57Quincy, United States
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My self-summary
There is no such thing as elove, and it's NEVER real, until you meet.

However infatuation absolutely exists. Real and virtual

I live in Northern California, and I don't mean Sacramento. I mean places with elevations over 3000 feet. I'm talking snow and deer and lakes and rivers. If you live for the hustle and bustle of the city, you probably won't like my lifestyle.

•I am NOT just as comfortable in a dress and heels as I am in my trusty old Levi's and sneakers. You bet I wear em, but they sure as hell aren't as comfortable.

•I am not laid back, easy going or drama free. I'm a mom, I run a business and I have tons of friends in my life. To do that and remain all that seems impossible to me. I do however manage to not freak out daily.

•I do not list chap stick, my smart phone or sex in my six things I couldn't do without. I list some other stuff, that I could do without, but I prefer not to. And ya know it could be that those first three things are pretty damned important.
•Sushi is not my favorite food. Yet I have found something quite palatable when I go for it with friends. I really will try most things... once.

•I really do not like to bowl. Really. But if a group is going, I don't care, just buy me a beer or let me play pinball.

•However I don't actually drink much. Of course I don't drink little either. Okay, I drink little. I'll confess.

•I don't want to be your sidekick, your partner in crime or any of those other trite things. I want someone to share my life.

I like walking, reading, cooking, just hanging out. I love concerts, museums, checking out new places and people. I like driving fast and riding motorcycles, but I am not a biker. I love hanging out with my kids and learning from them.

"I'm a happy gal with a happy life and happy job. Happy happy happy. Woohoo! Life would be happier with a happy man, taking a long walk on a beach, at midnight, under a full moon, with thousands of stars visible. Doesn't that sound happy?"

Stolen from my friend halfoffsale. Cause he's da man, and if you live in or around Chicago, you should hit his sweet ass up!
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I'm working too much and playing too little. I love going places and seeing new things, so hopefully one of these days I'll get back to that. I think if I hadn't had children I would have been a vagabond, free to wander, but that's okay. It's something to look forward to.

I like to dance but I am a little shy on the dance floor. Okay, fixing that, apparently with one shot of tequila I am not shy at all on the dance floor.

So, if it only takes one tequila to cut me loose on the dance floor, imagine how uninhibited I'd be if I had a few more! On second thought, let's not imagine that. As I said in my self-summary, I drink, but never to excess. So one tequila, no more, and I'm the life of the dance floor, or so my dear friend Lasseter (who has never met me, by the way, so I don't know where he gets this or why I've let him write this paragraph) ... ahem! Or so my dear friend Lasseter would have you believe.
I’m really good at
What am I really good at? No clue. Reading, writing, arithmetic? Balancing the books?

I wish I could say reading people, but no. I wish I could say seeing the future, but no.

I guess I'm okay at raising kids and doing the juggling act between work, family and trying to have a, uh, hmm, well, you know, social life. I do try.

Okay, my sense of humor is well developed. Sorry guys but that means, no, I really don't enjoy Southpark that much, but I don't care if you do. Craig Ferguson makes me laugh, as did Letterman until it just got too old.

I do settle disputes relatively well, luckily as it is part of my job, helps with a big family as well.

Ah, thought of one at last, I am really good at remaining calm during emergencies, is this one?
The first things people usually notice about me
Her friends say, "charly moves with stealth, stealing your breath mischievously before you are aware...wut? wut?♥" The user formerly known as PaperSizzle

"charly takes a room by storm, a wind rustling up the leaves crisped in the corners and whirling them around in dry tornadoes, leaving things somewhat disheveled, but certainly interestingly re-arranged. Not a disaster, a force to be reckoned with." ~saneasIeverwas
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite book is usually what I am reading at the moment, which tends to be four or five at a time. I read pretty much anything but romance novels.

I love scifi, adventure and guy flicks, I like scary movies, but not
slasher films. I like westerns and anything with Clint Eastwood.

It seems I need to list some individual movies.

This list will be added to upon my whim

The Blues Brothers

~ Just because. John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and one of the best musical casts ever. ~

Tremors ~Greatest totally stupid comedic horror flick ever, Reba and Michael Gross? HA!~

P.S. I Love You ~ Yes, there is a reason. ~

Star Trek ~ The 2009 version ~

A Christmas Story ~ Can anybody resist Ralphie? ~

A Simple Twist of Faith ~For the Phish~

The Shawshank Redemption ~I never said I was a girly girl~

Gran Torino ~Like it doesn't belong on EVERYBODY'S list~

Paint Your Wagon ~ Clint Eastwood before he become the rough guy we now know~

Lonesome Dove ~Greatest Mini Series ever, deserves inclusion~

I listen to country western, old rock, blues anything I can listen or dance to.

I love Italian, Mexican and Chinese.

But not real Mexican and Chinese. I like the fake American stuff. I really don't eat very hot hot spicy food, so that leaves me with Americanized on that score. However I love real Italian. But I don't happen to eat pork, so that kinda shuts that down sometimes. Really yes, I do love food, I could go on and on. I'm just a pretty simple country girl when it comes down to it.

