32Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
This world is so weird, I think I'm in the wrong one!

I drift about like a raft in the ocean, pretending I have any control over whether the waves are bringing me closer to that one simple goal in life: adding what little I can to make Earth the happiest planet in this solar system (integrated over time in subjective expectation), through whatever means achieve this - recycling (exciting!), spending a Saturday night in an office (exciting!), solving problems (excciting! .. wait, it is), making myself cry smiling by watching Louis CK (I'm also part of the world), making other creatures smile (I guess), or perhaps taking the last piece of pie (as a noble act to save the next person from the trouble of having to decide whether to eat it or not ofc; happiness is tricky).

Needless or not to say, I'm some geeky scientist-gone-philosopher-gone-humanitarian-gone-clueless, enjoying figuring out my own answers (then realizing a year later that conventional wisdom had good reasons all along); analyzing emotions&values and developing them for consistency (cognitive dissonance is amazing); tackling unsolved practical and theoretical problems (dopamine is a rush); demonstrating for some matter or another (meaningful and social hobbies seem the most fulfilling); making fishing nets but not for fishing (not really a riddle); thinking about how I might raise kids as superhumans (aptly nameed Test Subject 1 and Testie 2); getting lost in woods; getting lost without identity; and writing computer programs to generate music, stories, and in the end, simulate the entire world so that I can be god! Yes, god! A very sneaky god that occasionally hurts people just so that they won't take things for granted and stop appreciating life (apparently being a god is a lot like raising kids, but the latter seem to involve a lot more effort).
What I’m doing with my life
Fulfilling my childhood (and adult) dreams of making scientific contributions to the world. My field essentially tackles problems such as a mathematical formulation of "is there any difference between mechanical instructions and creativity/intuition?". Although since the theory seems a bit too far removed from the real world, I am considering an explorative voyage to "the real world" next; I've heard it's a bit of a life-term experience..

Well, if I must admit, my childhood dreams were more along the lines of "correcting all the mistakes Einstein made". I fell short on that one so now my dreams are a tiny tiny bit less grand.

My next goal (in the 300 step plan) is to make artificial humans (because clearly I can do what a million scientists before me failed at), so that the rest of the universe can be populated by Einstein-on-roids robots and have humanity descend into "just another step on the evolutionary ladder".

Humans, as you and I, and billion more, have looked in amazement to the great expanse of the universe and wondered. Is there life out there? What fantastic worlds hide, teasing us with but a faint light in a sea of noise? Humankind has difficulties comprehending the revolutions of the future, despite the countless we have seen in but a hundred years; in a but a grain of sand in our planet's book. What has the next hundred years in store for us? The next thousand? The next million? In my imagination, there will be a time where the beings of Earth look out to the stars, and they do not need to wonder - they can smile in quiet wonder, because almost every single star which meet their eyes will hold a dozen planetary bodies of buzzling life; and at such a time of a truly living and populated universe, there will still be a trillion more years to go before the heat death. In all glory, humans are fantastic and worthy of all love but whatever little token we leave behind to such a future dwarfs our most amazing moments by an unimaginable amount.
I’m really good at
making your world a better place! I hope... I might be completely misguided. Perhaps I should be fighting veganism rather than promoting it. That aside, I think I am good at taking systems and figuring them out from all sides, offering my help to others if I notice that they exist, not running for president, and seeing the positive in everything and everyone (all the "accomplishments" or "moral slights" of humans will be for naught in about 10^100 years when the universe essentially dies - with everything gone, what is it that really mattered in the end?).
The first things people usually notice about me
I would guess something like "Odd guy. Weirdo eyes. Who is he trying to kill with his mind? He's got the same haircut as my six months old niece."; followed by breaches to the standard protocol.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Pretty much just things that didn't live of other things that lived of things. Weekdays... bread, pasta, and rice. Maybe a tomato or two to spoil myself; preferably eaten as an apple, without the Youtube drool. Weekends... any goo/pot/stew. Vegterian food is easy - just throw anything you see around you, season properly, perhaps add some coconut milk, and eat to delight. No worries about whether fish will go well pineapple or not; it all mixes. In fact, I've been trying to disprove the hypothesis that Cayenne Pepper goes well with anything that already tasted good - melons, ice cream, cookies, I have yet to find something which doesn't work with it!

I'm curious, what does my taste in music say about me?
(Besides liking female singers for natural reasons.)

Home, In Control by Nemesea; Teardrops on my Guitar by Taylor Swift; Amaranth, Sahara, Bye Bye Beautiful by Nightwish; Rock, She, 7 Years & 50 Days by Groove Coverage; Afterlife by Avenged Sevenhold; When Love Takes Over by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland; Sweat (A La La La La Long) by Inner Circle; Paid in Full by Sonata Arctica, Wish you Were Here by Blackmore's Night; Storm by Theatre of Tragedy et al.; Watching Over Me, Burning Times by Iced Earth; You Gave me a Promise, Wrapped In Your Arms by Firelight; (the mandatory) Don't Stop Me Now, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Silly comedies, fantasy/sci-fi, stories about intellect, psychology, or personal growth. Most recently, the Speaker for the Dead (just heartachingly wonderful; free as an audibook on Youtube - check it out!), Assassin's Apprentice (so dark and cruel), Death Note (matching my inner desires.. to be a intelligent martyr; perhaps not his means :p), and Hikaru No Go (such infectious passion), The Holy Grail, and Terry Pratchett (obvious funnies) to name a few.

I really prefer making and generating stories over indulging in existing ones. Haven't had much success on the writing part as it takes a lot of time. I'm working on having my computer assist me by filling in the details.
Six things I could never do without
The billions of lives called cells which die every day to make what I call hands, or "my" mind for that matter. Close runner-ups to not losing my mind or hands, would be music and chocolate.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Besides the "am I walking straight now? I feel like I'm more unbalanced than others.. and dont walk so close to people, they might think you're a robber.. and... why are trees?". yes, why is the world the way it is - not the question "Why Whyyy does it have to be this way *cries*" which seems to be one of the most obvious reasons for unhappiness yet most people practice it daily; but rather, e.g., why does this hill have a lone tree on it? There's not even any saplings. If it was because of nutrition or water sources, shouldn't it either be no trees at all, or saplings growing half-way before dying? Mysteries all about... human happiness and psychology is considerably stranger than quantum physics though
On a typical Friday night I am
Most just socializing with friends, unless I have to put an all-nighter. One Saturday however, things like just walking around, chatting, watching stand-up comedy, or basically anything where I learn something new, watching shows, experimenting with food, taking on projects; or, I suppose I do more than the rest combined, browsing the web; chatting, again, checking out new findings, spending too much time on "comedy" sites, or writing narcissistically about myself on dating sites.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Fire away, I'm an unfolding book. Understanding and acceptance is key, and it should come gradually.
You should message me if
you feel like talking and think we get along; there's not more to it :p I interact with people from all walks of life, and it is great to see what living in another mind is like. You do not have to be romantically interested or even of a gender which entices me; if you think we should share some time, go ahead
The two of us