34Tinley Park, United States
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My self-summary
I am here looking for a long term monogamous relationship. In short, someone to laugh and share my love of life. I am going to try and keep these descriptions short (HA!) but if anything catches your interest please bug me.

Also, I am looking to meet people face to face. You would think that this would be common knowledge but there have been times when people will message me and then bail when asked to meet up. So if you message me or I message you don’t be surprised if I ask you out at some point.

My sense of humor is odd and can get me into trouble. I can be mature when the occasion calls for it, but I'm easily amused. Its been awhile since I have been in a relationship so dating and transitioning to a relationship feels a little foreign to me at times. Its just a little hard for me to tell if there is compatibility or if I am just dense.

I have a masters’ degree in literature and writing. My focus was American Lit and Pulp Lit. I am a huge Lovecraft Junkie.

I love historical fencing. Italian Long sword and German Rapier/dagger are my favorite. Been practicing for about 5 years. I enjoy numerous hobbies that got me beaten up in middle school (that's right I am a pre Big Bang nerd!). I love card games, board games, and games that require strategy, tanks, infantry, and dice.

I am a historical reenactor. This stems from my love of history to the extent that I am willing to play dress up in order to educate and entertain the public. I wear normal clothing 95% of the time I promise! I also swear like a sailor... just in case I sound too innocent.
What I’m doing with my life
Writing my own Pulp Lit and dabbling in historical fiction.

I work in the marketing department for a non-profit hospital located downtown. Being over worked and underpaid but about once or twice a month I help the homeless and the elderly get a free physical and check up so they don't die. I am not a rich man but I like helping others. I'm also involved in the hospitals community farm stand and got sucked into urban agriculture, I like it!

Working on numerous little projects while re-watching Farscape or JLU.
I’m really good at
Being me. I would like to think that I have a real good grasp at who I am and what that entails.
The first things people usually notice about me
I stand six foot four but most of all it is my deep voice that carries over a crowd. Small children stare at me like I am a mythical creature. The fact that I can do a decent Chewbacca impersonation doesn't help.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Some of my favorite authors: Hemmingway, Updike, Frost, Lovecraft, Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, Christopher Moore, Salvatore, Tolkien, William King, Poe, Ginsburg, Burroughs, Bukowski, Kerouac, and Douglas Adams. Looking back, I read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in high school and it made me aware of atheism.

Oh, and Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. The original recipe for baby back ribs.

I love good science fiction, mystery, and comedy. I love Mel Brooks, Monty Python, and other forms of sick and twisted humor. Cowboy Bebop. Farscape, Deadwood, Game of Thrones and Rome ( the occasional episode of Sponge Bob). Walking Dead. Game of Thrones. I am trying to catch up on Agents of Shield. Other then that the TV stays off most of the time. I am a walking fountain of Simpson and Futurama quotes.

Rod Serling, the most bitter human being who has ever lived.

I remember a time when the Sci-Fi Channel was abbreviated correctly and didn't suck.

Music: all over the damn place.

I had the chance to see Don Giovanni at the Lyric Opera and I loved it!

I can cook a few dishes including potato leek soup and a bitchen taco casserole.
Six things I could never do without
I really hate this section.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
American literature finds most of its strength from the nineteenth and twentieth century. Ambrose Bierce is like Mark Twain with a kung foo grip.

Chicago, I have grown up around this city my entire life and I carry a mixed opinion. Its physical beauty is without argument. Culturally its is diverse wonderland of food, theater, and artistic expression. That being said, politically Chicago is a disgusting dump of cronyism and corruption. Having participated in the Occupy movement, social activism in this city will drive you insane. I feel that my non-profit work has yielded more good than yelling in the street.

How this site can be an ongoing parade of masochism. More often I find online dating feels like filling out job applications.
On a typical Friday night I am
I work till 7pm so its either pick up on something while I am in the city or head home. I am an introvert with the ability to schmooze and socialize but it does take a lot out of me. I do enjoy stepping out but most of the time I would rather be at home working on some little project or another.

When I do go out I like visiting friends for game night or occasionally seeing a live show or theater. Tracking down late night bookstores or evening bike rides. I like low key bars because having to shout while taking sucks.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Its been FAR too long since I have been camping, hiking, or fishing. This needs to be remedied now that I no longer work two jobs.

Despite having a masters in lit/writing I am not a grammar Nazi. I have three style guides and a number of dictionaries near by while working. Mistakes happen, fuck being perfect.

The man bun...a fashion trend that I hope dies a horrible death. Seriously when the fuck did the faux destitution look become a thing?

I enjoy weed. Its 2016, its legal in numerous states, and I feel like I should be able to admit this with little to no shock. Do I need to date someone who indulges as well? I do not.
You should message me if
Life is short and I do my best to make every day fun. If you want to join in let me know!

Yes, I realize that I live in the suburbs. The horrible, nasty, culturally devoid suburbs where everyone comes to die if you step one foot out of the city. What some folk on this site fail to realize is that there are these wonderful things called 'roads' that will take me in and out of the city and close the infinite gulf of twenty miles, which is what I do for my job four days out of the week. So this mean that I could, in theory, traverse in and out of the city for a date! So don't let the suburbs intimidate you!

I will now go back to beaming sunshine and kittens out of my ass.
The two of us