31Beirut, Lebanon
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My self-summary
Edit: Just for the hell of it, try writing something in your profile ladies, this is not tinder, its a bit more selective. Yes the English language is difficult, but think of it as an exercise.

Oi, the dreaded self summary section, prepare to get completed!
Anyway, yes, about me, a self summary, a credible reason for my being here and some insight as to what this guy can do for you yes ?

Well its simple, im the new male prototype, you know, the new and improved model, factory built chivalry out the nose, clearspoken and full of win.

Theres a little twist however, yours truly is generally sick of the nuiscansome barriers to entry (Thats a pun) in this nation.
Tired of the annoying little things like "Oh what would society think, what would people say", moreso the stupifyingly cryptic double standard in place on women here, if they just go with their instict and bang a guy they find attractive personality/physical appearance/etc wise, they are whores.


Furthermore i have a single clear reason for being on this site, however i have the balls to state it without sugar coating it with a makeshift veil of purity and good intent. I wants copulation i say, give me spasming ecstatic giggling and satisfied females or give me a shawarma i say.

What am i ? Apparently im a man thats wise beyond his years and too bright for my own good. Overeducated, travelled enough to classify as a nomad really, with a sporadic incurable affinity for the fairer sex.
What I’m doing with my life
Well bored of stacking degrees, so its back to my flexible work schedule which allows me a very comfortable lifestyle which i almost cherish more than shawarma, and i mean, given the choice between eternal happiness and a guaranteed spot in the VVIP section of the afterlife (Which i envision being 24/7 gladiator fights, only with half naked women slugging it out with soaked sponges with constant orgies in the cheering coliseum crowd), i would go for shawarma.

My life is awesome, and its all mine for the time being.
I’m really good at
Pointing out the obvious.
Subtle constructive criticism
Bartering (I traded in a slice of pie for an ipod once, true story i swear to raptor jesus)
Discussing theology in a highly enlightened manner.
Cunnilingus (Its an art)
Suckerpunching PETA activists, im sure i excel at it but am yet to find a suitable person.
The first things people usually notice about me
My lack of restraint on matters or topics i hold dear.
Im apparently the type of guy you either love or hate or love to hate.
My razor sharp wit which is instantly nullified by any shiny object or ondulating flesh.
My unbearable humility, no, really !
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books eh ? Used to do plenty of reading when younger, was a pro bookworm, but who needs dead trees and pigments when you have the internets now.

Movies, quite a few, anything directed by Guy Richie for one.

Music just about anything except pop, that just irrtates me, id rather listen to nails scratching a blackboard.

Food, creamy > Savory. Anything with a rich sauce will have me mewling like an imbecile while i chew it. Sushi has a single purpose in life, and that is to substitute women's clothing, makes great lingerie too.
Six things I could never do without
I never get so attached to anything that i cannot function in its absence.

Fine ill go with my laptop, oh and Tony Danza, because the Boss is the boss, fools.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What to think about next, and how id rather be pounding someone instead of doing whatever it is i am doing at the time, unless that particular activity conforms with the aforementioned preference.
On a typical Friday night I am
Trying to manifest my thoughts into reality, while under the influence of copious quantities of alcohol.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I got kissed by a guy once . I was plastered so i did the only logical thing and hospitalized him. Im neither violent by nature nor a homophobe, but the bastard didnt have the tact to drug my drink at least, some people i swear..
You should message me if
You feel sudden spats of horniness and feel frustrated at the lack of instant gratification options, and the repressive nature of our society that indoctrinates women with bullshit about sex being sacred union between blah blah blah blah coupled with other misconceptions about it.

You, as I, view intercourse as a sport. Its a great workout, expunges the body's toxins, releases endorphines, relieves stress, and is truckloads of fun.

Are feeling kind of glum or exasperated at the lack of good guys out there who genuinely just want to wine you, dine you, make you squeal in delight then enter your name into a little black book for further booty calls.

Want to applaud me on an amusing profile or call me a chauvanistic asshole, then conclude the message with a question as you wish to sate your curiosity.
The two of us