72Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
Hello Handsome,

There is a lid, they say, for every pot. I would love to find mine.

I am a <<full figured>> older gal looking for my best friend and partner. I love music, cooking, get-togethers, and my friends. I write novels and would love to get them noticed. I am retired and like to walk around my town or down to the water - the Choptank is a bigger river with monster sailing opportunities. You can just make out the water from my porch. I like fishing and movies and sunday drives in search of <<junk store treasures>>.

I like books and ideas and watching things grow. I like thoughtful people who enjoy good health and who make little of their weaknesss and much of their strengths.

I believe There is a <<good side>> to most everything.
I am the cockeyed optimist they write songs about. Call me Pollyanna. Can't help it. It beats the alternative. Negative and bossy people bring me down.

I also enjoy the mountains in summer, travel, road trips, campers, cool weather, sappy movies, ice cream sundaes, strings and sealing wax and other fancy things.

I like fast food sometimes, but I can cook really well - and can work with diabetic diets . I love to shop, but I don't have to have new stuff - new to me is perfectly fine, second-hand treasures are excellent. I do not need a lot of stuff to be happy. I love old things(including members of the opposite sex) and can spend any amount of time poking around flea markets and junque stores. II believe in using the antiques I own and that there is no need to replace anything that still works. I only have one credit card.

I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I have made mistakes and chosen wrong directions, but I am still here. I like to look at other philosophies and try to follow the law of cause and effect - or the Golden Rule if your religion calls it that. I believe any trip is relavant as long as you can afford the ticket. I also believe that any belief system that says it has the only way to salvation has not got a clue.

Abe Lincoln said that every person over the age of 35 is responsible for his own face. What do you think?

To tell you the truth, I am sometimes impatient and messy, although I do keep my home presentable. You can tell me the truth about yourself, I hope you do. There are things not to like about everyone and therein lies the challenge of any relationship.

I am patient, optimistic, and happy.

I am patient, optimistic, and happy.
What I’m doing with my life
I spend part of every day writing and have just fnished a four-book series of historical novels set on a farm on the <<Eastern Shore>> of Maryland. (And I am working on a fifth for that series!) I have written 15 novels (mostly historicals), have a couple of books in the works, a book of narrative poetry, and a couple of CDs full of original music. You can learn lots more about me at my blog: where I post thoughts and news four or five times a monyh.

News Flash: While waiting for book four of the Chesapeake Heritage series to be published, I have written a brand new novel: Drama Queen Rules. We all know and love at least one! That one is being published by Xlibris and will be available by the end of the month.

I play a little guitar and still have my string bass and fiddle from my bluegrass days. I belong to the Wednesday Morning Artists and participate in their gallery shows by bringing the jewelry or dolls I make. I sometimes do a little painting, but it is not my forte. I like to garden a bit, but the squirrels eat my plants and I can't find things they don't like to eat! You shoot em, I'll cook em.
I’m really good at
Um. I don't think I am very funny, although I seem to have a talent to make people laugh. I can definitely laugh at myself.

Walking. It is my preferred form of exercise - alone, or with a friend.

I have received awards for my fiction and the special sections I managed as a newspaperwoman. I have written a lot of stuff. My stories are 'southern' according to my publisher, but I spent a lot of my life in the Appalachain and <<Adirondack mountains>> and sometimes wonder how exactly I ended up on a very damp peninsula at sea level. I make quirky dolls that make people laugh. I have a lot of friends who care about me and vice versa. I think the more love you give, the more love you get. I am a happy, encouraging person. I believe you can do what you believe you can do. I believe you get what you think you will get.
The first things people usually notice about me
Most people say they see me as youthful.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books are Ahab's Wife, Year of Wonders, Pillars of the Earth, books by Robert McCammon, Gary Jennings, Stephen King, Nora Lofts, and John Saul, some mysteries and biographies. I love poetry by Robert W. Service, Walt Wittman and Stephen Benet. This is not the entire list. I read every book available in the three-room grade school I attended and tried to read every book in the high school library. I read most of the books on the 'must read' list given to me in high school and read two or three books a week still. I prefer stories about people and places. Human nature is very interesting.

I love bluegrass, played string bass with a band for years. Still could, should the opportunity arise, I suppose. I can sing old country songs. I write some songs as well. They say what the ones I did not write didn't say. Enjoy show tunes and golden oldies, light classical, ethnic and folk music as well. I think songs are just another form of poetry. I must have been a wandering minstrel in another life.

Movies and actors: Yum. I love the world of film and can hardly believe all the nifty things Hollywood produces. I am fond of
sci-fi - for the redemption - and the wonderful effects. I would love to meet a fellow sci-fi nut. I like quirky stories in any genre. The actors are sorcerers in every way. Love <<Whoopie Goldberg>> and <<Katherine Hepburn>> and wonder what would happen if the two could co-star in a flick. I recently adored Pay it Forward, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, Prarie Home Companion, The Knight's Tale, The Golden Compass, and many of the recent animations. The Perfect Storm makes me cry, but I adore the characters. I could try to post every movie and book I love, but who would have time to read all of those titles when they could be watching (or reading) one?

Food: Best ask what I don't like. Willing and eager to try new things. Omnivore. I like the thanksgiving menu, trout cooked on a tailgate, American pot luck and regional fare found in small-town diners. I like truckstop food and fine dining.

Liquid Faves: Water, Coffee, Champagne and the occasional Scotch.

I remember we used to take a ride to an artesain well that flowed through a pipe on a forested road when I was a kid. Granny had a little collapsible plastic cup and we all had a drink while Gramp filled some clorox bottles to take home. (Back then the bleach bottles were glass!) Those were the days.
Six things I could never do without
oranges, dark chocolate, the laughter of toddlers, beautiful objects, sweet friends, craft materials
Love, sleep and Air are givens.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I try to avoid thinking. Almost all of my work comes from the right side of the brain.

I have learned that if you think too much about good things, they can get scared and slip away from you. On the other hand, if you think about bad things, they find you.

Life is good. Celebrate!
On a typical Friday night I am
Ready for whatever presents. Can you teach me to dance real slow?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Aww.... you had to go and ask.
You should message me if
. . . you like to visit, ride around looking for treasures, slow walks to the river, cooking good stuff, teaching me how to fish in salt water, and all ... that ... jazz ...
The two of us