46 Belleville, United States
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My self-summary
(I was in a good-start relationship from this wasn' now happily again trudging forward :o) ...looking up!

I am serious, silly, sincere, and searching.
Care to conversate, or are you a good kisser?

Bottom line: this encounter process should be about having a pleasurable time, for you and for me.
I am not perfect and assume neither are you; of course we should strive to be more a pleasure rather than a pain, but we all are flawed in some ways; I seek one who at an absolute minimum abides the Golden Rule.

I am a modest fellow, but like to excel where I can.
I enjoy good conversation, travel, and being active.
I like good art and music and enjoy being out, day or night.
I am intelligent, altruistic, and somewhat shy by nature.
I can be serious at work, but once the job is done I look to laugh and have fun; to be silly yet not crude.

Ultimately I am looking for another life adventurer, someone who likes to share experiences, who can teach as well as learn; someone who can just as easily lead as follow.
In the meantime,
Life is only getting shorter so opportunities to be touched (on any/all levels) should not be squandered.
Chemistry for a longterm relationship is necessary, but does not have to be immediate, and is not a condition for good friendship.
I will share more if you will listen ;)
What I’m doing with my life
I feel I have always been on some quest in my life and yet do not know for what. Maybe that means I am still a child wishing not to grow up, but I cherish the optimism and sense of exploration that it brings.

But bottom line, simply looking for more fun and less pain.

Life is far better than a few months ago. I am smiling more and I am now eager to share more with others (you?).
I’m really good at
Being modest, I guess.

…here are some “not so goods“ that I do well...
-- speaking fluent TYPO (a natural- born gift)
-- overlooking the obvious
-- taking things/myself too seriously
-- being impulsive
-- feeling misunderstood

Okay! being candid and 100% honest despite my modesty...I have consistantly been told I am a very good kisser. I keep finding this to be unanimously important for the women I am also interested I guess its worth putting here. :)
The first things people usually notice about me
...that I am tall, I am frolickingly follically-free, that I have extra eyesight?
Hm, I really can't say.

I guess you will have to meet me to give me your wit and wisdom. Please feel free to be honest! ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't like to have to choose favorite things. I am sure some see it as being indecisive, yet I find it's too limiting. I like variety, even if periodically it is away from all the best stuff. I'll eat just about anything, though I never crave shellfish, or liver (plbbbbt). I try to make healthy choices more often than not.

Music: I centerline toward mainstream classic alternative, but I can always appreciate good music of any genre. There is still a lot of great music out there that I have yet to discover or better introduced to. XM and my Pandora radio stations keep me happy for the most part.

I do like a good show. Good company makes everything better!!!

Here’s a single quick glimpse for books/movies (not best or worst or even typical, but a taste)…<<deleted old list>>
It is voluminous...and varied.
I was just introduce to Mumford & Sons by a friend..evidently the last to a fast fan! Great concerts!

a guilty pleasure from the past...
I can easily admit I am Harry Potter friendly. I was a reluctant convert at first (being clueless and having no interest in kids books) but it took no time at all to enjoy the stories (once shared). I much prefer the books to movies. Though the movies have been good productions, I find much of the rich details in the books are only glossed upon (like all book-movie crossovers). I wonder if someone who has not read the full rich story can easily follow the movies' depiction without feeling a bit lost at times.
The six things I could never do without
hmm...only six?, and I am not one to have favorites...

Honestly, there are a few things, yet none of them are irreplaceable. Those things that are irreplaceable (food, air, relationships to certain people, etc.) seem a given. Hmmm...I don't seem to have a list witty enough to jot down here right now.

Feeling and thinking.
Nature, Nurture, & Knowledge.
Beauty, in everything small and large.
Intimacy with a good woman…(it’s the best stuff on Earth!)
Ironically, I guess both solitude and close companionship.

To be candid, I have my many 'dislikes' as well, but nothing that extreme.
What I can absolutely do without?
--hatred, of any only hate is that of hatred.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...what brought me here.

My life...and the open roads ahead.

What I am going to do with the rest of my time.
The past and the future: mine, the nation's and the world's. (Sounds pretentious, right? I agree)

But to be very frank, I am not really thinking so deeply or so long on much. Trying to avoid my "paralysis from analysis" tendency.
I have been thinking more in the moment, and who I might share it with. Sometimes impulsive fun is sooooo right!

I like to think tho', and to feel things, but I also take pauses when my thinking turns grey...turns to dwelling in my rearview mirror. I then remember that the sunshine and joy-filled moments of my life don't exist in the past alone, but are always present, and if I have my eyes open, life is pretty damn good!
On a typical Friday night I am
If I am off work, I like to relax and/or have let my hair down (too punny?).
Though I don't drink anymore, I do still like to get out and feel my oats on an occasional 'Friday' night after a long hard week of work. but always would rather prefer a good wingman and conversation partner! Up for it?

I do like to stay in too on regular occasion and try to recharge my batteries with peaceful R and R. Cozy is comforting.

Lately, I am meeting friends, maybe a movie, maybe conversation in a restaurant…but plenty of opportunity to meet a new friend, dine, and chat!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll give more than hopes of convincing you of my sincerity up front.

I am a slower than average reader. thus a missing long list of books from the above category. Here's the odd thing tho', I don't think it's anything close to a disability, just that it has frustrated me since childhood. I read one book in the time others do three or four or more. It puzzles and embarrasses me as I do not feel I lack aptitude.

Well, hm, more?
I am mostly INFP, but at times also INTP, or maybe INFJ....depending on the day or diagnostic test I take.
(What's that? try wiki, google or it if you want to know more)

I need dance lessons. I am getting closer every day to say "I *want* dance lessons"....and a partner to enjoy it with.

I am also still a wee bit embarrassed by some of the indulging profile tests I took while at this site. I admit some were just down right vulgar or juvenile, but others were fun, and still others were actually stimulating. Fun is fun I guess. I hope you can see the tests tab on the profile...seems OkCupid got away from that feature. it's fun compatibility info....if interested in that stuff :)
You should message me if
*** ADDED MY "LOOKING FOR” COMMENTS for the one above ***

It helps if you are good natured and not a total stranger to adventure; emotionally well-balanced but hopefully still with a zest or a sparkle; a good conversationalist when need be but one who can also enjoy peaceful silence.

I hope you are not overwhelmingly political at the expense of all else; strong principles are indeed welcomed but not if it shuts down lifelong intellectual exploration. You have the ability to compromise without feeling defeated, but rather, feeling successful in furthering a relationship.

So, not being totally self-absorbed but having a social conscience or being a bit worldly, at least in spirit, can earn bonus points.

Being easy on the eyes is always appreciated, as is being easy on the ears and spirit.

I wish to meet a peer irrelevant of age; I desire you to be independent, intelligent, drug free, healthy and fit. At the very least trying to be so :)


...if you have any insights on the St. Louis area, since I am not from these here parts...that would be a GREAT start!
...if you like the natural world...animal, vegetable, or mineral.
...if you have ever truly seen a ghost, UFO, mythic creature…None? Drat!

Some guided randomness:
...if you can be honest, open, and willing to be you.
...if you might like some safe harmless fun and/or to chat.
...if you are not a player or a hater, but all you player-haters will be welcomed!
...if you are passionate about something...anything.
...if you have ever worn a cool costume sometime other than just for Halloween. ...and no I have never in the of today.
...if you are still reading this.

...AND if you found the light in the little birdhouse in your soul.

Otherwise, be safe and be happy in your search and journey through life. Have fun!