polygamy" mean? Do they just not understand how prefixes work?
On a typical Friday night I am
Awake 'til about dawn. Also a typical Saturday night. And Wednesday. . .. If you start winding down when the painfully shiny thing leaves the sky, we'll probably sleep through each other's lives.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was 12, we lived with my grandmother. She had a huge collection of very formulaic Harlequin Romance novels. In every one of them (or so it seemed) there came a moment when the protagonist had to choose between two men who were each, in his own way, perfect for her. And every time, I thought the same thing: "Why can't she just keep them both?"
You should message me if
you're prepared to tell me something about who you are and why you think the two of us would fit together.

"Hi," is a great opener face-to-face. Here, it just gets lost in a sea of random greetings (many of them from very bad matches). Instead of leaving it at that, tell me what in my profile made you want to date, befriend, or share a night of passion with me, and what about you should make me want that, too.
The two of us