63Alhambra, United States
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My self-summary
I am an emotionally available, loving and lively, caring and sharing, sensitive and sensible, hopeful and helpful, independent and intelligent individual who has lived a rich and varied life.

While I do not quite consider myself a Renaissance man – the last time that I checked, I haven’t been dead for 400+ years – I am a lifetime learner (taking classes in whatever may interest me (after / before work or via Internet) with a long and varied list of interests, activities, etc. On the one hand, most of my many degrees and certificates have not been all that useful. On the other hand, ever since I got a Radiotelephone Operator’s License, I have not had a single ocean liner stranded in my bathtub.

I've had a unique background of having been raised in the "inner city" and having also lived in various environments (including suburbia, barrio, rural, etc.). My eyes, ears, taste buds (and tastes) took / take advantage of my having been born and raised in one of the most multiethnic / cosmopolitan cities in the U.S. (i.e., New York) and now living in another (i.e., Los Angeles). I have traveled to / through all but four states. I used to drive to the Bay Area often enough to almost consider it a second home. My most memorable trip (so far) was a stay in Cuba (including a flight layover en route in Mexico City with an artist/friend taking me on an informal tour of the National Palace focusing on the murals of Diego Rivera, whose art / politics I particularly like). I am a "lefty" both in the sense of my sociopolitical views / outlook and as being a "southpaw" re which hand is best for my writing, sports activities, etc.

For most of my life, I've looked a decade or more younger than my chronological age (as my photo may reflect). Sticking around for about 90 "rides around the sun" may be genetic or a family tradition (as are multidecade-long relationships) -- I just want to make sure that I have a long and fun ride.

My self-confidence comes from ability and adaptability (even in the face of adversity), with an appreciation of what I have done in life while not letting what I have accomplished inflate my ego. "I'm [here] for the laughter / And here ever after / I'm here for whatever ... life brings."
What I’m doing with my life
The what-is-your-job blank on my tax forms has been filled out with "Accountant / Computer Consultant," but I do not consider that to be "What I'm doing with my life," but merely how I get those bucks for the bills. Music, movies, museums, movements / causes, much more would be the start of an answer to this question.
I’m really good at
(Already answered.)
The first things people usually notice about me
That I am breathing. (If not, please call 9-1-1 and begin CPR immediately. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite authors list includes Achebe (first read as part of an African Literature class more than 3 decades before he won the prestigious Booker Prize), (James) Baldwin, Cervantes, Dickens / Dostoyevsky, Eliot (George or T.S. -- despite the latter's later horrid political views), Faulkner, Ginsberg / Gordimer, Hemingway, Ibsen, (James) Joyce, Kesey (esp. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"), (Sinclair) Lewis, Garcia Marquez, ... and a long list of others. I have just begun getting acquainted with (and loving) works by Doris Lessing and Barbara Kingsolver.

I am trying to decide whether to begin my favorite directors list with Akerman, Allen (mostly earlier, funnier Woody -- with a few of his more recent films), Aldrich (mostly "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" and "... Sister George" instead of his other works), Altman, Antonioni, or Ashby ... or with Bergman, Bertolucci, or Brakhage ... or with (Charlie) Chaplin, Cocteau, or Coppola (the daddy rather than the daughter) -- ... before continuing on to DeSica, Eisenstein, Fellini, Godard, Hitchcock, etc. Or maybe I should make my list be in reverse alphabetical order, so that talented female directors (e.g., Wertmuller, Varda) could appear towards the top and I also then won't have a conflict until I have to choose between Truffaut or Tarantino, (Senegal's) Sembene, Sonderbergh (esp. re "Che"), or Spielberg, Ray (both the "Apu" trilogy or "Rebel Without a Cause" ones), Renoir (son of the famous painter -- especially his Rules of the Game), Resnais, Ritt (esp. "Norma Rae"), or Rossellini, etc.

Although I have been an attendee of the A.F.I., Artivist, COL-COA (French premieres), Iranian / Farhang, Italian, Scandinavian, and other film festivals plus Academy Awards winners and nominees documentaries and other film series, I attended even more (i.e., a couple of dozen) concerts and music festivals last year -- covering a wide variety of genres. Ironically, although I walked through the French Quarter (as part of a cross-country drive to visit friends, museums, etc.), I did not hear a single live note while I was in New Orleans, hearing a few of that city's master musicians a couple days later when I attended Canada's Kitchener Blues Festival.
On a typical Friday night I am
The only way Friday nights are "typical" for me is that they are roughly 24 hours after Thursday nights and 24 hours before Saturday nights.
I attend frequently Free Fridays Jazz series at LACMA (i.e., a place to which I often return to for the museum's Sundays live classical music performances and/or its (summer) [Musica] Latina on the Lawn series.) During the "off season" (i.e., winters), lectures and/or films (and sometimes plays) are often on my calendar.
Sometimes Friday nights are combined with the wee hours of Saturday for driving to get to events / friends and/or attend classes / seminars outside of the L.A. area (usually in the "Bay Area").
You should message me if
... you share common interests with me (especially re music, movies and / or social issues, events, etc.) and / or are interested in potential friendship, partnership, etc. I intend to respond to all messages received.
The two of us