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My self-summary
About Me
I’m tackling the Middle-Ages, head-on, defiantly standing erect, confronting the winds-of-change.

I'm mature, yet a young-at-heart, vibrant, virile, middle-aged guy. Although I often enjoy preparing fancy, healthy meals for that special someone, I also love letting her know she is well-protected and well-respected. Although in the past, I admit to having shed a tear or two in public, it does not classify me as a METROSEXUAL! Often I’m described as being a "Big Cuddly Teddy Bear." I've been told I remind some people of John Candy's "Uncle Buck" character. I have shed 30-35 pounds and am feeling much better.

Although I don’t possess a "bucket list", I’ve many goals, dreams and aspirations for which I’m in pursuit. There's NO shame in striking out at the plate….the ONLY SHAME is never stepping in to the “batter’s box.”

Often women say they love a guy with a good sense of humor, and one without any drama. Perhaps a lady out there can explain to me how it is they say they do NOT want anyone with “baggage" or “drama “in their lives. Ladies. we're trying to sell ourselves online, hoping someone will come by and kick the tires, and check out under our hood. Who does NOT have any drama or a modest amount of drama in their lives? It helps define who we are! Glad I got that off my chest, or as they used to say on "In Living Color "Breast-a-sis." Although I don't proclaim I am even remotely the world's best speller, if you state you seek a smart man and turn around and write something along these lines, you need to head back to school...

"Iam a good women seeking a good men too go out fer fine dinning, candle lite walks on the beech how is a reely romantic guy.sum say im to careing, and very loveing and im intellegent. im a volumptous women and i don't got no baby mamma drama. if this intrests u or it peeks ur intrest, u no wat ta dew, holla at ur gurl."

Yes, these ads exist all over, and I am certain many guys have profiles very similar in nature.

While I am perched atop the soapbox, let it be known the following are NOT recognized words by any scholar with even a modicum of credibility…

"alot, (two words), conversate/conversating, volumptous, irregardless, intellegent, careing, danceing, loveing, etc.

Also, ladies, does it need to be said that RESPONDING either way is simply COMMON COURTESY? If you do not see a guy as a match, simply say so. I'm certain you would appreciate the same treatment.

Additionally, I am perplexed as to why some women would accuse me or other guys of being "pushy" simply because we would rather speak directly than type back and forth, ad nauseum. Typing is so impersonal. You CANNOT hear an inflection, a chuckle, a sigh, a giggle, a hesitation and numerous other things. Often I will leave my number because email-tag is not a true way of gauging someone. If you ask a person a direct question on the phone and they hem, haw and/or stutter, you can tell so much by that direct communication, however, if you engage in email, you can never detect deception as quickly as you would in a direct meeting or on the phone. Why is talking on the phone such a big deal? Block out your number if you feel initially unsure...there is nothing to force you to reveal your number. Does a statement or two....here and there, every few days, which over the course of a few weeks truly amounts to a whopping couple of minutes or less, truly equate to "getting to know someone?" You could accomplish so much more on the phone right away to know whether things are going well or not. Insisting on this sort of communication is not only futile, it accomplishes virtually NOTHING except for a waste of time. "Hi, how was your day? Fine..... How was your day? Okay...looking forward to the weekend"....Me too, ....Take Care......You Too......." This is what email tag does. It delays finding out so much more about each other. If you were in line at a grocery store and someone spoke to you about the weather or price of gas etc....would you say..."Well, because we do not know each other, I CANNOT speak directly with you....HOWEVER....if you like, we can email each other?" Be honest.....would you say that in person to a complete stranger....or would you talk to them? Come on ladies......no one is asking you to meet them in a dark alley at 3 am......

However, when I also hear...."A woman cannot be too cautious today"....I wish to remind them of the following females who have left a wonderful mark upon society...Mary Kay LaTourneau, Andrea Yates, Aileen Wuornos, Tonya Harding, Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, Amy Fisher, Lorena Bobbitt and most recently Joyce, Mitchell...that fun-loving woman who helped the two KILLERS escape from that prison in New York...the same Joyce Mitchell who smuggled in tools to help them launch their escape. In fact, one of them was going to kill her husband after they were freed. Additionally, this manhunt cost the taxpayers of New York state more than $1 million for every day these scumbags were being sought. It lasted more than 3 weeks. You do the math.

I am a two-time Federal Employee who has NEVER been arrested, charged with a crime or had my license suspended, EVER! Hopefully a discussion regarding the 2nd Amendment does not cause you to hyperventilate.
What I’m doing with my life
I am an Internet talk-show host and am about to launch a Lebanese/Middle-Eastern cooking class, which is my ancestral cuisine. I'm also finishing a manuscript with regards to online dating. I also perform stand-up comedy when an open-mic night is available.
I’m really good at
I have been told I am a good writer, working on a second manuscript as we speak. I am told I am an excellent cook and enjoy cooking for that special someone. I also let my lady know she will NOT be taken for granted. I am very affectionate and have no problem doling out ample affection even in public. I am a very loyal person, with many friends of more than 40 years.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not usually bashful, and definitely speak my mind. Although I definitely have a nuturing side...if you want a limp-wristed metrosexual.....he's NOT here. Don't ask my opinion unless you really want it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I prefer non-fictional stroies/movies...something with a motivational story line...or all out comedies...as in Airplane (the comedy, as opposed to the George Kennedy movies), The Naked Gun (series).....Bernie Mac, Carlos Mencia and the more ethnic the humor, the funnier it is....let's face it...we are all prejudiced to an extent...and as Carlos Mencia states..."if you're NOT laughing, YOU'RE NOT Breathing...." (Or something similar). I also love Middle-Eastern food and prepare it often...maybe because it is part of my ethnicity. I used to be a Mobile DJ in the late 1970's-to early 1980's and still love that genre.
Six things I could never do without
My daughter
My entire family
Lebanese cuisine
Dark Chocolate
80's era Music
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The pursuit of not-so-distant goals and finding a motivational mate to help accomplish them.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading, writing,
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
With that special someone...behind closed doors, almost anything goes............
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