40 Beverly Hills, United States
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My self-summary
These days I work with foster kids and other at-risk youth. I also work in a youth inpatient psychiatric ward, adult inpatient psychiatric ward, halfway home for the long term mentally ill and a behavioral rehabilitation school. I volunteer other organizations in the non-profit, human outreach sector, as I'm able to.

I miss my motorcycle, but it's for the best. I love my instruments, but most people never get a chance to know it. I'm fighting to find time to paint, read, sing, dance, and generally make an idiot out of myself.

I've been on this huge kick to evaluate what matters to me. Surprisingly enough, it's not stuff-- One of my favorite things is the elegance of simplicity. I figure it will leave me with fewer things vying for my time, allowing me to focus on what I really care about.

What about you?
I’m really good at
- making tasty beverages
- building things
- taking things apart
- putting said things back together so that they actually work
- designing things
- music and its appreciation
- Cars and motorcycles (driving and mechanics)
- learning new things
- listening and giving the best advice I know how (the truth can hurt, but I think lying is far worse)
- training my German Shepherd, Atma
- empathizing
- following through on commitments
- appreciating that people are allowed and entitled to differing opinions
- farming ectos
- being amused by crappy sci-fi channel made trilogies and sequels. (woo manaconda v crocodilusk)
- working with kids
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read a lot. Biology fascinates me, its the degree I've been semi-pursuing. I'm also reading a lot of Robert Jordan right now. Also a huge fan of Rand, Bukowski and Camus.

It's hard to find a movie I don't enjoy, honestly. I'm kind of a happy-go-lucky guy, if it mildly entertained me for 90 minutes - it's all-right by me!

Music. Oh man. I couldn't do without it. Basically anything but New-Pop-"soul"-Country I do however love bluegrass, OLD country (As in 1920-1965)

Jazz (I suppose I'm a little biased toward brass)

I love to cook. The only foods that I DON'T like are (an always smaller list of) fish, and some of the funkier things like cow tongue, horse... you know, the ones that probably won't ever come up again.

I love sushi, even though I got some wicked food poisoning the last time I had edomae unagi.
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