64Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Some people write a few lines, I wrote a mini-series- I am an artist and teacher living in Brooklyn. I moved here from Buffalo NY, and after 30 years in Brooklyn I've grown to realize that this is my home and I love it. I have a degree from Columbia Teachers College (and at times this actually amazes me!) I belonged to the "Balkan Dancers" while in Buffalo, and still love any type of dancing, I just don't do enough of it. I bicycle quite a bit, and have bicycled through England, Wales and Holland. I have also Bicycled from Brooklyn to Buffalo, following the Erie Canal, just to see if I could do it (I did - barely). I teach art at a public middle school in Harlem and at a private institute (strangely un-private actually, anyone can take classes there) in Manhattan. I see the disparity that exists in our city and country. Teachers deal with this reality on a daily basis, and try to effect change one student at a time. Most rarely get the credit they deserve. I love any type of music, in particular Chicago and/or Delta blues. I was once a guest disc jockey for the "World Cafe" on NPR. I am energetic and lethargic, friendly and aloof, I seem like a walking contradiction but people who know me realize that I am very consistent, and reliable (even sensible!) I have been divorced for over 10 years and the mourning period has run it's course. I have a 24 year old daughter who is the love of my life, and she's finished with college. It's time for me to move on with my life, and I have no intention of looking backward
The first things people usually notice about me
I honestly don't have a clue...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Any Motown, Al Green, WFUV - Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" (the live version) Leo Kottke - Melody Gardot - Richard Thompson - Chicago Blues (any time anywhere)...Charlie Parker - Ray Charles - John Coltrane - Beth Orton - P. J. Harvey, Robert Cray, John Gorka, John Martyn, Nina Simone, Mose Allison
Artists - J.M.W. Turner, Franz Kline (the Abstract Expressionists in general...)
Books - Richard Russo's the Risk Pool, Anything written by Eugene O'Neill, Sean O'Casey, Christopher Isherwood, "The Road". Barbara Ehrenreich - Nickel and Dimed, anything written by Jumpa Lahiri
Movies - I tell people that I don't like movies, but I do.
Favorite Movies:
Nobody's Fool – Paul Newman/Jessica Tandy from the book by Richard Russo
Tender Mercies - Robert Duvall
Local Hero - directed by Bill Forsyth. With Burt Lancaster, Peter Riegert.
How Green Was My Valley - Richard Llewellyn
The Entertainer - Laurence Olivier, written by John Osborne
Look Back In Anger - Burton from a John Osborne book
Open City - After seeing this movie, Ingrid Bergman was determined to find the man who made it...Roberto Rossellini
Shirley Valentine - Pauline Collins, Tom Conti.
The Stranger - Orson Wells, Edward G. Robinson, Loretta Young.
(this list may be a work in progress...)
Six things I could never do without
Yoga, My bicycles, music, paints canvas and brushes
You should message me if
If any of this makes any sense to you....
I've always been attracted by a person's personal grace, charm and "style". Our individual uniqueness should come through, other wise we might as well all shop at the Gap.
I've never considered looks
to be that important. If there were a scale of 1-10, most of us are between 4 and 6, rarely do you see someone who is an absolute 1 or a 10. I think that people who are secure about who they are giveoff an attractiveness that goes beyond their looks.
Humor and intelligence are important to me, and always seem to go hand in hand. I've always thought that my funniest friends are the smartest and quickest people I know.
Music is important, I can't imagine going through life with out a soundtrack accompanying me.
I genuinely love people who as they grow older retain the vitality and "spark" of their youth. I fully intend to be the goofiest grandpa I can be.
I'd like to meet someone who believes that the repair is more important than the wound(s). Someone who knows themself and is not looking for someone else to "complete" them. I have no desire to change anyone, and probably will resist attempts to change me.
That being said,
I'm willing to try.
The two of us