30 Stevens Point, United States
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My self-summary
Giddy Up Susie! Can you guess what I do a whole bunch? Ride my horse of course! I am a little plushy. I ride horses, and I bounce well because of it. I like thrills, doing really stupid things and often landing in the dirt because of it. Lucky for me, my horse isn't that tall.

I was once told by a black guy from detroit that I was more 'hood then he was, apparently I say things that may get me shot.

I had an awe-striking realization last week: Everyone I hang out with is over 55. So it turns out, all of the old folks I hang out also have horses, trucks, and trailers. We go on quite a few adventures - but when I screw around, I have on more than one occasion lead them to wet their depends.

As I explain my life to people it seems unavoidably boring, however, There is always someway I can make it interesting. I always have a good time in whatever I am doing, and it takes quite a bit to get me down. Hell, I was a telemarketer for a while and I enjoyed it!

I will go long distances without charging my cell phone, I have tendencies to break my iphones. If I am not outside, I am not happy. I have likely the best tan in the world, dark on top, blinding white in the middle, and awkward mid thigh tones down my legs.
My best friend and I like to go down to the Ozark mountains in Missouri in March to do some quality backwoods camping - if some form of camping or isolated exploration doesn't happen every few months. I will go crazy.

I am quite creative. Art and photography used to be a huge part of my life, until I started doing this horse tack - now I am trying to figure out how to balance work art with pleasure art. I refuse to buy anything I can make.

It seems fruitless to be looking on the interwebs for friends and secret lovers, ohh la la! but as it turns out - I only go to bars to drink with friends, and haven't nearly had much luck as you'd think hanging out with old folks to find someone special.
What I’m doing with my life
I work on farms. I like labor and I like getting dirty. I found I can avoid getting a real job by doing so.

I run my own custom horse tack business. Its actually whats getting me through college and paying my bills. Who knew!

I am also in my last semester at UWSP - I've been in school forever! Must push my way through.
I’m really good at
Being Awesome.
No really.
I mean, I am really good at reading westerns in AWESOME southern accents, however, this is only a skill I use with my dog. Ya'll
I also repair saddles and through some AWESOME skill can sell them for a huge profit.
When in doubt, I will do an AWESOME river dance when listening to white girl music.
The first things people usually notice about me
Freckles. I forget I am covered in them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Shows: If its blood and guts, I am all over that. I love Bones. Get sucked into True Blood occasionally.
Movies: Apocalyptic and Westerns. Zombie Cowboys, are pretty awesome too. Harry Potter movies are just good comfort movies.
Food: Local, and Meaty. I am an outright terrible cook, did you know that you could start popcorn on fire?
Music: I like country twang, but on more than one occasion can be found speeding down roads with dance music on.
Books: I'll read whatever is infront of me. I cannot fall asleep if I don't read first. I go to thrift stores and just buy books by how worn they are. I am quite a fan of historical and humor, but really will read whatever I can get my hands on.
The six things I could never do without
(1) My pets - I love my dog and horse, they pretty much keep me sane.
(2) Challenges and Experiences - Life would be boring if things where normal. If your heart wasn't in your throat once, then it wasn't a good ride.
(3) Netflix - If netflix was real, we would be married by now - knows me so well!
(4) My little car - Mind you, if I ever had to haul my horse anywhere. I would have to hook her up to the front and have her pull me. But this beast gets 40+mpg, and makes it entirely possible to go exploring whenever I want.
(5) Meat - I work for my food, really. I work for a farmer who in turn gives me meat. its delicious. I have gone 3 years without buying meat. Though, its also a steady part of my income, and most of my days are used to caring for the animals producing it. I still can't cook to save my life.
(6) Friends, Family, and all that other typical stuff I should include in here. Listing it is boring, but I felt guilty by not including it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I tried to spend alot of time thinking about what I can put here and not sound like a boring person, but hell. I live alone, with my dog, and a house full of saddles in various stages of repair. I think about saddles, knitting patterns, horse supplements, If I should dye my hair of flaunt the gray. What to watch on netflix. What I should eat, realizing I'd have to cook, and giving up the thought for a while.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working with my farmer, packing my cooler for farmers market, driving home, sitting and considering if the products will stay cool enough in my car or if I actually have to lug the full coolers upstairs. Realizing my apartment is ungodly hot, and dirty. Taking off pants and turn on music to clean. Getting distracted and dance in my underwear before realizing I have to wake up at the unholy hour to pack coolers and go to market. Get into bed, and read my book to the dog for lack of better things to do, and slip into unconsciousness.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I just got a matching tattoo with my friend. Its on my side fat. I did a partial trade for it with bacon. It seemed appropriate.

This isn't my only tattoo btw, the other one is quite obvious if it isn't winter.
You should message me if
- You know how to drive a tractor. Farming, Fishing and Hunting are the way to go.
- You have a dog too.
- Like to go for spontaneous adventures to go explore abandoned houses, state parks, caves, or other possibly tick infested areas.
- you go to bluegrass on wed night at northland ballroom in Iola. It's pretty likely you'll find me there. I love dancing erratically!