27Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
My twitter profile (aka "me in 160 characters or less") is as follows:

Michigan Tech engineering student. Saxophone player. Occasionally attempt to be an MC/announcer. Ex-FIRST Robotics driver. Bleed lime green.

For OKCupid I would adjust it to include something about how flirtatious I am, and maybe comment that I smile a lot.

As for my location, here's how it breaks down - I'm originally from the Detroit area. I go to school in the upper peninsula of Michigan. This summer I will be starting a job in Peoria, IL. My location may be listed as either of the three.. I travel back and forth every now and then.
What I’m doing with my life
As mentioned in the summary, I'm currently a student at Michigan Tech studying Mechanical Engineering with a Music minor. Engineering and music really are the focal points of my life; on evenings, I can spend hours working in the Baja shop, or I can spend an equal amount of time sitting at Sibelius plunking out a new melody (bonus points for you if you knew what Sibelius was without googling it).

Specifically regarding engineering: I'm a member of MTU's Blizzard Baja SAE team. We essentially design a single-seat off road racing vehicle with an emphasis on safety, efficiency, and competitiveness. I am currently working on a senior design project that is pretty nerdy and a little more complex than can fit in an OKc profile.

In high school, I was a member of FIRST Robotics Team 217, "The ThunderChickens." More bonus points for you if you know what FIRST is. If you ever want to get some stories out of me, just ask about my robotics glory days..

As far as music goes, alto saxophone is my primary instrument, though I've dabbled in drumming as well. I am currently the president and alto section leader for the Huskies Pep Band (unofficially the loudest pep band in the midwest) as well as lead altos for the Superior Wind Symphony and MTU's Jazz Lab Band - both being the highest level audition ensembles in their categories at Tech. I've written a few "quickies" for the Pep Band (short pieces we play during hockey time outs and such) and am slightly addicted to composition.

There's a lot more to me than music and engineering, but in the sake of not writing a novel you'll have to message me to find out more!
I’m really good at
- Social Interaction/Public Speaking
I struggled to find the right title for this, so don't judge it. I worked two summers at Cedar Point amusement park, one as a Games host (classy carny) and one as a Games Supervisor (sorry sir, but if the ball didn't go in the hole, I can't give you the stuffed animal, now please let go of my employee). Nowadays I do a lot of work with Michigan Tech Admissions, specifically as a campus tour guide and Orientation team leader. Outside of one-on-one interactions, I've done a lot of MC/announcing work, both for FIRST Robotics (competition MC) and for Tech (pep band halftime/pregame announcer). This summer I had a marketing internship, working with field reps troubleshooting problems with customers. Finally, amongst my friends, I'm a bit of "that guy".. if you walk down a street with me, chances are we'll run into four or five people I know.

- Music
At the risk of sounding arrogant.. I've been section leader or lead alto in every ensemble or marching band I've ever played in. I'm also very, very good at music/rhythm video games.. everything from DDR, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band to Stepmania, O2Jam, Beatmania.. etc.
The first things people usually notice about me
- Personality
Cliche to list this first, yell at me for it later; I have an extremely vibrant and exuberant personality. I've been told my enthusiasm is contagious, which is why I enjoy MC'ing things so much.

- Hair
I'm a straight 21 year old Mech Eng student who styles his hair daily.. wait what?

- Intelligence
I'm an engineering student who also knows how to put together a grammatically correct sentence.. wait a second, now you're just yanking my chain.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Don't read too much anymore (school does that to you), but during the summer I'm a huge fan of sci-fi and mystery/thriller books. John Grisham, Clive Kussler, and Dean Koontz are some of the stars. Right now I'm going through "Hard Sell," the story of the Viagra salesperson that inspired the movie "Love and Other Drugs."

Movies: I come from a bit of a movie buff family, so my movies list goes beyond a profile blip. The highlights: Pulp Fiction, V for Vendetta, sci-fi B-movies (Battlefield Earth wasn't that bad..), Firefly/Serenity, The Fifth Element, The Blues Brothers, The Prestige, The Boondock Saints, The Princess Bride, The Matrix trilogy (yes, I said trilogy), and I'll watch anything with George Clooney, John Travolta, or Denzel Washington in it. Well, I'll watch them at least once.

TV: I don't watch much TV, but the few shows I do watch, I watch religiously, which is why I put it on here. Breaking Bad, Firefly, Dexter, Fringe, NCIS, Burn Notice, Family Guy, Metalocalypse.

Music: Despite my orchestral influences, when it comes down to it I love music that will blow your head to pieces. Electronic and metal. I'm not going to be a snob and list all the subgenres of each because frankly, I'll listen to anything under those two categories. Specific artists: The Prodigy, Pendulum, Tiesto, deadmau5, anything put out by the Ministry of Sound, and i'm just getting into dubstep so I don't really have any specific artists there (maybe Glitch Mob or Nero), all the way to Trivium, Archenemy, Dream Theater, Machine Head, Fear Factory, As I Lay Dying.

Food: I love food. Grew up fishing, so seafood is definitely at the top, a little smoked salmon will make my day. Mexican/Spanish/whatever will burn your mouth is definitely a close second, with Italian rounding out in a close third (I will eat more pasta in one sitting than you can even imagine). I love cooking and make a mean Reuben Roll; if you want one let me know :)
Six things I could never do without
- Technology - I grew up a nerd, sorry but it's the truth. Today it'd be my Macbook Pro (late 2008 model, not unibody) and my Droid (original Moto).

- Music - I mean, if you haven't picked up on it by now, I don't have much hope for ya. Also under this category would be nightclubs and dancing (whoa.. a guy who goes to nightclubs to dance? Now you've gotta be joking)

- Netflix - It has opened my eyes up to a whole new world of underrated movies I would never have seen otherwise. Equilibrium, Primer, Moon, and the rest of the Riddick trilogy, anyone?

- Tortillas - I mean, no tortillas basically means no Mexican food.. plus they make a tasty snack on their own.

- Snowboarding - Ahh I made it this far in the profile without mentioning snowboarding, shame on me.. it's not something I'm particularly good at, but it's one of my favorite stress relievers.

- Girls - Flirting is an old pastime for me (should probably let you know that up front), plus a lot of times girls are a lot more fun to hang out with than guys (believe it or not I may be the guy to use OKCupid to find a new best friend rather than a girlfriend).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The six things listed above.
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends on the events occurring on said Friday night. I coould be..
- Playing in the pep band at a hockey/basketball game
- Watching a movie with friends
- Partaking in a collegiate-style social engagement
- Embarking on an adventure the likes of which have never been seen before

Really, it varies, a lot.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Despite moving houses more times than I can count (through 3 states) and going through significant shifts in my family dynamic in high school, I fear change.
You should message me if're awesome. Because I'm pretty awesome. And if you're awesome.. then that's just perfect.

Also, messaging is kind of impersonal.. feel free to IM me as well (if you favorite me, I should show up on your left sidebar).
The two of us