32 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
We are all stories and this is my blurb: "A life-changing career move sparks a journey to the west along the path of self-discovery fueled by an innate desire for experiences."




I'm a consummate gamer in the MMO of life and this is my next quest. Fitting metaphors aside, this is my first step into the brave new world of online dating. I'm a budding extrovert growing a strong social circle here in Seattle. My days are filled with friends and fun and I'd like to find someone important to me to share these experiences.


We've come a long way since the days of "A/S/L"! I'm a 20-whatever human male with an MBTI of ESTJ/ISTJ (a dual-spec Guardian) and a love of trying that which challenges me and puts me in a situation where I get to think on my feet. My life goal is simply to be happy and explore the opportunities presented to me to the fullest. I can't stand missing out on chances for growth or joy: time is too short.

Communication is paramount to me. Until telepathy is invented, I rely on a well-developed sense of empathy and emotional intelligence to build rapport and relationships. When I'm in a relationship with someone, their happiness becomes my happiness. For a bit of keyword salad: affectionate, thoughtful, protective, physical, intimate, adventurous, trustworthy, approachable, kind, honest, passionate, open, intelligent, and friendly.


Wanna see where we match in geekdom? That's cool. To kick things off, I got my gaming start with actually-floppy 5" floppy disks and have turned my passion into a career. I'm predominantly a PC gamer with an MMO focus but am rapidly growing my console library to match. I devour media: movies, television, music, news, socials, smoke signals. As a result, I'm on the interwebs most of an average day. The good news is that I remember to disconnect from the matrix regularly. Weekly game nights, happy hours, and chill-outs populate my week. Conventions, concerts, festivals, and faires are big events for me.


I am on an adventure and there's room in my party. Care to join me?
What I’m doing with my life
Growing both socially and professionally as the adventure unfolds.
The first things people usually notice about me
"You sure do work a lot!"
You should message me if
Did you think/say/click "Y" in the self-summary's opening question? You win bonus points and/or one internets.



Awesome, this is where you come in! You are a human female of reasonably similar age who is looking for friendship or more and who isn't timid about rolling need when she sees an epic drop. Your lineage is immaterial, [insert joke about racial abilities here]. You are upfront, drama-free, and communicative. You treat fellow humans with respect and take the time to assess a situation when others are involved. You aren't afraid to utterly destroy me in a game. You think critically and are willing to stray from your norms for the sake of science and discovery.

And the final criteria? You read through my entire profile!

NOTE: Non-humans and undead need not apply.