64Friday Harbor, United States
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My self-summary
In 1983, as a freelance tech writer in a town that inspires long-distance travel, I pressed the little RESET button nestled on the back of my head and fled midwestern suburbia on a computer-laden recumbent bicycle... in the process launching a career in technomadics. Now, decades later, I'm still at it... but no longer with a bicycle. I'm living aboard and geeking-out a 50-foot mothership for open-ended adventure (with a deployable micro-trimaran so I don't get too lazy on the Dark Side after recently selling my sailboat). I've written six books over the years and am working on another one, and I'm addicted to learning curves.

The boat is a floating lab, incorporating all my favorite toys. This is immensely fun, of course, but also kind of overwhelming... I'm finite, after all, yet I keep gathering gizmology as if I have infinite time. Imagine a sort of starship with electronics lab, ham radio, machine shop, 3D printer, holodeck, audio production, networks, data collection, ROV, piano, and cat... plus all the comfort things like an efficient galley... and that's my home. Projects are endless but alluring, and I'm lonely here in the playground.

This year's major project is an electric/hybrid repower, turning the boat into a big fat floating Prius... then we'll button 'er back up and take off in 2018 to explore Northwest waters, launch the probes, hop into the pedal/sail trimaran to go poking about, add tech/adventure tales to the blog and YouTube channel, work on the books, turn the cranks on nickel-generators, eat well, and generally enjoy life aboard as much as possible for as long as possible. I don't want to do it alone, and have made huge progress already on the infrastructure.

It's funny, getting older, noting the gradual shift in priorities. In my younger years I was ever so fond of beginnings. I still am, when it comes to learning curves and travel... but in the domain of the heart the beginning is but the opening of a door. It takes a long time to build the kind of shared context that translates into satisfying communication bandwidth, in the process spawning a new shared identity that is major parts of each of us, plus the magic that happens at the boundaries when we get nudged out of old ruts and habits. It's time to pursue a partnership; I have the patience for it now, and want a long-term love. Nothing feels more important.
What I’m doing with my life
Building gizmological machines and writing about the process. (I never outgrew science fairs).
I’m really good at
Geek expressionism.
The first things people usually notice about me
The pun daemon that peppers conversation with wordplay, the networked blinkies that pervade my living space, and a sort of impish playfulness. Also, my back hurts, and I'm 6'4".
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fond of classical and jazz piano, spicy foods, and science fiction that extrapolates from real tech/physics.

Current reading is neurobiology and various piano texts, along with whatever supports my latest geeky fascination; current writing is a sprawling tech/adventure narrative of 17,000 miles on a computerized bicycle, along with more modestly scaled bloggage about ongoing projects.

I went ages without a TV so am clueless about the past few decades, but recently (now that I have the bandwidth aboard!) have been guilty of binge-watching Halt and Catch Fire, Silicon Valley, Humans, The Americans, Sherlock, and Mr. Robot.

Ah, food... I love cooking when I take the time to treat the galley as a lab and the meal as a project. If it's just solo meatspace maintenance, I get lazy.
Six things I could never do without
A lab, a boat, a lifemate, a net connection, music, and my cat... not necessarily in that order. I only have five of those at the moment.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The whole mortality thing, along with being 64 and an orphan with a long to-do list.
On a typical Friday night I am
Writing... playing piano... tinkering in the lab with biometrics or blinky microprocessors... machining a front panel... slurping ancient publications into the archives... eBaying at the moon... hanging out with Isabelle the boat-kitty... pulling cable... idly browsing Facebook... taking a walk around the marina...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Despite appearing to get a huge amount done, I actually have terrible work habits and only do things well if they are fun. (Fortunately, lots of things are fun.)
You should message me if
Being on the water makes you grin... you are free to wander... techie toys are appealing... you're a learning-curve junkie... you're not right-wing or religious... you have much to teach and an urge to learn... music is huge... you want to spend your life playing even if that sometimes takes a lot of work. You like the idea of making a living with diverse low-stress nickel generators. You're intrigued by (or have experience with) such gizmological delights as virtual reality, 3D printing, ROVs, environmental data collection, ham radio, digital communication, networking, eBook publishing, audio and video production, electric propulsion, fabrication, drones, telemetry, circuit design... or anything else that might fit nicely into a space filled with such things. You are fantasizing right now about adding the tools of your passions to our starship. The idea of open-ended wandering on a geeky boat makes you giggle with delight.

Or... you're just curious about someone who says such crazy things in a dating profile.
The two of us