66San Antonio, United States
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My self-summary
"Now I am just a poor boy, baby,
trying to connect...
but I don't want you thinking,
Oh, that I ain't got any respect."
(If You Gotta Go, Go Now)
Manfred Mann (1965)
Composed by Bob Dylan (1964)

I quess we are all here looking for someone to be in our lives.
A Friend of mine asked the other day: "Why be in a relationship?" I figure this: The ability to give and receive affection makes me a whole person. It adds to the other parts of me.

Some people say I'm a good man, open, honest, caring. Retired Yankee hippie in Texas. Yikes! I enjoy laughter and often start by laughing at myself. Healthy and financially secure. I own my own home. I enjoy my life and the peace of it. Looking past the surface of people and ideas is how I like to live. Activley working on projects is satisfying but sometimes I need have a few cups of coffee before I begin to procrastinate. ... As with this summary.
I like but am not limited to: NPR in the morning and PBS in the evening. Politically I am well Left of Center.
Fall is my favorate time of year; I like the light at dusk, the smells and the way the air feels on my face.
My last working gig was teaching High School History. I have worked in Nursing, on and off, a long time. Have done many other kinds of labor including community organizing, and working on a ranch. I spent years doing anti-war and social justice work. That was then, but it was a part of my life. If you like Trump or Curz, we may not get along.
Have been in every State except Alaska. Someday I'd like to see the Northern Lights up close and personal. Traveled in Europe, Central America, Canada, South East Asia. (all after military time).
In some ways I suppose I am "Old School".
Not a finished product.
If we develop a relationship, you will have all my attention. ...And I will be out of here!
I don't want to hear from "pros".
If you are half my age you are probably not mature enough for me.
More later! Comments welcome.
What I’m doing with my life
Often working on my vintage (1926)home. (I collect and use antique woodworking tools, I like their "feel".) I also collect and do Light Shows with antique lanterns (I enjoy ambiance of their light). Am involved with my neighborhood assoc., community support groups, and family and friends. I still have more then a few good friends which makes me feel fortunate.
Again, more later.
I’m really good at
Teaching the crap out of things.
I've been told "Everything you do; you do well" ...I wish!
Dancing to Blues. and almost anything.
Listening very closely.
Fixing things.
The first things people usually notice about me
Who knows? I am a male?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
So many. I like to read in bed. Some recent reads:
Just read and watched "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" liked both and felt nostalgic for NY
"The Cotton-Pickers" by B.Traven, very good.
Currently re-reading "Going Away" by Clancy Sigal. I first read it in 1976, and it seems time to read it again. Pretty good in parts. Great in others. First printed in 1962. Reread recently "Moby Dick", still a great book.
Favorite movie? "Oh Lucky Man" comes to mind. Recently saw "Trumbo", "In the Heard of the Sea", which I liked and "Hateful Eight" which was very annoying and a waste of time.
Food? I am an omnivore. But there are times I wish I could take friends to NYC on some kind of magic bus and say "Eat This!".
Right now music: "Tangled Up In Blue" by Bob Dylan
"Down Easter Alixa" Billy Joel
Six things I could never do without
Besides the obvious, I could not do without being able to participate in life around me.
An old friend came by to see me and she said "You sure have a lot of stuff... but it is good stuff.". ( good not as in new but as in old and cool stuff, antiques) O.K., I like and enjoy my stuff but I have learned I could live without any or all of it if need be.
Quiet time.
More to come...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
"What do I need to do today?" Then I try to do it.
...searching for my Muse.
I have seen a lot of "No Drama" statements. Were that true, then many of the poems, plays, books, songs, movies over hundreds of years would not have been written. I don't care for drama a lot but I think it is how we handle it that matters.
On a typical Friday night I am
...doing whatever I want. Sometimes with friends; sometimes alone.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was raised Catholic. I have a copy of the painting "Sacred Heart of Mary" that was on my Grandmother's kitchen wall, on my kitchen wall. In the painting, Mary is holding her robe open to show her heart and has a wonderful direct gaze "come hither" look.
....Now I'm really going to hell.
You should message me if want to! ... And really want to meet a real life person. I like my real life just fine, I do not need, or am interested in, a cyber-life. Walking and talking with a person beats surfing the internet for me, as far as personal relationships go... If you are a dating site junkie, sorry. and... fair is fair, please have a photo on your profile.
Holy Smokes! If all ya want is someone to make ya laugh then rent a clown and get it over with already! Scheesh! Everyone likes to laugh. That is the easy part. Perhaps it is more important to find and be with someone you trust when you are sad.
The two of us