Music? Here's a tiny little cross section of some of what I like:

It's my mood.
Six things I could never do without
My kids
Work, some kind of work, even if not where I am now.
Food, although that less and less.
My friends. Their company, their time, their love.
My walks. They are my salvation.
I took my car off here since I gave it up. NO more driving fast for this girl. I'm not sure what number six is. I'm thinking...
Perhaps my stubbornness? I am truly one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet. Fortunately it only surfaces upon those occasions that I really need it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to retire. Ever. How to spend the time necessary with my family and still spend time for me. Whether I should move. I think I would like a change of scenery. And finally why do people start things they never intend to finish? Seems foolish to me, and a huge ass waste of time.

Well not sure how long I'll stay on this site. It seems the new ownership is bound and determined to ruin the fun and complete and utter singularity that was OKC. It was unlike any dating site ever. The journals here, while a bit wild at times and not for the easily wounded or unwary were the most fun I ever had with my clothes on...and perhaps once in a while with my clothes off. Goodbye OKC Journals, we barely knew ya! Chris Coyne...COME BACK!
On a typical Friday night I am
Generally just sacked out in front of the tv babysitting my first grandbaby. Friday's are my, "I'm tired and not doing a whole lot," now on Saturday I could be doing about anything.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Guys, seriously. The sentence there is the most private thing I'm willing to admit. WILLING. Get it? Doesn't have to be a deep dark secret. Get over yourselves already.

Most private thing I'M am willing to admit? Well I gotta bunch of cutesy answers there. Fun, bizarre, sexy. Friends helped. Avril's is somewhat true, as is i just mights.

I depend on others to tell me what I am willing to admit. -

When the lights go off and the music is low I turn into a wild
insatiable creature with urges and needs that drive weak men back to their mommies.
- avril

I was once abducted by alien clowns. And they gave me the winning numbers` for super Bingo session, only it was last weeks, and by the time they had brought me back it was too late to claim. - coffee_heretic ~edited~

Soylent Green is people. - - whatever19666
~from her profile~

I'm not nearly as sweet and innocent as I
-i_just_might ~should be in her profile~

As you can see above, I have 6 kids. I hate to admit it, I mean I feel kind a like a dope, but I really had no idea what caused them until after the fifth one came along.Then I decided, what they hell the cause is more fun than the cure! Igots

1) At first, I considered User Name "MacelessCharly"; 2) I would have gone to Europe this summer and defeated the Czechs and Poles in the shot put, but the meet director was only paying me a $10,000 appearance fee; 3) I speak Canadian; and 4) Randy Quaid is living in my basement.

"The monkeys tell me what you do in the dark."- squirreli-girl

"Yiddish clog-dancing is a secret passion of mine, reserved for
alternate Wednesday evenings." -squirreli-girl

"To find out what I do on the other Wednesday nights, you'll have to show up. Wear something absorbent."- squirreli-girl

"When the zombie apocalypse comes (and it will come). I will not
fight against the zombies. I will lead the zombies in battle and
rule the world.- not_wilbur ~from his profile~

The most private thing I'm willing to admit to is...although I consider myself a great cook, I tend to screw up on
boiling pet rabbits...a lot!!- (nikki49)

'I AM jimmy Hoffa'!-(MisterMystery) ~sorry about the delay~

When I was in Kindergarten this one little boy used to always let me go up the ladder to the slide first. Back then girls couldn't wear pants and so I always had a dress or a skirt on. I told my mom about the nice little boy and she said "Charly, that little boy just wants to see your underwear when you climb up the slide." I have no idea how Mom knew this but I fixed that little sucker. I stopped wearing underwear until I got into first grade!- Igots

I like alliteration. - jzzzsngr

I'm afraid of farts - jzzsngr

I stole the Lindberg baby!- (jzzzsngr) ~follow up to MM~

I've dated drummers!- (jzzzsngr) ~it said WILLING to admit!~

"I have a spiked heel and stocking fetish. 9 1/2 weeks is my favourite movie. Porn is the only entertainment I value highly, and I am a giver ;) And I like a little pain, but only in the lower extremities. "Please, please SPANK me Baby!' ...... bwwahhahaaaaa"- (PaperSizzle) ~And she gets full disclosure, cause it's what she deserves.~ ~Well she deserves
more, just not sure what yet.~

"the anal probe experience".- (samurai_cindy) ~yup, her too~

*ahem* (heywoodjablowme6) ~he is still champ, but I'm working on making my section longer than his.~

"i eat with my toes" bec food tastes better that way-
(creamlotusgirl) ~she can~

"My belly button is an innie"- Wave_Rider4u

one of my sayings is gasoline is liquid *FUN*- toowildm ~new
friends are fun too~

Anybody can give you shit...good grief is *HARD* to find.- toowildm

looking forward to release off probation after my 3 year stay in prison. i passed my last pee test so i think my drug use is behind me. my AA classes are going well. i just drink before anger management class has taught me not to use a baseball bat to solve my issues. i make just enough to pay my fines and im only a year behind in child support. im looking for a loving working man with a life insurance policy. i just bought a new shotgun and need a hunting partner. - alphaego4u

Genetically speaking, smiling just is not an option. - - justdontask

"The hot tub in my alternate residence really does seat five, if
you position them just right" JRWarrior
You should message me if
"Don't message me, worship me, subcreature."
Okay that was a joke. But I thought it was funny.

Don't. Unless we're already friends.
The two of us